BlackBerry Bold Appears on Vodafone Website

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2008 03:16 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bold

The BlackBerry Bold is now up on UK Vodafone's website.... Launch expected in July!

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BlackBerry Bold Appears on Vodafone Website


Seems like the entire world will have this phone before the US. That seems a bit unusual to me, perhaps a AT&T release is closer then it appears.

What the hell? Rogers? Vodaphone? Is AT&T gonna be the last to get this phone now?

I'm hoping AT&T just says, "Surprise! Here's the Bold!", then I can go buy it, and will be happy. I hate my Tilt.

The Bold also appeared on the Carphone warehouse website in UK & said it was due in Aug. However it has now disappeared from the site ?


Vodafone have added the Bold to their business shop. I guess thats where they think the main market will be for this phone. However there will be a few of us non business users that would like the bold do you think they will sell it on a regular joe public contract?


I have been told by Vodafone the following - Sorry to say we have not yet launched the Blackberry Bold, according to our records this is the 3rd August 2008 - I asked when it would be available for UK BES users to buy.