BlackBerry Bold Coming to Rogers in June?

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jun 2008 10:12 am EDT

Rogers Wireless

** UPDATE: this is why I'm reluctant to post Release Date rumors!!! The BG has now updated his post to say "We’re now hearing July 17th with the launch party on July 8th… go figure."

NOW THIS IS INTERESTING: APPARENTLY the BlackBerry 8820 JUST became available to order for dealers today. Outright cost is $549.99. THIS might just be the BlackBerry hitting stores next Wednesday. The BG's tipsters may have had the date right, just the device wrong. But who's gonna buy a BlackBerry 8820 now when the Bold is just around the corner??!?! I guess it's back to the BlackBerry Bold waiting game.... **

I've been reluctant to post on rumored BlackBerry Bold release dates as nearly every day I am receiving and reading different information on the subject. When it comes to Rogers, for a long time I have been hoping and believing we would see a June launch date. Then word came in last week (which seemed fairly concrete) that Rogers would formally unveil the BlackBerry Bold on July 15th in a series of launch parties and ultimately make it available to the public on July 27th.

Now the Boy Genius has dropped word (from two independent tipsters) that the BlackBerry Bold will launch on Rogers on JUNE 25th. I sure hope THIS information turns out to be true. One thing is for sure... I'll be waiting in line for my local Rogers outlet to open its doors next Wednesday!

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BlackBerry Bold Coming to Rogers in June?


The vast majority of rumors--including those from Boy Genius--seem to suggest the Bold will come to AT&T in the late July/early August range...

Let's hope Rogers does release the device on the 25th of this month and AT&T follows suit sooner rather than later.


Don't we just love this. I feel like I am riding on a roller coaster. As I always say, "I will believe it, when it is in the palm of my grubby, big, fat hand!! Thanks Kevin for keeping us up-to-date as much as you can!!

Since putting this post up less than an hour ago I've already received five emails from people who work for or with or are in the know of Rogers who say the Bold is NOT going to launch next week.

I guess we shall see. I just want it already!!

I guess I'll have to have to see it to believe it, Damn it!! I wish Rogers would get it together already!!
Why announce the coming of the IPhone and not the BOLD???

BGR changed the release date:
"UPDATE: We’re now hearing July 17th with the launch party on July 8th… go figure."

We have about 250 BB's at work and deploy a good half dozen a week. Just spoke to the woman who deals with Rogers and she said our rep told her July 8th and that he has no pricing info yet.