BlackBerry Bold To Feature Stewart Copeland Sounds!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Aug 2008 04:00 am EDT

CLICK HERE to Listen to the Bold Sounds of Steward Copeland

Here's a cool story. David Flynn over at just posted on a new BlackBerry Bold discovery. It turns out RIM has commissioned Stewart Copeland, former drummer for The Police, to create a 'smartphone soundtrack' of sorts for the BlackBerry Bold.

RIM commissioned Copeland to come up with a unique ‘theme' for its just-launched smartphone. The result was a signature five-note melody which Copeland expanded into a percussive minute-long track simply named ‘Bold' that's preloaded (along with mock-up album art!) into the Bold's ‘Sample Songs' folder.

A softer version with a fade-in is used as an ‘alarm tone' to gently rouse the Bold owner from his or her slumber, while six variations - which are actually excerpts form various parts of the Bold theme - are available as ring tones.

Give a listen to the Steward Copeland Bold tunes here! So Whaddya think?!

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BlackBerry Bold To Feature Stewart Copeland Sounds!


COOL !!!! Copeland is the man :)....Shame the files are DRM protected would be great to have them.

As cheap as a ringtone could get. i get dont rim, they come up with an amazing phone and ends up promoting it with a cheap tone that sounds like an old Nokia !!

By the way, when is the phone coming to Canada??? or US?? not rumors, actual dates please.


No thanks to the tunes, I want the freakin' phone!!
When the hell is Rogers going to get off their asses and just release it already!!

Sounds like the theme music to a geeky 80s TV show about a kid who solves crimes using computers or something... with a quick-witted sidekick who always bemoans the fact that they get into these kinds of situations. Or something.

...that those are mic recordings from the phone rather than the actual "lossless" audio file.

Either way, I'm not impressed. They should get someone like John Williams to make ringtones. Nothing like epic-sounding ringtones. Though I don't think John Williams is really willing to stoop to that level of making ringtones.

Those recordings were indeed made by playing the tunes on the Bold while recording into a laptop's microphone. The real thing sounds a lot punchier, less thin and tinny - due both the original composition and the Bold's gutsy little speaker - but we were unable to serve up the original audio file because the files are copy-protected.

You guys complain about everything.

In the larger scheme of things it does not matter if you like the tune. Its all about the PR. It is not a bad thing to have a famous musician create a ringtone for your phone. How many phones do you know that have a theme song?

Heck, I feel cooler just thinking about the fact that my future phone is so 'bad@$$' that it has a theme song! :)

I'm curious as to see if Verizon will keep the BLACKberry Bold black...I currently have the Silverberry 8830 and am so anxious to actually get a BLACKberry! I'm also hoping Stewart Copeland's preloaded tones are better than my current 8830's so-so line up of tones and alerts.

I recently watched the iPhone vs. Blackberry Bold video on YouTube and they said the Bold browser isn't as good as the iPhone browser. Hey, as long as RIM is making it a lot better than the previous browsers I'm happy!

And who would want AT&T's milky minutes anyway! Just kidding, laughing my rear off here but Verizon's network STRENGTH and coverage are simply the best and well worth the money.

Anyway, this phone looks []D[][]\/[][]D[][]\[]' (PIMPIN') and I can't wait to get my hands on one!

Just listened to the about half way through each one and realized...this is nothing I'd like to hear coming from my Bold!

Then again I grew up listening to Rock and Rap music... but still, these tones wouldn't make me smile when alerting me... I'd be ready to destroy my innocent Bold...

these tones are terrible. i agree with the person that said they sound like cheap nokia tones. boo to blackberry for this misstep. i saw the bold launch party and all the celebs and artists that were there in the pictures. you mean to tell me they couldn't get a better-known, maybe more current-day artist to make some cool tones for this cool phone? if i were apple, i would be laughing all the way to the bank to watch my itunes account keep racking up sales...

I have always rated Stu Copeland. I liked his pre-Police Curved Air work too.

I did not like these sounds at all.

I would hav thought that given the delayed release date, RIM could have used the old Police song 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' instead of these current offerings.

These tunes must be from an impostor! They are really, really weak. I was expecting much better since I am a Stuart fan but he definitely "emailed" this one in. I don't think it would even make a "B" side ringtone album! Next?!

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if they have posted a proposed release date for Verizon, or should I just look for this to be available in about 2 years with big red?

I don't have an exact date for you but I just did a Google search and found similar release date information on,,, and

These sites are reporting AT&T gets the Bold first in July and Verizon and T-Mobile get the Bold in September.

Sorry T-Mobile subscribers, looks like T-Mobile is planning to rake in some profit with price points of $350 after rebates and contract incentives! Ouch... Verizon for once isn't going to eat our wallets and is reported to stick to the same price point as AT&T at $300 after rebates and contract incentives! Yay!

I wouldve been happier with a better drummer. Yeah he was a former police drummer but hes not even relevant now in time. Passssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

So the question is, will you wait till this phone comes out before you write a tutorial on how to delete these from your phone? Because I will be the first in line to free up some room by getting rid of these! Quite disappointing. I think he should stick to drumming.

Clearly this is going to help RIM sell more phones....wait, people don't buy phones for ringtones. Spend the time finishing the development of your phones RIM and not blowing money on something nobody cares about.

Now if they can just dig it out out the pile of manure before T-Rex and the Raptors see the boat. Launch the phone already

Who gives a rat's ass if Stewart Copeland comes to your house and plays, I just want the damn phone!

That theme was terrible. RIM must be marketing to stuffy 50 year old biz exec's because they would be the only people who wouldn't change those tunes the second the got their hands on a Bold.

What would be involved with buying this phone from them and popping in an AT&T Sim card? Would it work? Would it be compatible?

with what i just heard - sorry to be a debby downer - just didn't like what i heard.