BlackBerry Bold 9930 gets caught sporting Verizon splash screen

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jul 2011 09:02 am EDT

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While we talk non-stop about the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900, we seem to forget that it's CDMA counterpart the BlackBerry Bold 9930 is part of the package as well. Most of the news revolves around the Bold 9900 due to the bigger set of GSM carriers, but don't fret because those of you on CDMA won't be left in the dust. This image of the Bold 9930 surfaced and the device is showing off a Verizon splash screen. There really wasn't much doubt the device would hit Verizon at some point, but if you were worried then let this ease your mind. Unfortunately the hardware itself doesn't look to be branded, but it's still a step in the right direction. Thanks tenyrnote!

Source: N4BB

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BlackBerry Bold 9930 gets caught sporting Verizon splash screen


It won't be sold unlocked but you'll be able to call CS to have them unlock the GSM side.HOWEVER,Verizon has been programming their GSM World Phones not to accept AT&T or T-Mobile USA SIM cards so you have to use Verizon here in the US.

There have been rumors from it being released 7/23 all the way to Oct-Nov, but most reports are pointing toward mid-to-late August.

Its a black trackpad with a bluish/purple glow around it. Kind of reminds me of the creative zen touch mp3 player from back in the day.

I hope that the GSM and CDMA version will be released at the same time rather than the usual GSM release followed by a long wait for CDMA users...FTL

I don't think this would be a good idea because what are they going to get from it. If the new iPhone blows the 9900/9930 out of the water, RIM can't just not release the phone and start over again. If the phones are equal, the iPhone will have the advantage of the head start and the fact that Apples rep is by far leading BB's at this point. They need to capitalize on the time they have before the new iPhone is released rather than take the wait and see attitude. That attitude is what put them in this downswing in the first place.

I have a question about the HSPA 3G bands listed. I know Band 1 is 2100MHz, but what is band listed next to it? 6? 8? What do those represent?

@drparham, you serious? they gave you that info from RIM cust service? I hope your right. Ready to trade in this bold 9700.