BlackBerry Bold 9930 now available on Verizon's website

Blackberry Bold 9930
By Michelle Haag on 15 Aug 2011 12:34 am EDT

The time you've been waiting for has finally arrived, Verizon customers. You can now order your new BlackBerry Bold 9930 from Verizon! Pricing is as expected, with $509.99 the price off contract, and $249.99 on a two year contract. Let us know in the comments if you order one!

*Update: Some people are reporting that the price has already dropped to $199. I can't get it to show for me on the website, but I see a few people in the comments that have been able to order it for that price. It may be an existing customer upgrade price or NE2 discounts being applied. In any case, huzzah!*

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BlackBerry Bold 9930 now available on Verizon's website


Ordered. Switching from T-Mobile. Really hope this doesn't turn out to be a mistake. Maybe I'll switch back later.

Click the add on the main page for the 9930 where it says learn more. It then shows you an ad with the 249 price. Then click Get the Blackberry Bold. You will now notice that the price is $199. Now click add to cart.

Weird. I see 199 in Firefox even logged out of my account. It lets me set up a new account just fine at that price. I used a different browser IE9 and it is showing at 249 so am not sure what is going on.

Nope, not for me. All the way to check out, price stays at $249.

(I'm not ordering one anyway, mine's on it's way from Rogers already :P)


Ordered at full price. Sales site has a few bugs. I'm sure it will be straightened out in a day or so. It didn't show my 450 min talk and text plan. It did show unlimited data with 3G hotspot included at $20. Strange.

I Highly Doubt That This Will Be Out On T-Mobile By The End Of This Week (like I want it to be). If Its Not Then Rogers Website Here I Come. Congrats To Everyone On The Big Red (I envy you)!

Rogers and T-Mobile use incompatible 3G bands. They're both 9900, but a Rogers one will only give you 2G (EDGE) when using T-Mobile. The only hope is if Wind or Mobilicity launch before T-Mobile, they use the same band.

I'm glad they dropped the price
Although I was expecting it to take them a few days
I don't think it was 30min min before they dropped the price lol

Congrats verizon users!! Ill have to wait a while since I have at&t but I will stop in the verizon store to test it out! :)

i went through the steps to do it but will wait to try one in store on the 25th if not before because i am going away and want to have a reliable phone. but i got the $199 price most likely because it is the upgrade price for existing customers

I just placed the order frist it told me I had to pay full retail then I log out and log back in and it showed me a price of 199. I added overnight delivery so I guess that means tuesday. What I didn't notice on the site that if it is 4G. But any means I can't wait to it gets here.

I ordered mine at full retail price. I'm saving my upgrade just in case a killer phone comes out some time next year.


The best keyboard in the universe is available with a processor that really rocks. I am going to set-up my e-mail short cuts for friends and business with the business disclaimer. I got plans for this baby!!!!! Life is just better with a great BB.

Still, I'm looking forward to all the cool stuff this phone can do I don't even know about. The augmented reality browser, the new BBM capabilities, and all the cool stuff and tips we will get from this website.

Glad this phone is a world phone so I can travel with it because not all Verizon smartphones can.

Finally. I've been waiting so long for this!

Hi @guerllamo7,

Alex from RIM here. So glad to hear your excitement for the Bold 9930. I think you’re going to be very pleased with the enhancements to the Bold 9930. In addition to the features you mentioned, OS 7 also adds multi-touch capability, HD video recording, faster browsing, voice-activated universal search, and the ability to manage and keep your personal and business life separate with BlackBerry Balance.

Since you’re using your BlackBerry for work and fun, you may want to check out this recent post from our Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog about the “business-ready” Bold 9900 and 9930:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

It costs $199.99 for the 2 year upgrade, although if you are using your NE2 to get $100 off, it takes it off the normal price of $249.99 making it $149.99 and realistically only giving you a discount of $50. The rep seems to think that the online exclusive price only accounts if you are using a normal 2 year upgrade, it does not apply if you are using your NE2. It kinda fucks over people out of $50 (well those of you who are using the primary line to upgrade) but not sure there is anything you can do about it. Does anyone understand this now?

Just ordered before 11pm CST. I got it at $199 plus the $12.99 next day shipping. The free overnight shipping promo code was expired per the Verizon website. Can't wait until Tuesday!!!

