BlackBerry Bold Launched in Australia... Sort Of?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jul 2008 10:00 am EDT

BlackBerry Bold Down Under

This one's for our friends in the land down under. Looking at our Site Analytics I know we have at least a few readers from there! :-)

Today, July 29th, marks the BlackBerry Bold's official launch in Australia! Don't get TOO excited though. That just means you'll be able to buy it when carriers make it available. As for pricing and availability, according to APC:

Optus is first off the mark, with the Bold available from August 20 on their standard $79 plan (which includes unlimited BlackBerry data and $300 worth of calls and text) for an additional $10 per month on a 24 month contract - in other words, $89/month.

Telstra says it will have the Bold for "$0 upfront to business customers from late September". However, don't get too excited -- Telstra also pre-announced that it would offer the iPhone on plans as low as $30 a month, but forgot to mention "just as long as you never want to actually use the device." Given a large number of existing BlackBerry customers would be with Telstra, hopefully it will offer pricing that isn't in the same fairy-land league as its iPhone pricing.

Still a long wait mates, but at least ya know when it's coming! Think we'll see any line-ups?

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BlackBerry Bold Launched in Australia... Sort Of?!


Hey this is a grate site, I live en Moterrey, down in mexico about 3 hours from Mc Allen, TX. I want to know if maibe you know when Blackberry Bold is coming to Mexico.

I just hope you can help me, or i will just have tu buy the curve.


I hope they don't have any line ups...because if they do, I'll get upset :-(
I don't want to call up 50 stores to find one...

I am only lining up in my head. Telstra has already seeded the community with Bolds to their favourite customers to good reception. Considering that I had my own Curve and have spent thousands on a Telstra blackberry account I can't figure out why I didn't get a gold plated Bold delivered by Sol himself! Love to have one though.

Hot off the press. I received an email from Telstra today.

Telstra is expecting the release of the BlackBerry Bold on the 25th of August and as of today, they are taking pre-orders.

At this stage the device provides a non-optimised media streaming experience on version 2 software. They are providing an upgrade for (version 3) in early September, via the Desktop Manager.

Pre-orders are limited to existing BlackBerry customer’s.

The upgraded version of the device will be available in late September (around 22nd).