BlackBerry Bold 9930 appears in Verizon inventory system

BlackBerry Bold 9930 Verizon
By Adam Zeis on 12 Aug 2011 12:19 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Bold 9930 has been fairly mysterious in regards to Verizon, but it appears as if it may well be on the way to Big Red after all. Forums member dsquared2 dropped this image of the Bold 9930 in Verizon's inventory system. While it doesn't give us too much information, it's a great sign that the releae may be closer than we thought. We still haven't heard an official word on the device being released on Verizon, but hopefully things move along and we see it show up soon.

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BlackBerry Bold 9930 appears in Verizon inventory system


You're right. This person should be fired because leaked inventory screen shots are going to damage Verizon. Or worse, it might just make people want to buy this phone. Shame on this person!

What right does any employee of a company have to take a pic of their product inventory screen and share it publicly?that is no different from industrial espionage.I have a sprint 9330 so I am no troll.

....and still no word on the Torch 9850. I really need to drop my Storm 2 for another full touch device soon.

F* yes! I'm obsessively checking CB every few hours (minutes, actually) hoping to see something posted that will tell me when I can upgrade from my 9650 to one of these!

I JUST talked to verizon and
they are getting not just the bold touch but BOTH the bold touch and the full touch!
Both phones will be $249 which bums me out!
don't know if that's before a rebate or what! I'll be at best buy if that's the case!
so the chart was fairly accurate and this is EARLY!!!!
I AM SO PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

And a random selection of ten other phone calls to VZW will yield ten totally different responses. Not doubting what you heard but given their track record this seems too easy...

God, please let this be true! I'll even start going to church. Seriously, for a couple weeks, at least!

okay a correction:
verified this with a reliable friend at verizon...
you can only order them on monday the 15th! online or by calling in only!
they will be available in the stores on the 25th!
i apologize for any heart attacks i may have caused!
didn't get if the $249 was before a rebate or not!!!
the chart we saw was on the money!!!

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

I'm a current VZW customer waiting for the 9850 & I have a Question....... how does preordering work?.. do I have to pay right up front? does my acc't get charged? I've never preordered anything so I just want to know how so come Monday I'm ready :) please anyone help me?
Lol, Bla1ze even?

I know it has been mentioned before, but when you go to VZW and narrow the smartphone list to Blackberry, the 9650 is gone. It is now showing four phones (A new Curve, 2 CPO Curves, and the Storm2). The interesting part is that is still claims "6 results." The place holders are there! Come On Verizon, make it real!

I hope it is true that I can pre-order them on Monday. I am eligible for my upgrade now and I even have my new every two discount so I can get it a little cheaper. Please come out soon I need a new phone. I still haven't decided between this or the 9850 though.

Knock-knock-knock...hello, Verizon...I'm waiting patiently for a confirmation of the release date for the Torch 9810. Please advise quickly; my nerves are frazzled already!

phones will ship on monday and you will have them max on wed unless you get overnight shipping!
for those can rest assured i post NOTHING unless i would know!
are you kidding me???....i about had a heart attack myself!!
anyone want a droid htc inc2? rooted and fast??

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

You better start going to church!
God uses a BB!
It's secure!!! and the only way you can talk to Him is wireless!!!

OK...I also talked to a good friend at Best Buy!
Same story!
so on the pastor's doubt (shame on you Thomas)...
i called back to VZW 3 more times....
got the same story each time!
there ya go...!!!!
See you in church Sunday PJD642!!! LOL

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

Remember Thomas ended up as believing Thomas
well as the saying goes from your lips to God's ears...
But if I spy you playing with that new BB in the back pew...

uh...errr....ill be taking notes on the sermon, preacher!!!
but i will miss my "you bible" on droid that reads it to me!
it is AWESOME and free!
anyone know if BB has it?!

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

Yup, there is a version for BB of "YouVersion Bible" in the app world. I'm not sure of the OS7 compatibility at this time, but the app is CONSTANTLY getting updated ( I think I've done almost 15 different updates this summer so far, but each one has made the app better) so that shouldn't be an issue.

Seems odd that just 3 days to go until the big release of the newest Blackberry lineup of phones, and Big Red has said absolutely nothing. That seems like big news by itself... something doesn't seem right

VZW is just not too into the BB's anymore which is really stupid because BB is what helped make vzw what it is today!
but they have this mentality that "droid does a body good!" and does them good! YUCK!!!
they don't want to spend alot of money advertising when they dont think it will do much!
stupid thinking!

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

Called T-mo and got the " we're not sure when it will be released but as of now it says to be determined, other phones will be released in August and show an actual date so the Bold 9900 might be for another month" FAAAAAWK!!!!!!

verizon really surprises me with this one!
i think it's because they want them out before the iphone5 to see what happens!
man...i hate apple!!!!!
But i will be happy with my new BB!!!
oh yeah!!!

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

Stoked to see that the release date is getting closer. I sold my iPhone 4 on Tuesday and have been using a 5 year old flip phone that doesn't seem to want to make or take phone calls. This release date needs to come NOW....

they won't tell you if they don't know!
i ALWAYS know more than my local store and they are friends!
Most really are clueless!
they always admit that I know more than they do and/or before they know it!

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

I feel like a 9700 owner last year with OS6...WHERE is my OS7 phones Verizon???!!!???...even JUST a release date!!!!

Maybe that lady was right at the verizon booth at Bj's she said maybe the end of august or around september...sweet

So, if the Playbook is due out via VZW "soon", what should we expect it to be?

RIM just announced that a Playbook 4G/LTE is just now going into the science lab to begin testing, meaning it's clearly many months away at best (spring if we're lucky, I would guess).

So, what should we expect this upcoming Playbook from VZW to be?

The same generic WiFi-only unit as Best Buy and Office Depot currently carries, that uses Bridge to rely on your BB phone for your BES? Same version that exist now? I would think so.

Or something newer? Possibly VZW-data-capbable? I would think not.

I was about to go buy a Playbook and now I'm not sure if there's any point in waiting for the VZW-offered Playbook.

I'd sure appreciate any thoughts that might potentially be useful.