I have gotten to play with all 3. go RIM... excellent phone all around but my personal would b the the new keyboard and what a screen....hang on excited for all of you.
Blackberry Playbook Rep (SFL)

The link it gives me for 199 in one browser shows as 249 when I copy and paste it into another browser. It must be reading something from my VZW cookie that is giving me the better pricing even when I am logged out but am not sure.

Didn't mention anything about my Unlimited Data Plan when I ordered. Calling in the morning. Was told by 3 different reps that as long as you keep a smartphone on the account the Unlimited Data plan will always be there about a month ago. If you have the Unlimited Data Plan still I'd call before activating.

It showed Showed when ordering the phone from iPhone to bold it was changing my plan. Showed unlimited email and web being added back. I wouldn't worry

This is awesome for VZW & #TeamBlackBerry. Verizon is clearly making Power Moves by getting the jump on everyone else in the US. I still can't believe AT&T and their continuous MONUMENTAL BB F$%&UPS. No 9780, suuuuper-late BB Bridge, ALWAYS late with OS updates (there are probably more I cant think of). It's dumb for them to put all of their eggs in the Torch basket and blow off the other great BlackBerry offerings until late in the game. I remember not so long ago when AT&T was the FIRST to have a 3G BB (The Bold 9000) which everyone still talks about to this day, and inspiration for this great phone. Granted, I love my Torch 9800 (which I upgraded to only because it still had a keypad), but Sliders are just gimmicky. True AT&T BlackBerry heads want this phone, and NOW. Get it together Ralph. AT&T users shoot an email to their CEO- (hopefully this is still the correct email, already sent mine)

Screw AT&T Just buy the phone from a carrier ( think it's Rdgers) that is computable with their network. If AT&T wants to control everything give the smallest amount of money possible. Maybe then they will be forced to give the customers what they want instead of being so heavy handed. Still pissed about the whole Bridge thing with them.

Ralph isn't the CEO, but rather the #2 reporting directly to the CEO... That said, Ralph is still higher up than any attention you're ever going to get.

Idk if this is posted yet but the have some mess ups on their site. For me price is still 250 and it says this for Included accessories

Lithium Ion Battery (1400 mAh)
3.5 mm Stereo Headset
BlackBerry Swivel Holster
BlackBerry Travel Charger with International Adaptor Clips
USB Data Cable
2GB microSD™ Memory Card Pre–installed in the BlackBerry®Bold™9650

A. I WAS gonna call Sunday (14th) BEFORE 11...I fell asleep (rainy in CT...rain makes me sleepy)...B. My VZW account got frozen...NEVER try logging in "sleepy headed"...SO...its 1:47 am...can't get back to customer service till 6 am...NO BOLD ORDERED!!!...I NEED A CIG!!!

Heh, I'm originally from New Britian. My parents said it was raining like crazy up there. Nice to see someone from the area posting here. Makes ya feel good, for some odd reason...

I tried using the free promo code for overnight shipping and it wouldnt work.. anyone else have this problem?

The order confirmation reads, among other things, this: "Lithium Ion Battery (1400 mAh), 3.5 mm Stereo Headset, BlackBerry Swivel Holster, BlackBerry Travel Charger with International Adaptor Clips, USB Data Cable, 2GB microSD Memory Card Preinstalled in the BlackBerryBold9650, Documentation Kit" -- Not very confidence-inspiring. They had better not mess this up. No estimated delivery date yet.

Mine shows $199 for an upgrade (corporate account). My data bundle option shows 4G!!!! How can that be right???

I believe the BB7 phones were a waste of RIMs time.

They had resources on making these bridge phones when they could have used the resources for the following:

Finishing up QNX Code for the Enterprise Email to get a dedicated Email for Playbook
Testing QNX devices to be released sooner then next year.

If BB7 offered something more, I would agree with RIMs decision releasing these phones, but in reality, they do not.

And please don't get me wrong. I am just offering some criticism. I am a happy owner of a BB Bold 9700, I just wish that QNX phones were released instead of these phones.

Ordered at full retail - going to use upgrade next year. Pumped to replace my iPhone 4 - any other good suggestions on where to sell a Verizon iPhone? (Gazelle, Nextworth, Craigslist, etc?) Thanks CB Nation!

