BlackBerry Bold & Co. Gives iPhone What He Deserves!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Feb 2009 08:32 pm EST

* Language Warning: This was too funny not to post but take heed to the disclaimer. Don't watch it unless you're ok with a bit of bad language (it's no worse than Virgin Mobile Canada's Seasons Greetings from Mrs. Clause video). *

Big thanks to Joseph for sending this in... Here's what happens when cell phones get together for a reunion and nobody is there to protect Mr. Ah Frak phone. And the winner is... Mr. CrackBerry!! The ending is just too funny though... what timing. Just wait till you see the BlackBerry app roundup coming later this week :)

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BlackBerry Bold & Co. Gives iPhone What He Deserves!


Funny as hell! Great post! I work for the hell pit known as ATT as a systems tech...techs at work are going to love this!

LMAO when I read your comment: I work at AT&T, too - as an agent. This was too funny. Even funnier? My sister works at RIM.

I once had a customer call in and when I referred to RIM he said, "what's that?" I thought, oh god, this is someone who does NOT DESERVE A BBerry!!!


I remember Kevin wanting one of these kind of videos in the last podcast, pretty hilarious, LOL

That is just great! I also loved the "Look who downloaded a sack" now just a matter of time before someone makes a sack app lol!

That was absolutely the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. How about the 8900 giving mr iphone exactly what he deserved.... i'm still laughing on this one!!

This has made my night! Another reason why Berry rules! All of my co workers who have a Berry will get a good kick from this. Kevin since you want a puppet show and you have most of the phones (such as the ahh frek phone it self) why dont we have some of CrackBerry ppl here lend a voice help and over lay the voice with the video. PM me Kevin so I can give you details.

Thats awesome!

Anyone know.. is this Video available for download? I wanna put it on my Storm!

(Nevermind.. just read the post above) Downloaded it!

As an iPhone user about to switch to a Bold. This made me smile and even more confident about my switch.

That was hilarious! Especially the, "I'm not made for that, I've got technology!" line!! iPhone suck rocks!!

First download the zip file and extract it on your computer. Then copy the .mp4 file on to your media card (I use a SAN DISK micro SD card reader) to the same place your other movies are videos are stored. Launch Media, Video's on you Storm, you should see it there.

This is fn great!! I get sick and tired of Iphone user's shit! I talk about my spectacular BB Storm all freakin day to Iphone users!

Just catching this after it was linked in a new CB article. OMG ... my side is hurting from laughing so hard.

dude my parents just bought me a bold for my birthday and my good friend travis was trying to trade me for his black iphone 3G LOLS!