BlackBerry Bold Arrives in Jamaica... MON!

Usain Bolt and his BlackBerry Bold
By James Falconer on 5 Sep 2008 04:48 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Bold is now available in C&W's markets in Jamaica! I had a feeling Jamaica might get earlier access to the Bold than a lot of other places... What tipped me off was when I noticed Usain Bolt running with one in the 100 meter final. Anyone else notice that?

I also might suggest that Jamaicans refer to the BOLD as the BOLT, in honor of the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt. Man that guy can run. RIM, a special addition BlackBerry BOLT? Anyone?... Ugh... nevermind.

The Bold will be supported by Jamaican carrier Cable and Wireless Caribbean.

[ via Jamaica Gleaner ]

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BlackBerry Bold Arrives in Jamaica... MON!


Just an fyi, even to the untrained eye like mine, if you look closely, you can see that the picture has been altered to show that

Clearly this phone thingy i sfake because Bold is being sponsored by DIGICEL, and this is a Cable and Wireless thing. sooo.......well.....DO the Math