AT&T Rumors: Bold Release Update, Curve 8320

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2008 10:55 am EDT

BlackBerry Bold 9000 on AT&T

As previously mentioned, I have been reluctant to post on the BlackBerry Bold release date as there has been a lot of constantly changing/conflicting info coming in. But since relaying word of the Rogers Release Date yesterday I have been getting a ton of requests for an AT&T update. So here's the best AT&T info I have at the moment...

Other sites (BG/Engadget) have been saying a late July/August launch for the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T, and from what I can tell this still seems to hold water, though it may be even later. I received word yesterday (same info from two sources via RIM/AT&T internals) that the BlackBerry Bold hit AT&T's TA (Technical Acceptance) department only this past Monday.

This does seem a bit crazy to me, considering the TA process can take up to a few months and we're already seeing the Bold on AT&T's website so you'd think the release would have to be close (heck, John Mayer already has a Bold and it came in a nice box), but this is the word I'm getting (I'm hoping it's wrong - post in the comments if you know otherwise). Apparently RIM is still making updates to the OS almost daily and while battery life is "ok", further refinement is still being made in the area of power management. And while I cringe at the words "this fall", thinking back to WES I did hear rumblings that it could be September before we saw the Bold become available on AT&T - it's just something I didn't and still don't want to believe (especially considering the iPhone 3G is hitting the market on July 11th). Again, take this as "rumor" - I'd LOVE to be wrong and do hope we see the Bold on AT&T real soon, but I'm just giving ya what I got.

Small consolation, but it does sound like AT&T WILL RELEASE a new BlackBerry in July, but it won't be the BlackBerry Bold. Apparently we will see the WiFi-equipped BlackBerry Curve 8320 become available from AT&T. Common AT&T... throw a Dog a Bold already!

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AT&T Rumors: Bold Release Update, Curve 8320


At this point, I would just settle for an official OS 4.5 release from AT&T! Come on AT&T, get with it and release *something* to us!

Im stuck w/my broke down Blackjack and now its crappin out on me daily!!! As of yesterday, my ringtones don't work!!!! I was thinkin about goin to go buy a curve and just make the exchange for the bold before the 30 days are up, but now if the Bold isnt coming out for 2 months!!! I dont know what to do!! I think we should all start a protest!!! LOLOL!!

I am being pressured into just waiting until the Alltel/Verizon merger becomes effective and leave AT&T. I have been loyal for a long time and only a Bold would make me happy!!! LOL! Ok, thats sounds kinda spoiled, but I gots to have it!

If this is true that the Bold might not be released to September, it is very disappointing. I may buy the new iPhone instead.

This is horrible news for people waiting for the new OS. if i know AT&T like i think i do, we wont see the new OS until after the bold has been out for at least a month. I had a blackjack and switched to a curve because AT&T was taking forever to release WM6. It didn't get released to the public until like January 08 which was a couple months after the release of the BJ2 i believe. Lets hope that doesn't happen for this scenario.

Hey Kev, i' m new here and dont know if u read my comment but do u have any advice?? What should I do?? Should I just get the curve and pray the Bolld would come out b4 the 30 day return policy ends?? I need a phone!

I'd like to think we'll see the Bold within 30 days, but honestly don't know. The longer you can hold out the better off you'll be.... try and make it a few more weeks, if we don't see the Bold get the Curve, and hopefully before the 30 days are up you can return it and get the Bold.

Its pretty clear that RIM & AT&T don't have it together. There is no reason the TA dept couldn't have been testing it already and just update the OS and continue testing. Why would they even post it on their site and looking like freaking idiots with a we will have it first crap line. If Rogers trumps AT&T then they will NOT be FIRST.

I was waiting for the Bold, but if its anywhere near September, I'll just hold out another month for SE XPERIA X1.

I just purchased two 8310's from AT&T's Premier site. I may return them so I can get the new curve come July. My wife and I have the first gen iPhones and as nice of a device it is, we miss the things that all phones, including BlackBerry, can do - forward text message, MMS, display wallpaper on home screen.