Ordered mine when I got up at 6am. The phones not going to sell out so I wasn't waiting up for it. Paid full retail and billed to my account no prob .holding my upgrade for a iPhone 5 for my wife in oct. Really using my 14days to test out this phone for sure, no real reviews out yet, concerned about the battery life first and for most. Excited to get my hands on another bold the size of the 9000! That was my favorite device ever felt so good in the hand, even with the horrible browser. Lost it in a motorcycle wreck! In two pieces!

Just ordered. i am so glad to be dumping my Tour. When we switched to Verizon at my company and I had to leave my Bold 9000 behind I was not happy. The Tour imo is the WORST Blackberry I have ever used. It is downright awful!!

I woke up at 4:30 am during a dream that the phone were all sold. Powered up the PC to order, but I wasn't able to get the order to go thru until close to 6:00am. At any rate, it's ordered. Full retail, overnight shipping so I should have tomorrow morning. I know it's not QNX, but I love my 9650. I am just expecting it to be faster, thinner, and have a better keyboard than the 9650. From the reviews I have read, this should be no problem! Can't wait for tomorrow--trying to sell the iPhone 4 that I bought less than 2 months ago! LOL

I was happy to see as well when logged into my verizon that the price dropped to 199, so I ordered one eventhough I may regret it, My wife got hers last week for free from her regional office, just wasn't allowed to post it. I still don't know why they didn't release it on the 11th like they were planning and pushed it back, but nontheless its only a couple days later. Sorry for the missed date guys

I'm happy to hear that big red has these phone for sale. What I'm not happy about is that most Verizon deliveries NEED to be signed for to be left at a resident. I know this cause I drive for FedEx. Not to say that it won't come via UPS. To save yourselves a delay in getting your phones, leave a note with your name,(signed not printed) address, and date, authorizing FedEx to leave your package. Its just like baseball with us, you get three strikes (attempts), then its back to the shipper. Get your goods on the first attempt people-leave that note... Or this would be better if you don't trust your neighbors, have it sent to your place of work.

WooHoo, got it for free99 since I couldn't order it :o( T-Mobile sales doesn't seem to have a clue of the release date of this phone. Sucks, SMH, Smh some more!

Mine came out to $199 w/ discount and NE2. Will be here on wednesday, can't wait. I am trying to be very reserved as I'm writing this, truth is that I'm as excited as "a turkey who woke in the oven."

Finally! I've been trying to order this phone since last night but couldn't because customer service was closed. I'm hoping the overnight delivery means I'll get it tomorrow but I'll be fine if it comes on Wednesday. It's like Christmas Eve except I'm more excited because I know exactly what I'm getting.

This phone looks great, but sucks that my company stopped supporting BIS... and would have to pay to get a ActiveSync program on it until 2012 BB QNX phones come out.. I'll be stuck going to a Droid sometime soon.

I still find it suspicious that Verizon did absolutely no build up for this phone... no commercials, nothing. Just a spot on the website... seems like a lack of faith on VZW's part and just biding the time until the newer BB's sometime next year

It's only suspicious until you walk into a Verizon store and notice how far up Androids a$$ the are. I'm not hating on Android, to each his own, I just don't like trying to be sold an Android when I know which product I want and that is the Bold 9930.

Got mine for $250 right at midnight. Hopefully they automatically adjust it on my bill if the price was immediately lowered. We'll see.

FYI.... website shows $199.99 price on 2 year contract for me also.. (Upgrade at Discounted Price Eligible for New Every Two on 02/21/2012. )

I used to be so excited for this phone. Now, given the way things are with the economy, I am holding off for now, $30 NE2 be damned.

By the time I am ready to purchase, it will likely be discounted more than my NE2 anyway. My 9650 is doing just fine.

I think the fact that the 9930 is the 4th or 5th featured item on the webpage behind cheap a$$ free phones, hotspot devices and tablets, makes me cringe. And the typos.....boy VZW really doesn't give a rats a$$ about RIM, do they?

I am happy about this phone FINALLY being out. I am just going to wait a bit. Perhaps there will be a big discount around the holidays!

Just bought two of the new BB Bold's, one for me (primary) and one for my wife. The price they had online was 199.99 for me and 249.99 for the wife. I called up vzw and spoke with a sales rep that gave me $199.99 pricing for both plus there is a $50 manufacturers rebate attached to each phone brining it to $149.99 each.

