BlackBerry Bold Now Available from T-Mobile Germany!

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Now Available in Germany!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Aug 2008 10:47 am EDT

What can I say? The Bold is beginning it's worldwide assault! Let's hope it reaches the shores of North America soon!! Click the image for details on T-Mobile Germany's BlackBerry Bold 9000.

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BlackBerry Bold Now Available from T-Mobile Germany!


Just buy it from Germany and unlock it. I wonder if you have a T-Mobile USA SIM if it even needs to be unlocked.


The store reps across several retail stores are not uniformly stating the Bold will be released in Q4. I then contacted my buddies in the AT&T mothership and they are telling me that the Bold will be released for the holidays so as to not compete with the iPhone now...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

I so hate AT&T!

I'm going out of my mind waiting for this, which will presumably be my first BB (if I get it). It's either this or the iPhone and I'm gonna need to make a decision soon.

I would wait... if the iPhone wasn't lacking of very basic, video recorder, flash, a very nice messenger like the BB messenger......etc.... basic things... the bold is worth the wait... this last iPhone I thing it was total BS... no upgrade on hardware performance...etc
tmo though... good luck!

me too...i want the iphone sooo bad but its sooo expensive so it's either blackberry bold or iphone for me too.

I think this signals the death of the Curve worldwide. T-Mo in the US should have the 9000 by Q-4 and that will be it for the Curve...maybe even the 8820 (since they already discontinued selling the 8800).

I am wondering however what the Government will use since the 8800/8820s are the only Blackberrys that don't have cameras... and US Government employees can't have a Gov issued phone with a camera in it. Wonder if their will be a 9020 or something of that nature without the camera? I know someone who uses a US Gov issued Blackberry and he was told they were being issued new Blackberrys before the end of the year since their 8800s were discontinued.

Are the morons that run the marketing division at RIM out of their minds? Why on earth have they waited so long to release the Bold in US. I simply can't be the only "former" BB user to buy an IPHONE as a result of waiting for RIm to get their shit together.

people...RIM does NOT release their blackberries...CARRIER's do...once RIM announces it, it's up to the carrier to certify it/test it/release it...if you notice it's releasing on CARRIER sites...which means it's released by RIM already and the US carriers are still testing

i don't know about your actual needs but for me an iphone is 100% useless. it's a toy that can't switch batteries on the fly or do useful business goodies. to each his own.

I mean come on, it's just a phone. It's not like it is something that is a necessity. It's just a toy. I am happy with what I have because it does everything I need it to do.

Anyone who is sick of waiting for the Bold is certain welcomed to buy the iPhone, which is a great toy as well. But come on, if this is what you're waiting for, wait for it. If you're waiting for a new toy and because this one isn't coming out as soon as you want it to come out, go on and buy an iPhone or whatever else is out there.

Me? I'll just continue to wait for this. If it comes out, which I'm sure it will sometime in the US, then cool. If there is another phone out there that is cooler by the time this comes out, then tough luck for RIM, they didn't get my money. Sure, I would have liked to have this phone in my grubby little hands right now. But it's not and if you want this phone, you could either buy it in Chile, order it from T-Mo Germany, or just wait until it gets here. If you're looking for a new phone right now, go get something else.

But to sit and criticize because the phone isn't here yet, and we don't know what the real story as to why that is, seems a bit ridiculous.

We are allowed to have/ voice our opinions. That's why it is called Freedom of speech. I would have voiced my opinion also, until I read your post! I am sick and tired of people like yourself that have all these comments about everyone else; yet again your post is freedom of speech aswell. Next time, talk about what you really want like everyone else "THE BOLD" and how you can't wait also til it comes out.....

you're allowed to have opinions. I never said you're not. I am saying that it is just a toy and everyone should relax because we have no other choice if this is your choice for a new phone...short of going to Chile.

Am I excited for the Bold? Yes. Am I a bit jealous that some other folks have gotten it and it's still not in my grubby little hands? Yes. I am a little upset about not getting it as well. However, since this is my new phone of choice, I'm just going to wait and not make statements about getting the iPhone or whatever else is out there.

We have no choice but to wait so lets just relax.

You're right, to an extent.

I think in this case it's been the constant teasing and lack of definite release date that is causing such a rage. For instance, if I knew the date it was to be released, I'd be patient enough to wait for it. Meanwhile, I see celebs getting them, other countries getting them, and still there's no telling how much longer I will have to wait. It's frustrating... especially when my hatred for my current phone grows on a daily basis.

I feel like I should have been able to make the decision between the Bold and the iPhone back in June, when the Bold was first rumored to be released. June goes by, then July, now August comes and will most likely go.... ugh. Just tell me how much longer I have to wait and I can rest much easier.

The constant teasing is causing a rage. I wish they would get a firm release date but hey, AT&T did say the only sure thing is that it will be out before Nov. 1. So you can be sure that you'll have it before then.

but Verizon and T-Mo is supposed to get it after a few months of exclusivity....from what I read. But since AT&T hasn't gotten it yet, who knows?

if you could buy this and unlock it it will work for att so someone needs to do it. My friend works for the DEA(DOJ) and he said they're getting new blackberries through nextel in December. It has to be the Bold with no camera but I wouldn't think it'd make nextel this year.

