BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9850 (monaco) both headed to Sprint!

BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9850 both headed to Sprint!
By Bla1ze on 3 Jun 2011 02:00 pm EDT

Some nice info was just dropped on us today for all you Sprint users looking to get ahold of a new BlackBerry in the next little while. The above list, clearly shows the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry monaco 9850 will be launched on Sprint soon but possibly more importantly -- it also gives us the go-to-market name for the monaco. If all is correct here, the BlackBerry monaco 9850 will be placed under the BlackBerry Torch branding when released.

So when exactly are these devices expected to arrive? Well, if you jump on past the break you'll see the release date for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 is tentatively set for August 21 while the BlackBerry Torch 9850 is still stuck in that to-be-determined area.

BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9850 (monaco) both headed to Sprint!

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BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9850 (monaco) both headed to Sprint!


That thread was referring to a questionable article posted on BGR.
Take it with a grain of salt. BGR has been wrong in the past.

Now you can use your new blackberry on a significantly reduced data network!
:( coming from a sprint customer.

I thought the torch 2 and Monaco were two different devices. The Monaco was the new BB touch? What am I missing here?


As usual RIM is SLLLLOOOOWWWW getting phones to market that is why I am switching to an android phone. It has been 2+ years since a upgrade from the storm and the new replacement looks cheap, with old features. By RIMM and your crappy products

Oh no your leaving? Thanks for the announcement I'm sure RIM's stock will fall even further once your decision hits the press because you are such an important person.

RIM will surely go bankrupt again. How many times can they go bankrupt? Oh that's right they made record profits last quarter.

You won't look back, either. I haven't. I check in here periodically to see if RIM will pull their head out of their @SS and get a QNX dual core phone to market...but they will...and Android will be running on quad core devices.

RIM won't fall on its face because you and I left...they'll do that on their own by releasing nearly outdated phones as "NEW AND CUTTING EDGE". RIM may fudge the numbers around to please share holders and fool people on crackberry but we all know who's risen from the bottom to take the lead. Who? DROOOOOOID.

WOOT WOOT!!! Hellz YEAH! I can't wait to upgrade my 9630 Tour for one of these! Awesome news, made my weekend already!

But Sprint is stupid!!! Why cant Verizon come out like July and Sprint can come out a month later? I mean how did it go for like the 9650? Did sprint come out the same day as Verizon did?

verizon is testing the bold touch and blackberry touch 9860 (monaco) thats why the cdma leak was released sprint will be last like always they gets no love

Only one Question:
Can i trade my Torch for the new torch ?? do any one know if it is possible and how much do you guys think will worth :)

Do you mean to trade it with Sprint? If that's what you meant, I'm 99.9997% that you cannot. If you were to sell it on eBay or craigslist you can probably get ~200 for it.

you can trade any device in at sprint - you don't always get a ton of money for the devices, but it makes it easy to get rid of it and get some new accessories.

currently a torch trades in at around $90

What about the 9900? Is it being released earlier than the CDMA version? Any news on AT&T or other carriers carrying it?

One thing to note...IF RIM waits until August to release the 9900/9930, it will be almost a whole year since they have produced a new handset. REALLY? How can RIM execs, their Board of Directors, and their shareholders be okay with taking this long?

why would anyone compare a Blackberry to an EVO? The evo is a gadget from which you can make phone calls. A Blackberry is a phone that makes your life easier and not to mention socially active. I do agree they can take a while for new phones, but theyre worth the wait. :-D

Excuse me? The EVO is a pretty formidable phone; there is nothing that a Blackberry can do that it can't do, and more, with its two featured cameras. I actually enjoyed watching youtube on that more than I do on my laptop.

Of course, the downside is that it is a big, ugly, brick-like phone, with horrendous battery life. The touchscreen-only input is also a bit of challenge because of the sheer size of the phone.

But don't say it can only make phone calls. It simply ain't true . . .

Amen. Unless you root it and flash a custom ROM (pain in the @ss for average person). But yet again, if you use BBSAK and constantly load leaked OS''re essentially doing the same thing.

I'm sure the source who sent this in has somewhat of a history with CB, as in sent other documents in the past. CB wouldn't just post any and every screenshot that comes to their inbox.


August? Really? Very disappointing. My mom hates her EVO right NOW. I'd hoped to get her a BB sooner than that but I'm not gonna buy a 9650 at full retail

this is driving me insane. Why isn't anyone questioning the name of this device? The Monaco and Torch are two completely different products and now they are branded as the same? SOMEONE EXPLAIN

Yeah I'm in the same boat you are and all these idiots want to talk about is when its coming out, and how slow RIM is when releasing devices, nobody realizes that this thing cannot be called the torch, it would confuse a lot of people, they already have a torch, and the torch 2 is on its way, it must be some kind of typo because it doesn't make any sense.

my guess would be the "regular" torch we're used to seeing will stay a GSM device and that the Monaco will be a CDMA device...

since they're not going to keep the storm name - it makes a little more sense...

think of the Bold... there's 2 body styles - 1 for CDMA and 1 for GSM...

