BlackBerry Bold Coming to Rogers on July 25th!

Rogers BlackBerry Bold Release Date
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jun 2008 03:43 pm EDT

Update: Sounds like the 25th is the day Rogers will put out a press releae and announce availability of ordering to its dealers. Should be able to buy on the 29th if things go according to plan.

Cory dropped word of the Rogers BlackBerry Bold release date in our latest Podcast. With the date now out there for all those to hear, it's time for me to do my part and put it up in the blogs for BlackBerry Addicts to read...

The title says it all. The Rogers BlackBerry Bold will be available to consumers on July 25th! This puts the release date one week after the final cross-country tour of Rogers BlackBerry Bold launch parties. No final word on pricing yet (I hope it's lowww!). And if the date turns out to be wrong... well... you'll just have to listen to the full podcast to find out what happens to Cory :-)

Question of the Day: If you are in the USA and you know that Rogers will get the Bold two - four weeks ahead of AT&T, do you wait, or you do you buy yourself a Rogers BlackBerry Bold and unlock it?! 

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BlackBerry Bold Coming to Rogers on July 25th!


As AT&T has not stated an official date, is it not within the realm of possibility that they could release it before the 25th? There are lots of days between no and the 25th totaling almost 4 whole weeks. A lot could happen between now and then.

All of the commentary I have read about AT&T's release of the Bold has been sheer speculation. The only official word from RIM has been "Summer" which gives us any date between June 21 and September 21. Those dates happen to coincide with "Blackberry Bold Silly Season" which will not end until the device release date is announced by your regional carrier.

So I say, "Keep hope alive."

I'll patiently wait for Verizon. It may take a while but by the time they get it out it will be the latest and the greatest.

It depends on how badly an addict wants the phone, I wouldnt do it, as much as I would love to get my hands on a Bold thats going too out of the way for me. Besides my wife would shut down any attempts at getting another BB.

Buy the Rogers joint and unlock it. Who knows if AT&T will encounter further delays, so why wait? I'm not...

It looks like I have a little less than a month to plan a trip to Canada. Actually, if AT&T would set a release date within like a two-week period after the 25th I might wait but I really want the Bold. It's getting close!

See, my point is made. AT&T is having issues having the iPhone and Bold so close together on their release times. Sucks that att pushes RIM to the back burner. LAME

knowing how much Rogers will charge for an no contract attached Bold plus shipping and unlock fee. Yeah right I will get from Rogers, I am not as desperated as Kevin. Did you get your pin unblocked yet?

See, my point is made. AT&T is having issues having the iPhone and Bold so close together on their release times. Sucks that att pushes RIM to the back burner. LAME

Maybe i missed it, but was there EVER an actual advertised date from either RIM or AT&T for the bold? If there wasnt, how can something be delayed that never had an actual release date? Everything I have seen/heard/read gave a timeframe window.

Since i live in Atlanta, the gas it would take to get to Canada would cost more than the phone. And i don't think i'll want to pay full price for the phone. But it's oh-so tempting!!! Lets all pray for a price as beautiful as the device. That would be awesome to see how many potential iPhone customers decide to wait for the Bold if the price is right!

Just wait like a good boy...:-)
Why rush? besides it's gonna be cheaper here in the states by all means (price, tax and everything...)
Actually I'm up for an upgrade now and I'm trying to hold back from getting anything else but a BB Bold. Lets hope it's worth it..

As much as I'd like to believe this release date, I don't want to get my hopes up like the previous rumors mentioned. I'll believe it when Rogers officially announces it.

1. I want to believe that AT&T's choice to delay the phone is to have a better product ready for it's customers and not b/c of some secret deal they have with Apple. Therefore, I'll wait for the flawless and perfect Blackberry Bold that AT&T will release (at least it better be).

2. AT&T Upgrade Discount :)

Everyone is pretty pumped for the BB Bold, and the only way to have it first is to get it from Rogers and unlock it. Don´t believe that waiting 4 more weeks (or any furhter delay) is worth it if you really want the Bold.

I would love to get a Roger's BB Bold; unlock it and stick it to AT&T. I can't believe that they are holding back releasing the Bold because of Apple. It's just so un-American! What happened to free enterprise and good old competition. The Iphone & the Blackberry are two different animals. There's no doubt that some people will "jump ship" and get an Iphone; but there won't be a mass exodus. To quote Forrest Gump.... Stupid is is what stupid does!

listen to the crackberry podcast. u will find that they are only delaying it cuz of apple.

unlocking the bold will be like unlocking anything else... EASY.

rim did say that it will out august maybe, september.

why didn't at&t just launch it at the same time and create a media frenzy. i guarantee u rim and apple would've benefited from it. competition is good.

Well, I've already got my ticket to Detroit on the 25th and we will cross the border that evening or morning whenever we can get a few and bring them down to unlock. We will probably pick up 10 or 12. I was gonna get one for myself but the more I look at the dimensions the more disappointed I get. I was gonna upgrade from my Q9 but the only realy reason i am as that I hate how wide it is. Looking at the size again I've come to realize that the bold is the same darn width and that is what I hate the most about the Q. So, yeh i'll pick up some to unlock and sell but to use I might wait till a bit leaner version comes out in the next few years.

Want two, one for me and one for my boss - and want them ASAP. I'll buy two, unlock thru ebay, and get them and bring them back to Japan to use on DoCoMo. SOOOOOO much better than the 8707!

I want to see what the price is going to be. If it's not comparable to the Iphone, I will then have to make a decision on the Iphone vs. a Curve. I'm really hoping for the Bold though.

I would wait to see what the ATT price is first.

And If I recall, the carriers in Canada have 1,2,3 year pricing anyway.

I'll be at the Rogers store first thing in the morning of the 25th! But doesn't a Friday strike you as an odd day for a launch?

My Curve to a co-worker, Am I able to buy the Bold outright from Rogers???
Without paying any penalties???
I'd love to know because I really want the Bold!!

If anyone want's one shipped to them, I'd be happy to purchase one on their behalf and ship it accross the border. I wouldn't be responsible for unlocking though. I'd leave that fun to you.

While there is still no speak of it on the Rogers website, I spoke to a sales rep early this morning and she confirmed that it will be released on the 25th as planned, however she wouldn't budge in revealing the pricing of it.

There's also other good news for all Rogers BB users, they have a promo on until August where you can get 6GB of data for $30/mo (Normally $100/mo). Far better than the 4MB I had before. I'm guessing this is an incentive to try and keep people from totally jumping to Apple's latest toy.

That is the offer they were giving to the iPhone users, I wasn't aware they were giving that to the BB users as well.

I just Unlcoked my Rogers Blackberry bold at

I was pleased with there service
price was good to.

Thought I would post this so others may benefit!