BlackBerry Bold Browser in Action!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jul 2008 01:39 am EDT
BlackBerry Bold Browser in Action

Following up on his BlackBerry Bold review, the BG has posted a walk through of the web browser that will ship on the BlackBerry Bold (assuming it becomes available for purchase sometime this century!). Thinking back to our web's first BlackBerry 9000 review you'll recall that we were running an early version of OS4.6 that didn't yet feature the upgraded browser. And unfortunately, though I have a Bold...the pre-release hardware won't upgrade to the much-newer copy of OS4.6.0.92 I have sitting here (d'OH!).

Click the image above to see more shots of the Bold's browser in action as well as how it compares to the iPhone 3G's browser.

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BlackBerry Bold Browser in Action!


Have you checked any of the other sites? Everyone cross publishes these things. Who give a frack. Get over yourself.

...and I don't understand how every time that a new Blackberry review pops up, Crackberry feels the need to remind us that they were the first website to post a review, as if somehow that is relevant to the matter in question.

I think it's safe to say that no phone, smart or otherwise, out there can compare to the iPhone's browser capabilities. Nothing can touch it in the mobile market currently. What's worse is that the device has been on market for well over a year and everyone else is just sitting on their butts. The only negative the iPhone has going for it is the slow AT&T network still due to limited 3G penetration.

I'm not sure that is the only 'negative'. Actually, I'm pretty cool with AT&T. That said, I still think that on a small screen device (which the iPhone still is), websites formatted for same are better. Apparently, lots of sites agree because so many iPhone formatted sites are popping up. Heck, if this keeps up we will have 3 versions of the internet: the full version, the iPhone formatted version and the non-iPhone mobile devices. In fact, iLounge already has 3 versions of their site, so does NYT and Google.

My point about the browser is that the iPhone browser engine renders a regular site better then the RIM one. The RIM browser still depends on a Proxy server to do all the formatting and that's the big issue here. It's a dumb browser, not a smart one. The iPhone one does its own work.

It shouldn't be up to sites to cater to specific browsers or even mobile browsers. The handsets should extrapolate/render the regular sites properly if they are worth a damn.

It looks better but next to the iPhone its still lacking. Im a BB fan but for web browsing the iPhone looks to be the winner of this battle. Good thing I don't rely on my BB for web browsing.

Lots of Bold reviews out there, and all very useful, but does ANYONE - Kevin???? - have any decent information on the Canadian/Rogers release of the Bold? July 25th was considered a "solid" for awhile, but here it is the 21st and not a peep from anyone.....