BlackBerry Bold Review

BlackBerry Bold Review!
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2008 09:27 am EDT

With some markets now having the Bold available, and others getting it soon, there are going to be a lot of BlackBerry Bold reviews hitting the interwebs in the weeks and months ahead. While it's not actually available on Optus in Australia yet, our friend David Flynn over at let us know about the definitive Bold Review he just posted (David was also the mate to discover the Stewart Copeland Bold ringtones!).

His overall impressions are very similar to what I unmasked in web's first BlackBerry 9000 review, and David works in some excellent detail for all of the BlackBerry geeks out there. Did you know the Bold weighs in at 133 grams vs. the Curve at 110 grams? Or that the Bold's pixel density is 245ppi vs. the iPhone at 165ppi (there's a reason everybody who gets their hands on the Bold raves about it's screen). It's an excellent review, so check it out!

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BlackBerry Bold Review


Can anyone explain? I'm just trying to understand via a logical explanation how the picture quality cranks out better in the Bold.

According to the article; if both devices have the same camera in them...why do they produce such a glaring difference in picture quality? I'm simply curious on this fairly small point in the grand scheme of things; so can anyone provide an explanation for this?

Two explanations:
1) The camera in the Bold, while also 2MP, is a better part than the Curve's camera, and thus produces better quality.
2) (unlikely) The Bold have better software drivers that improve the camera's image quality.

Third explanation: Higher quality JPEG compression settings.

I looked at the two images in this review that compared the Bold versus Curve photographs. The Curve photograph has significantly more JPEG artifacts, color blanding, and blocking. These are consistent with lower quality JPEG compression settings.

Part of JPEG compression is a discrete cosine transform, which is processor intensive. Depending on the accuracy of the DCT, the quantization step that follows it will produce more or less color artifacts.

I think the 312 Mhz processor of the Curve required a less accurate DCT to get picture processing time into a reasonable time. With the significantly faster CPU on the Bold, it's likely that the JPEG encoder can run in higher numerical precision.

With equal sensors, this could easily account for the difference in image quality.

well, if the numbers are true; 245ppi on the BOLD vs. 165ppi on the iPhone, technically speaking, the BOLD has more pixels per inch than iPhone...which means the BOLD has a slightly higher resolution...however there are two things to consider...

1. Pixel density is mutually exclusive from camera resolution, i.e....if the camera is the "same" then both phones take the same picture or both phones save the same amount of data...but when one looks at the rendered image on the screen, one phone will render a higher resolution because of the pixel density...much like buying a tube TV and using HD cable have HD service, i.e. HD resolution (1080i) available, but your tube TV will only render or translate the data at a lower resolution..something like 480ish or something...bottom line, information is there but the image rendering is bound by the pixel density on the screen.

2. I am not sure if the human eye can distinguish between 245ppi and 165ppi...maybe it can...i don't remember the numbers...but those who do have keen eyesight will probably like the higher pixel density screen...for others, it is moot...

I know images/pictures will look clearer and sharper on the Bold's screen because of the aspects of its screen compared to the Curve.

I was asking for the explanation as to why the pictures simply look better when viewed on a computer for example..if in fact both the Bold an Curve have the same camera.

Of course RIM could have upgraded their 2.0-resolution cameras.

Makes me wish i was with AT&T. I guess i will just have to wait and see if it shows up on Verizon later. I sure do hope so.

It actually is going to play well in the overall comparisons between the bold and the iphone 3g. Since the much "coveted" iphone 3g has been released, it set apple up for quite a rollercoaster ride of failed launches, disappointing functionality and overall quite an anti-climactic result of a product. If you were to type in "iphone 3g problems" on youtube, you'll get a varied assortment of unhappy fan boys crying into their cams about how they looooove the media side of the "pretty" screen, but have been disappointed elsewhere. (i.e. screens locking up, new software crashes etc.)

The bold, being patient, has been working on itself and is ready to make it's debut. Refined, Reworked and Remastered. RIM is going to prove that consistency and performance along with style will trump any feature phone that dares try to compare themselves to Blackberry in the smartphone world.

I for one appreciate the delay, whatever reasons they may have for them. RIM is solid in bringing out great products in both the hardware and software side of the spectrum. RIM will also begin to dominate the market for it's varied assortment of Blackberry goodness that can fit into any lifestyle. On the horizon are the Javelin, Storm, Pearl(redux). I also like the fact that you can play with the Blackberry on a Global playground, unlike the iphone which only allows you to play cautiously on Apple's playground. Boo!

Enough of my rant....GO RIM.....i want my Bold.

but I really didn't want to since all it does is make me salivate more for the Bold....which still doesn't have a release date for the U.S. Come on AT&T!

The average person can see well past 300DPI. Indeed 300DPI is considered the minimum for comfortable extended reading.

As if i weren't already wanting to get this phone after reading Kevin's review, this review definitely re-affirms all the reasons why i want this phone over the curve.
Of course if Sprint is possibly going to get the thunder, well then, i'll hold out!!!!! But if thats not an option, then settling for the Bold isnt too bad of a settle!!!!

The review spends a lot of time discussing the design and how RIM used curves etc to make the Bold seem small. Why is it then that the images of the Thunder we see show none of this? It actually looks like the Thunder takes a step back in design. Unless the images we have seen are not what the final version is going to look like....

Hi I found this very interesting web site yesterday while looking for information on the Bold.
Can anyone please tell me whether to get the new Bold, a curve and if so which one? seem to be dozens of different models and/or what about the Javelin that is being talked about ?
Please help, as my daughter and myself want a BB and to become just like you guys TOTALLY ADDICTED Ta.

I did the stupid thing and went to an iphone and ended up going through 2. I am now back on a Bold and thingk it is the best one yet.

Is the Bold going to replace the WE and offer the same ability to go to different countries. I travel to Canada often and most WE that I know get to Canada and can use either Fido/Rogers/Telus when they get out there and not have to worry about roaming charges.

hi, im considering buyin da Bold as my first blackberry when it does come out in da U.S., cuz of da 3g and html web browsing. but ive read many reviews sayin this is meant as a business phone. I am a student, so im not a business person yet, but hopefully am in da future. should i get da bold or da javalin? like i said i really like da 3g and html web browsing but i dunno if itd be a good phone for personal use. THANKS!!

College student craving Bold...why do I put myself through all of these reviews? I cant wait to get money for it..

I used to love being able to set any key on my treo 650 as a hot link to a web page - can the Blackberry Bold do that? Anyone know?

I recently got my BlackBerry Bold and I can't seem to get rid of the voice mail symbol on my screen when there are no saved or new voice mail messages! Can anyone advice?

I have a Blackberry Pearl and every once in a while everything will delete. All my texts and some emails will just delete on their own. Sometimes right after I receive the text, it will happen! it is soooo annoying...does anyone know if the bold does that?!?!?

Can someone please tell me the difference between the phones?

I like the Bold a lot from what I've seen & was thinking of switching from T-Mobile to AT&T but after looking at the phone features they seem nearly identical. T-mobile is offering it for much less though - so I must be missing something

Thanks for your help!

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