BlackBerry Bold OS Found in the Wild!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Dec 2008 09:57 pm EST
BlackBerry Bold OS Update Leaked Online!

We've given the Storm OS beta leaks some blog love these past couple of weeks, so in the spirit of holiday gift giving it's only fair that we point out the latest OS to be found in the wild for the BlackBerry Bold.

Roll back to the November 4th when the Bold was launched on AT&T and the native OS shipped with version Barely six weeks later, we're now up to version! RIM's development has been working overtime kicking out the updates, that's for sure. Again, this version is likely just a stepping stone on the way to an official update that will be released by carriers, but if you feel the need to have the latest and greatest, you can grab it here!! You can dive into the forums to find out what's different on this version. Just remember, install at your own risk! Follow the links below for help and instruction.

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BlackBerry Bold OS Found in the Wild!


question...what is the difference between these os's and the official os for the att bold????

i wanna update but i am afraid that i might lose some things that i have with the current att store and all that....

can anybody tell me???

the link works. you just need to enter in the three letter code it prompts you with into the field, and then it takes you to the download page.

The New OS System for Bold has alot of bugs and crashed my phone..when installed the GPS doesnt work anymore and shows in the options as NONE. Not Recommended