Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9930 non-camera version launches on September 9th

By Bla1ze on 7 Sep 2011 07:13 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9930 non-camera version launches on Sprint September 9th

Although Verizon has had a non-camera version available since launch, Sprint will now be releasing their non-camera version of the BlackBerry Bold 9930 on September 9th. While many folks can make use of the camera equipped versions, there is still somewhat of a demand in the business sector for devices without cameras. Some employers simply do not allow the use of camera equipped phones. Fewer and fewer device manufacturers are catering to this user base, instead relying on software locks and IT policies to block camera access. RIM could do that as well through the BES infrastructure but it's still nice to see separate devices being made available.

Personally, if I never used the camera on my device -- I think I'd opt for a non-camera version just for the cleaner appearance of it. No price difference is found between the two versions but if you're in need of a non-camera equipped BlackBerry and Sprint is your carrier; you can get the BlackBerry Bold 9930 for $249 from Sprint starting September 9th.

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Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9930 non-camera version launches on September 9th


Well Bla1ze, I'll be getting it on the 9th because my employer doesn't allow cameras. I'm not about to go without my smartphone anytime soon. I'm buying it off contract to replace my Non-Camera 9650.

Well Kevin, wait six months and I'm sure you'll get at least the WHITE option, then you can buy it again right? Maybe they'll even have the white Canadian flag model...you know you want one.

Might sound terrible, but for me it's non-camera, or no phone at all(trust me this is a life saver). My employer will fire us over the issue, and phones that have had the camera's removed, or physically destroyed or disabled are still not allowed, pretty crazy I know.

Since you're not very bright, I'll help you out. Some employers don't allow camera phones. I'm glad I was able to help you ;)

Many companies still have this policy. Its a major security breech to have a camera... Here is a thought... You think they allow smartphones into the RIM labs that have cameras? They don't. You think Apple allows smartphones with cameras in their labs? They don't. Pentagon, Whitehouse, Prisons, Border-crossings ? ? ? Anywhere they manufacture something that needs to be kept out of the public eye. If you let your imagination roll you'll come up with many of employers... And like a previous person said, many companies won't allow even a phone that has been disabled or camera removed, its just simply harder to monitor (does that camera really not work???, or did you bring a personal one in?)

Dear AT&T you suck..... All other phone companies are miles ahead. This makes me want to switch to Sprint now.

Why are you guys even still with AT&T? You should have left them ages ago....If their shitty network wasn't a good enouph reason, their GREEDY Bridge fiasco should have been!

Note to AT&T execs......GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER. Sprint has two versions of the 9930, a Curve, and the full touch Torch..... what BlackBerrys do you idiots have to offer your customers? a 9810. Thanks douchers!!!!

For secure jobs... Ie: well... Any company who has things they would rather not be photographed... Gov't, tech, mints etc...

The "NC" models of devices are never really marketed as "consumer" phones, in fact in the past Sprint have made it somewhat difficult to find the no-camera variants of devices on their website, just to avoid confusion.

I manage 2 "NC" 9650s, we supply them to sales reps that are often dealing within offices managed by the US government, and while a no-camera restriction often isn't in place in these locations, being that they're sales reps means they don't really need a camera anyway, and for personal use, you'll often find people have their own device with a camera.

I know as soon as our Sprint SMB rep makes these available, we'll be picking up 3 of them.

It make sence to have this phone for business use if u work in a business company but for ppl who use theit blackberry for personal use I would not recommend it lol