This could be a result of RIM scrambling over the iPhone release date and price range.

Most Likely they were caught with their pants down.

Maybe if they release it later, there won't be such a direct competition between apple and RIM. It definitely would give them the time to hammer out some lower prices.

It could also give them more time to phase down the current prices of the Curve or Pearl, to justify a lower Bold price.
Giving them a better chance to lower promotional prices.

Thinks up a good scenario for July **IF** the Bold and the iPhone were released simultaneously:

"Hmmm... Lookie! A 500 dollar 3G BB Bold!
Lookie! It's the pretty 3G iPhone in white/black! Must be at least 2x more expensive than the normal one!
OMFG! 199?????
Gimme one of those babies NOW! Sign me up!"

Gee - Here I have been waiting for the Bold and now it sounds like they are trying to band aid the curve. I have an 8700 and the truth is I might have sprung for the Curve with WiFi on AT&T. Now - this brings the iPhone back in on my radar. what to do?

I am past my renewal date on AT&T now - they offered me an 8310 for free this past week - to sign up for another two years. Totally lame!

My wife and I each got free 8310s from AT&T for re-upping for two more years. The Curve ROCKS...and you can't beat the price!

that is soooo not right!!!

*praying* OK OK, I promise not to touch another BETA OS.....pullllleaze let AT&T release the BlackBerry Bold this summer (preferably next month so this can give them time to work the kinks out, I'll even be a tester for them!!! Please!!! OK Thank you, Amen!

I was on the phone with an AT&T rep yesterday about my regular phone service (not cell) and we started chatting about the Bold. He was telling me that the last that he heard was early September for the Bold, but that was about a couple weeks ago. He said that the dept that handles cell phones keeps really quiet about it. I certainly hope that isn't true!

If the new Nokia E is realeased before the Bold i'm just going to get that instead.
I've already had my phone for a year and a half, i'm ready to upgrade!

Well, last week we had a go at it (Blackberry Bold) at a SME (Subject Matter Expert) meeting here in the Was/Bal market, and from the RIM representative, he slates early August. According to him, he said he wouldn't be surprised if it slipped into early Q3 (numbers are everything).

It's actually been going through TA since the second week of May, which would have possibly slated it for previous release windows late June/Early July.

Known glitches are the hiccups about complete data loss from 3G to Edge switching, which in turn can impact GPS users. Battery life issue has been truncated, so it's no longer an issue.

For the 8320, its ago, and should be released two weeks after iPhone 3G to avoid it getting lost in the mix... go figure.

I think I could handle waiting until late July. September? *sigh* I just don't know. I need a new phone. This makes me wanna get the iphone too. And I really had my hopes on the new BB Bold.

Notice the date of Deric's post. He had this information two days earlier and here at prior to the press release that came out today. That's awesome! I was going to wait for the 8320 for the Wi-Fi but I'm thinking that it's not worth it. So I'll just stick with the 8310 that I had ordered last week from AT&T.

As for the iPhone, my wife and I have had one since September and she just recently switched to the 8310 from AT&T. Needless to say she is much happier with the BlackBerry.

Hey Kev, is there any news on the exact release date of the Curve 8320 for AT&T. I desperately need a new phone and cannot wait til August for the Bold. Basically, it's between the Curve or the overly expensive 3G iPhone.

Also, you said the Curve 8320 for AT&T wouldn't have UMA. Whats UMA?


Like many of you I have been waiting for this phone for a while. My current Treo 750 is giving me fits! Anyway...I was in the AT&T store yesterday (7/17) just looking at the Curve. The sales guy told me to wait and not get the Curve b/c the Bold was going to be here soon. He also told me that he now has a skew number for the Bold. "So that means..." Based on his experiences when a new skew shows up the phone is sure to follow. "When exactly?" He said that he would guess in two weeeks or less.

FWIW I hope it is true.