BlackBerry Bold Now Available from Movistar in Chile!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Aug 2008 09:35 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bold Available in Chile!!

Looks like Chile won the race! And here I thought Rogers in Canada would be first to get the BlackBerry Bold, but after continually pushed back release dates it's Movistar in Chile who gets the glory of being the first carrier in the world to offer RIM's latest BlackBerry Smartphone.

Cost is 299,990 CLP (Chile Pesos) or ~$587USD on a 2 year contract. A tad more expensive than we will see it hit North American carriers at, but if you want to be one of the first to own a Bold you can click here for all the details. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you pick one up! 

Via Engadget. Big thanks to everybody who emailed this in... Canadian holiday and you pulled me off the beach to blog! Now that's dedication. :) 

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BlackBerry Bold Now Available from Movistar in Chile!!


Pretty Sure in Hong Kong it's just clever pre-ordering... saw this pop up a few times.

PCCW has a confirmed date for August 24th, while 1010 says mid to end of August which should mean roughly the same time for release.

So not quite available in Hong Kong yet from what I can tell. Pretty sure these guys are the first.

Rogers needs to get their ass in gear now.. the delays are getting rediculous.. the device was designed and built in canada, and is obviously ready for market if its been released in Chile , so what gives! lets go already!!

Even the biggest manufacturers are better off launching in smaller, more isolated markets. This way they can find most of the last of the issues that tend to crop up only after going to market, but without having to risk losing customers in the biggest markets.

C'mon RIM! I jumped off the iPhone bandwagon for this baby!! Until then, I'm stuck using an old RAZR - which really sucks. Anyway, it'll be worth the wait when it comes out in the U.S. Here's to hoping it comes out earlier than Sept.

Another reminder of why I went ahead and purchased the iPhone: at&t may never release this device!

I don't get out of Sprint until September 16th, so if it's on AT&T in late august, I still can't get one, lol. But I will own one!!

lol its like the old commercials of the lady waiting outside the store saying "open open open" i dont even have a blackberry and im allready addicted!!!! This needs to come out soon so i can get my fix---my sister n law will only let me get my fix off hers for so long (she has a pearl not abold)!!!

There is a pretty decent SARs Listing that includes all their Blackberry Models, and If I'm reading it right, it seems like the BOLD has a very very LOW SARs Reading-

Am I reading it right?

Do SARs Readings vary from Carrier to Carrier?

Will I be worried about the dreaded "C" word from using this Uber-BB?

I hope Not!

And if so- its a calculated risk I'm willing to take!

it's funny seeing people make comments like "another reason why I went ahead and bought the iPhone" meanwhile 4 of my friends who did buy the iPhone regret not waiting for the Bold now.

LOL! REALLY!!??? Im one of the ones thats considering it but I know I wont do it! I know waiting for my Bold will be worth it!!! But thats hilarious!!!

I think the iPhone 3g is still so buggy that i wouldn't even consider buying it. I'm glad that RIM is taking their sweet @$$ time releasing their new phones. I hope they are bug free when released.

I'm leaving Sprint and paying $200 just to terminate my contract because it doesn't end until June of next year to get this BBB (BlackBerry Bold)!!!! It better get out soon!!

I dont know about you guys but I am so sick of this sh**t that i'm actually considering just goin' out and getting iphoney!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! I just wanna totally go off on AT&T!!!!! I know they're the ones that wont release my Bold yet!!! And I bet you its all cuz of the iPhoney!!! I say we all begin a strike & protest AT&T & Rogers!!!! BTW....Happy Battery Pull Day!!! I'ld be lost w/out it!! LOL!!! That sounds sooo gay! LOL!!!!

since the blackberry bold was released in australia last week does anyone know if i were to get one in australia if it would work here in the states?? i have friends over there who are willing to send me the phone but i want to make sure it will work in the states first. thanks

I just spoke w/ a rep at Blackberry and she said that the Bold is already at AT&T, but it is up to the carrier when the product will be available for sale. She stated that AT&T most likely knows the date and isn't telling.

Of course AT&T knows the date!!! We're talkin' about one of the biggest corps in the world!!! They're not stupid! And i guarantee you they will milk this for all its worth!!

it seems that the folks in chile are imitating Apple in their strategy and are not allowing the bold to be bought without a least that's the only available option for now.

Hello everybody, I live in Santiago de Chile and I'm a proud owner of a BB Bold since august 5th.

The only thing I'll like to tell you is that everything is better than I imagined, it's a piece of art with a perfect hardware and OS.