People keep saying T-Mobile USA will not get the Bold because of they're different 3G band but what they don't realize is if RIM can make CDMA EVDO bolds then they can definatley make WCDMA Bolds for T-Mobile. I hope att's exclusivity is very short because these delays are bull#**+


the "rumored" new blackberry for Nextel is not the Bold, and certainly, not a cameraless Bold. I'm not sure where you got your info from but a CDMA Bold does not currently exist as T-mo is GSM, not CDMA. You might want to check your facts again.

the standard for gsm's 3G is called WCDMA, the standard for cdma's 3G is CDMA2000.

it is all very confusing trying to research it, but the short version is that everyone is switching to a version of CDMA for their 3G. Of course, verison and Sprint decided to be little b****es and use a different version than t-mo and at&t. So for at least another generation, we're stuck with 2 different, incompatible technologies.

To bad I don't live in Germany anymore. I would jump right on and grab one of these from a local T-Mobile. It looks incredibly sharp and not extremly priced.

Get a life and if you're itching to get one, just grab it from EBAY -- just US $1,059.00! All of a sudden, the $600.00 German price seems like a bargain...

OK, so we're ALL waiting for the Bold to hit the good ol' USA. But am I the ONLY one excited to have a Really Rockin' Curve running os 4.5? Come on, it's like having a whole new phone!!!
I, for one, can easily wait for the Bold to hit and then come down in price...

So hopefully it stays around $199 here in America...

It's funny if you translate the page to English the third bullet reads: Especially elegant design with piano lacquer cabinet. LOL! I'm glad It goes good with my piano cabinet that I bought a while Back at Costco, though it's a pain to move that full size grand piano into that little cabinet.

can't wait for the BOLD to hit the US. if it is 200 with the contract...that is definitely not bad with the features it has. can't wait....hopefully t-mobile US customers don't have to wait too long!

omg if at&t waits till it wants to release the bold then ill be so pissed at rim for making the decision to tie themselves to this god awful cell company. they should have died many years ago along with nextell! im so pissed at rim. i honestly hope rim has learned from this mistake of tying a single phone to one carrier. so disappointed. RIM make better business decisions for future reference.

Like many I've been waiting patiently or not so patient at times, for the Bold to arrive here in the US. With TMO ramping up it 3G network here. I think the that Bold is appropriately timed, or at least I hope with all the other Bold releases going on. The only other phone I'd give up my BB for now is HTC Touch Pro and because my curve has lost all usb and backlight functions for 6months now. I'm eager to get a Bold in my hands.
Come on TMO we want our Bold too!! Wooohoo!!! :))

I've read articles that say the Bold is now available in Chili, Germany and Australia. What's up with Rogers???? Get with the program!

That's exactly right, T-Mobile management are now aiming for a January release of the Bold only because of the T-Mobile 'talk at home' feature that RIM has to add to the Bold. The kickstart, now called the 'London' will be released in September. BTW, I'm pissed at T-Mo for the delay too, why not just release the current version like T-Mo germany and release a new version in January with the talk from home crap? At least they would get it out there to compete with AT&T.

A girlfriend I had in high school. She had everything I wanted, yet couldn't get my sweaty little mitts on'er! The Bold is a tease. Ptooey!

I'm sorry Bold,....I didn't mean it. Really I didn't, wanna have some coffee? Le'ts talk this over.....what? I remind you of your brother? hehe....sure,. Nooo problem. NO..I don't mind holding that for you while you talk to.....that other dude......sure...i'll just wait (sigh)

I read all these post and trust me you guys made me laugh. No but serious now, when do you think that T-mo will release this phone. I honestly do not want to purchase the curve and then the bold comes out. It would really suck. And how much would it be. I guess we all just have to wait wait wait. till tmo mans up and steps up to the plate. At&t always gets that nicest phones. Tmo sucks. grrrrrrrr.

SO rummor has it if you buy an unlocked phone and use it on t-mobile you will not be able to use the G3 because they are on diffrent MHZ anyone know??????t-mobile is 1700 and 2100 for g3 and it looks like at&t will be using 1900 and 2100 Any ideas????

Don't buy a dang Curve, is you crazy? Both the Bold and Kickstart right around the corner, you'd have to be desperate to drop money on a Curve or Pearl now.

The orange/red Curve is a distraction. People who don't know anything about phones will run out and get it and then 6 months later... hey BOLD with 3G!

Yes, T-mo 3G on different frequencies... which means if you're going to unlock your At&t Bold to use on T-mo, forget about 3G. That's why you can't do that with ANY At&t 3G phone, none have the 1700/2100 band.

Also points to how sad and lame T-mo is with their hardware. All they are doing now is repainting the same old crap they've been selling for a year and placing them next to (yet another iteration of) the Sidekick.

But that's ok. All that means is that I won't be paying T-mo for any services above my voiceplan. Why should I? They have no devices that are worthy of paying extra for data. I see my friends with their Curves... takes them forever to look up the simplest of info on EDGE/GPRS.

T-mo pissing me off big time now. Just give us ONE phone not for children, please. Their "first" 3G phone is going to be a Sony flip phone. Boo!

I ordered from T-Mobile Germany on Wednesday. They shipped it Thursday with DHL (Using some sort of domestic economy service).

Today, Friday it's been showing "on board for delivery" since the morning. It's now 8 pm and it hasn't showed. Looks like the driver didn't finish his run and now I have to wait out the whole weekend :(

Btw I would never admit that this troubles me so much if this wasn't :)

do what i it from germany...use the tmobile germany number when they ask you for a number...and btw have the google translator handy....its about 700 with out contract and very simple once you get to the shipping and billing i cant wait....eeeeee lol