[Video] BlackBerry Bold 9930 appears on Verizon website!

By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2011 12:57 am EDT

Been looking for more confirmation of the BlackBerry Bold 9930 coming to Verizon? No problem -- Verizon has gone ahead and accidentally loaded up a device walkthrough on their very own website for you all to enjoy. Just head on over to the Verizon site, click on shop -- then go to the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and view the video demo. You'll find that the video is not at all of a BlackBerry Bold 9650 but rather the BlackBerry Bold 9930. Thanks, ChrisS9938!

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[Video] BlackBerry Bold 9930 appears on Verizon website!


So you want CB to source some rinky dink site, when the post clearly was noticed in their forums? Take it up with who ever posted it in the forums.

Ok this is actually my fault.  :(  I reported the CB thread to our bloggers who then started working on the blog.  The video was found by a CB member AND reported on the CB forums.   Then rather foolishly, in my excitement, I tweeted about the video on twitter, and if you read the BBE blog, where does he says he heard about the video????  ;)

CB broke this story, and a humble little principal from TN and CBer (the guy, Bla1ze thanks) was the one who found the video!!!!   END OF STORY!!!!!!

Thanks for the update pkcable. Its not a big deal, I was just saying, thats all. All in fairness.
BBold9000, we're all on the same team here, working for the same cause. BlackBerry, period. We don't have to go against each other and it's not what I was implying. Like I said, it was all in the name of fairness. :)

In any case, great day to be a BlackBerry fan with the news that is upon us today! :)

That's amazing!! I can finally get rid of my 9650!! Although not to many issues with it but. Can't wait for the 9930

Haha why does the guy mention when paired with the 4G LTE network? Someone should fill that guy in...

That is rather odd. I guess they wanted to increase the number of people that think their 3G phones are actually 4G.

I was wondering the same thing... Is he implying that the Bold 9930 is LTE capable? If so, that is not true according to what I understand...

He doesn't say it's 4g, he said its being paired with the "Nation's fastest 4g network" which in his case is calling Verizon that. Very misleading but says it in a way where it sounds like it's a 4g phone.

man, what was with the delay when he was downloading that app? it was less than 200kb yet it still paused. whats up with that?

Perhaps the keyboard. Spec-wise its pretty far ahead of the old 9000. Its much thinner. It has a larger, touch-based screen... Not so much like the old bold.

Did it drive anyone else mad the way he was holding the Bold and typing with his index finger...I was going ape S over here thinking "hold it properly and thumb type!"

VZW should have used some of the other leaked vids to show this thing off. Great device. Terrible demo by this spokesperson.

I was wondering the same thing. Obviously he doesn't own a blackberry for himself. Maybe it's better he stay away from Blackberry Smartphones if he hasn't figured it out yet, :D.

I think he's holding the phone that way because the phone doesn't appear to have the Verizon emblem on the bottom of the phone.

Sadly, yes... looks like they really sped up the download footage from appworld overall... I have a feeling appworld and downloading apps is going to still put a hurt on phone performance and require a lengthy restart time

Thank you Jesus, Thank u Jesus, thank u!! Hope we get a Verizon release date today:0)........bye 9650, HELLO 9930 baBY

I have to agree with many sentiments above:

1) That guy is a tool (I would have preferred...oh....Kim Kardashian)
2) Thumb typing please (how big is that finger anyways)
3) The LTE comment is VEEEEEEERY misleading to those not in the know

Looks like there's nothing refreshing about BlackBerry App World:

Scroll...load thumbnail. Scroll...load thumbnail. Scroll...load thumbnail.

I think its great that new phones are finally finding their way out there, but this is not going to help get BB new subscribers and generate a buzz in anyway. Many will see it as "the same old blackberry"

For some that is great, but not what the comapany needs right now...they need some BUZZ

did anyone else notice the hourglass at marker 00:54? not trying to be debbie downer here. just putting it on blast so we can defend it as an empire. the RIMpire.

did any1 realize the bb bold still will have only 256mb memory for apps. it shows 191.2mb free in app world screen here... any news?

OK. I am man enough to admit when i'm wrong. Ive been hating BB lately because of the state of my poopy curve 9330 (bought off ebay -__-) But after seeing this video i feel like a new man. I. WANT. THIS. BB. NAOW!


BB Examiner said one of their trusted sources found out that part of the announcement from RIM today will be that their new BB's will be 4G compatible. If true, that would explain the comment from this video. Not holding my breath based on the specs we've seen for everything so far but, it would be nice.

I bet Sprint gets their version of the 9930 very soon after Verizon.I believe Sprint received the Bold 9650 first,then a week later VZW offered theirs.It's just flip-flopped for this release.

Sad that RIM is still pushing the Storm 2, which is over two years old. People really want a full touchscreen. RIM has numerous BlackBerry ads today showing the Storm 2's full-sized touch screen. I suppose this is why they wanted a refreshed Storm 2.

Today, RIM will change that by announcing the new Storm replacement. At least two full-touch devices will be announced, maybe three (I'm counting the Torch 9810).

Pity VZN is misleading with the device. It's not 4G, but they're selling their 4G network as an advantage. It's only an advantage if there are 4G phones to sell. Perhaps the guy was misinformed.

I was considering this until i saw the spinning wheel on the app download...that confirmed the iphone 5 for me. if my ipad can download a 300 MB game without locking up...this thing has to be able to as well. sorry Rim, way too little way too late.

Did you notice the spinning clock when it was downloading a 61KB flashlight app from app world.

That is pretty pathetic, why does the phone stall for 61KB app????

I mean I would understand if you are feeding this thing megabytes, but there is something wrong with this old platform, it doesn't matter how fast the processor is.

I am going to sit this one out and wait for qnx os.

Wow, how disappointing. 90% of this still looks no different than my Tour, especially the lousy downloading from the app store. Even tho, what the hell am I gonna download from there anyways, some crappy third rate app?

This video was edited heavily to try and make it looks snappy, notice all the quick cuts... will definitively be weighing this one against the new iphone coming out around the same time..

Not to mention these OS 7 devices all have an expiration date already on them since rim has stated these will be obsolete after their qnx devices. hmmm do I really want an obsolete device?

Is it just me, or is that anchorman an incredible dork? I wanted to mess up his hairdo sooo much, I almost busted my screen.


the video is back up, but it's a woman now with the old 9650.....the test site still had the new one