BlackBerry Bold Now Available in the UK

Bold UK
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Sep 2008 09:32 am EDT

I received a few emails over the weekend letting me know that the BlackBerry Bold is now available in the UK (thanks for sending in folks). You can find it from Vodafone on their Business Shop site here, or from Orange via CarPhoneWarehouse here. Word is you'll be able to find the Bold from O2 and T-Mobile in the new year.

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= $337 USD

I know it says FREE to 187.23pounds so would that mean 187.23 is the w/o contract price? I hope so...


All that means in the UK is if you take a lower tariff you'd have to contribute 187.23 towards the device.
If you take a higher tariff you'd get the phone for free as they'd get their money back on it over the contract period.
So its a contract deal only.


Does anyone know what happen with Vodafone Spain??? The bold is in its web but still no price, no release date... nothing.


starting today (sep 2nd) the bold is available in Venezuela (of all places!).


Had a friend call the car-phone warehouse. Px for the bold without a contract is 350 pounds.


The Bold has been available from Orange for a while now. Voda have it in limited supply.

Tmob and O2 say it will be available in September.

CPW have it in stock offline (£379) or on Orange.

Charles Strothard

Use the following link to purchase a pucker Bold - sim free from the UK.

This is the real deal Sim Free bold, they are fast shippers and communication regarding your order is first class.

I have ordered one and it was shipped the same day ...I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


My UK O2 business account manager has told me Bold release date is 6th of October. I'd heard september a lot, but it's been pushed back


MyCaption has just announced its support for BlackBerry Bold. It's a speech-to-text service with support for long messages, text-preview feature and easy install.
Try this out:


I just checked out this site to buy a simfree bold and they seem to be on the level so i am going to place an order