I just ordered mine this morning. I hope its what all the hype is. I am going from a Storm 9550 to this. Can't Wait!!!

Hopefully, i will have it by wednesday evening!!

If at&t doesn't @ lesast announce a release date for the 9900 by the end of the month I will seriously concider switching to VZW just for this device

Just heard reported on the tele, Google has purchased Motorola Wireless. Chuck Todd of MSNBC just said, "watch out, BlackBerry." Ouch...

Just ordered mine for $199 plus 12.95 S&H , be here tomorrow by 3pm, so excited, like i am a kid again.

Yep, getting mine for $199 as well - I don't have NE2 but this just seems to be the standard for existng customers who are out of a previous contract and who are upgrading. My order also shows free activation and shipping fees as well.

Does anyone have a code to get free overnight shipping on vzw? The "freeovernt" code has exipired.


I was told by a rep to order the phone online with overnight shipping and just call customer service up afterwards and they will credit the $12.99 shipping charge back to my account. I also had to change my account's service address so that I could get it shipped to my office (this will only work if you bill it to your account *i think*) instead of dealing with having to pick it up at the fed-ex warehouse.

Ordered mine at 8:30am for $199 with Ne2. Can't wait! It should be great! I don't know why people ordered at midnight. They all will be shipped at the same time. Fed Ex wasn't even open. LOL! This is a shame Verizon (Big Red) is not marketing these very well. If this continues I will switch carriers. No doubt they are getting kick backs from other companies. They shouldn't be pushing other phones on people. Some of us know what we want. FYI: I took a Droid back! It was garbage in my opinion. So can't wait for the long overhauled Blackberry upgrade from a Bold 9650.

ORDERED! The rep first tried charging me 249.99 until I told her that I was quoted from another rep at $199.99 and that I've seen it online for that price too, in about 3 seconds she promptly said, "okay, it'll be 199.99". Free overnight shipping, should have it before 3PM tomorrow. It's the Katalina F**king wine mixer!!!!

After MUCH run around on the phone with SKU issues (beware all you early birds; 9650 SKU got messed up and mixed in with 9930 according to the 2 reps I dealt with) I'm getting MY Bold!!!...$249.99 free Next billing cycle FREE!!!!

Got mine at the $199. with my NE2 upgrade!! Ordered it by phone, and was briefly put on hold to check delivery time....the hold "music" was an ad for a new Droid.....

OK, so after 3 phone calls to Verizon I finally got the 199.99 price!!! First two reps said absolutely 249 price, that even came from one of them being the customer loyalty department. I do not have any NE2 pricing.

Third times a charm I guess! I didnt say anything about the previous two calls I just asked about the phone and the guy said "I can match any price online, which is 199" and I said OK!!! :) He also gave me the overnight shipping for free since thats whats online. Mucho excited!

If you cant get the cheaper price, dont fret. If they lower it online in 30 days give them a call and they will credit you. At least thats what rep #2 said.

I have been calling each day to get the 199 price from Verizon. Reps kept saying no as I am not NE2 eligible until December. This morning Rep gave me a $50 credit on my bill if I ordered at 249. She said she can't call it a NE2 discount. It will be called a "good customer credit" on my next bill (or something like that). Net price the 199.99 (plus tax, I am sure).

had to wait to talk to customer service, but since i've had my 9650 so long and it is crapping out on me, they authorized the $249 pricing for me even after i have used my upgrade since i upgraded to a droid and didn't like it.. go big red!

Just ordered my Bold 9930. Talked to Verizon customer service, they were courteous. 199 with Ne2, plus 14 for tax, less 25 for my Tour (will have to be sent in and then I will get a gift card for that 25)so that would be about 189. Service rep set up that trade-in. I will also receive a vocational discount which I've been getting for all my Verizon services and accessories too of 10% so that will knock another 20$ off when that first billing for my 9939 is calculated. People who use Verizon should inquire if there are any discounts available for their particular lines of work. Most people don't know about it and many are elgible even if it's hard to understand why they can receive discounts. I still love my Tour but am totally excited about my new 9930. Will take up to 2 days to ship. Figure that when my two years is up for the 9930, then QNX will be evolved and/or Ice Cream Sandwich(3.3.4) will be also.