BlackBerry Bold Lanyards and Charms

You may not have realized your BlackBerry Bold had a spot to attach a lanyard.
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Mar 2009 11:40 am EST

Did you know your BlackBerry Bold has a spot to attach a lanyard?

Pull off the battery cover. Look at the bottom left corner. Note the fork.

Fish the lanyard loop through the hole in the Bold's casing and over the hook. Ta Da! You now have a lanyard attached to your BlackBerry Bold!

If you didn't know you could attach a lanyard or charm to your BlackBerry Bold, don't worry, you're not alone. The "discovery" has popped up in the forums a couple of times now (here and here) and has been met with surprise from Bold owners each time. I'll admit - I personally never noticed it for a long time either. The lanyard "hook" totally escaped my eye when I first reviewed the BlackBerry Bold.

You can click on the images above to zoom in and see the installation process more clearly, but it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Just pull the back off your BlackBerry Bold, fish the loop through the hole in the lower right corner of the Bold's casing and over the lanyard hook, and snap the Bold's cover back on.

As for why you may WANT a lanyard for your BlackBerry, watch the video after the jump for a demonstration! Warning... it's a bit PAINFUL to watch.

WHY YOU MAY WANT A LANYARD OR CHARM: There are two obvious reasons here: looks and safety. Some people like to 'dress up' their smartphones and that's where charms do the trick. As for the lanyard, that's all about protection and helping to make sure you don't drop your phone. It's all about time and place. For me personally, I don't use a lanyard on a daily basis, but I do keep one handy and put it on for certain situtations just to be safe. Can't think of a good example of where you might need this? Watch the video below and you'll know when a lanyard is a good idea!

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BlackBerry Bold Lanyards and Charms


there is a lanyard hook for the 8900 curve as well! wow, I totally didn't notice this too, thanks for posting!

Good Call! Here's a photo for anybody looking at their 8900. The lanyard whole is at the top left corner of the device (when viewed from the front).

that was the first thing I noticed after taking the back cover off... I used to have a lanyard on my old phone, but to be honest, I wouldn't trust my 8900 to that tiny thin little plastic pin in there. Maybe it's just me...

haha that video was hilarious but it definitely encouraged me to put a lanyard on my bold. Took me a while to loop it through but i used the end of my earring to pull it through and it worked : )

The look on his face is absolutely priceless. You can see the range of emotions and thoughts he is going through:

-Wonder if I can get it back?
-When was my last backup?
-Did I have the password lock on?
-Did I opt for insurance?
-Can I afford a replacement?
-Darn it, why didn't I just put a lanyard on it????

Vid is awesome!! I like how the crowd goes into a jumping frenzy shortly after it gets swatted! There would be nothing left of the poor thing.

That was just LLLLLLlllllloOOOLLLLLL -- Knock on wood. i'd go crazy looking for that Bold in that crowd.

I always wondered what that little hole was for and I even contemplated on it being for a landyard however never gave it that much thought since I didn't see what to wrap it on. Off to let the rest of my friends know about it ;o) Thanks CB!

Is there one on the Storm as well? I got the Storm around Christmas, when I also happened to get a phone charm from my friend. I'm sad I don't get to use it, it's pretty cute!

Don't know why this feature isn't an option on ALL phones. It's really just a matter of using it or not. I know I would love the sense of security of being able to use it on my Storm. Oh well.

what about the curve 8330 this smarthphone has it too, because i like to put attach lanyard cause some time almost felt down and with this lanyard its more difficult to fall why didnt put a little hole in this incredible smartphone or this has it too ????

Wow, that Berry went flying! This is why I don't bring my Bold to big events like that. I'm going to a concert next week and my Bold is staying home. That's the beauty of GSM, you can easily switch over to your backup phone, if you have one. But a lanyard is a great idea. I used to put lanyards on my regular phones and it does give you that extra bit of security.

Great video!