Would love if it came in July or so... But damn.. I am EXCITED then a mofo. I'm gonna get the new BOLD!! BlackBerry Party!!! It's worth the wait!

Not an error. There have been rumors that Monaco will take the Torch name, and this seemingly confirms it.

Personally I don't think it makes any sense. Use names to differentiate among form factors/models. Slider is entirely different than full touch. Not to mention, they should DITCH tainted names, or at least consistently apply them. I have no problem with the Torch, but the Torch 1 wasn't exactly widely praised. If they're trying to make waves with the new line-up, they shouldn't call the second most impressive new device a Torch. It only provokes confusion for the average consumer and has a bad connotation for those in the tech world.

End of AUGUST?? WEAK! I hope Verizon gets it before then, otherwise fast-forward to this September and I'll be holding the 9930 in one hand, and the new iphone 4gs (or whatever) in the other. I'm not so sure that the 9930 will win me over.

RIM, you are imbeciles. How do you "announce" a new phone in May and release it at the end of August? What is this, 1999? Take a hint from Apple, announce then release the next day or week. Groan.

haha. dying here :) c'mon vodafone... hope it's not out past august... this is good news I guess... almost 3 months though :/

I can't wait for the BlackBerry Touch. I skipped the Torch because I think its will be better to have all touch or all keyboard.

why name it the blackberry torch 9850 if it is not the torch? it just causes more confusion. blackberry touch 9850 sounds more good.

I'm with these guys! I think it's a typo. It should say Touch. Previous supposed Monaco model # is 9860. One number off(or 10). The supposed Torch2 model # is 9810. So far, the Torch2 is GSM only. The Monaco is CDMA. The Monza is supposed to be the GSM version of the Monaco. Sprint carries CDMA primarily, as does Verizon. They wouldn't put a GSM only phone on a CDMA carrier . . . You think ? . .

Wait, so the Monaco is the "Torch"? I thought it would be the Storm successor. But anyways, glad to hear Sprint is getting in on some new BlackBerrys. Being a Virgin Mobile USA Customer, and seeing VM uses Sprint, maybe in the future VM will get one of these. :D

this is going to be the longest 2 months ever!!! I will cross the days off my calendar one by one waiting for the Bold Touch. Sigh....

ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME! I've been with Sprint for close to ten years and this is the first time i've been excited about a upcoming phone. Now I just need to figure out which on I want.

Finally!!! This was going to determine if i renewed my contract in august w/ sprint... My TOURing days are numbered... 9930!!!!!!!!

Bold 9930 for me ! My contract with Sprint is up Monday and I have been waiting 2 years for a phone I really like. My 8330 has been very functional and works all the time, but this phone looks awesome. I'm excited and glad I waited and didn't get a different BB than the 9930!

yeah, waiting in Canada for BB then probably for Telus (Bilus or Smelus) to release them. I can't wait to upgrade from my Storm 2. It has been a reliable phone tho, and my 1st BB. So very much looking forward to see what all the hype is going to be like, not just hear say or rumours. It will probably get handed down to my daughter anyways as the new QNX BB's come out in the next year (*or two) ...sigh

I'm pretty happy with my Curve, so I always figured my next phone would either be another Blackberry or an iOS phone if Sprint ever gets one. (I don't need Enterprise, I just need a stable operating system that actually works.) I'd like an all-touch phone, so I've been pretty impressed with the Monaco and the Curve Touch. Touch typing isn't that big a deal for me, and the all-touch screen means I've got more screen space for video playback or games.

Now I just need to find an app or browser that will allow Blackberry to download YouTube videos, so I can save movie trailers and music videos. its the only thing I miss about Android, and its something that I can do on my iPad with the iCab Mobile browser. Its by no means a dealbreaker, but its a feature that is noticeably absent that I have/do use on other mobile devices. Even if it takes a seperate web browser like iCab, I'm ok with it.

This is the kind of stuff RIM pulls on their customers and I have no idea how anyone can be excited about this. The kind of specs inside these phones is what they should have released LAST AUGUST. If they would have done that, they'd keep a HUGE portion of the customers who bailed on them for Android (like I did) and iOS. What RIM should be releasing in August is a dual core QNX device capable of utilizing 4G radios (HSPA, WiMAX and LTE). 2 words RIM: BLOWING IT!

Sweeet!!! I can not wait!!! I am up for a new phone I am soo glad Sprint is finally coming up to the plate and getting these new Blackberry