BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unboxing Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Aug 2011 05:14 pm EDT

First Unboxing Video of a Commercially-Purchased BlackBerry Bold 9900!

W00t!!!! Here it is CrackBerry Nation, the first unboxing of a commercially-purchased BlackBerry Bold 9900. While it's looking like tomorrow is the official Rogers launch of the new touchscreen Bold, some stores already have been selling their stock and I managed to pick up four units from a local store in Winnipeg. When we caught wind that Bolds were to be had early, we started calling every store we could. Most were either not selling yet or had already sold out (and some stores had waiting lists - go RIMPIRE!), so when I found a store with inventory I went into a CrackBerry craze. There was some dangerous driving involved to get to the store, but I made it I got the Bolds, and I rushed home to record up this frantic unboxing.

This is one cut, no excuses as I dive into the box for the first time and fire up the Bold (which it seems of the four units I bought, this one was the one they played with in the store as device had already been turned on at least once from what I can tell - Setup Wizard didn't appear immediately). Watch the video above as I dig through the accessories that come in the box, fire it up, and even compare it quickly to some other phones including the Bold 9780, original Bold 9000 and Apple iPhone 4. I gotta go spend some time now playing with my new Bold, but you're going to want to keep it locked to CrackBerry. The crazyiness on CrackBerry is only going to ramp up from here. Enjoy the show!!



Grats. Does the trackpad glow around the edges as seen in all other pics and vids? In your video it looked chrome and no illumination.


It does glow take a closer look when he says " woo it booted up so fast" its glowing ftw (:


I am still excited about the phone. The 188.9mb free app space from the supposed 768mb is kind of disappointing but hopefully that will be addressed in the future. As of today I have used only 40 or so extra MB on my 9780 so w/e :o)


188MB might seem like a small amount of space, however apps on the app world are generally small in size, and I don't foresee any massive applications hitting the phone until QNX, at which time RIM will introduce a lot more application storage space.

This is very smart of RIM, it keeps costs down for the consumers.


No, it is extremly dumb for RIM to keep doing this. The reason why there are no "massive applications" is because RIM has continued to live in the era of 1.44 meg floppy disks and hasn't adapted to the times. Also, memory is extremly cheap so there is no massive savings for consumers to not include it. There would, or could, be greater apps if RIM actually included true storage capabilities on their phone.


I agree, great post. Nobody should believe RIM is doinganyone a favor by skimping on their products.

Do you enjoy buying small pizzas for the pricce of a large? Oh wait, the pizza place is doing me a favor by charging me more, for less product.


But to buy the phone unlocked in the UK, it is more expensive than an iPhone. They haven't really kept costs down at all. Same with the non-autofocus camera.


189 megs free is EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING! On my 9780 is have over 35 apps installed and still have 191 megs free now. That's enough to make me rethink the purchase. I would hate to go back to the era of needing to delete apps just to install a new theme.


hell fuccken yeah!!! how about shipping one if those over to the good ole U S of A kevin??? lol congrats on your official bold!!! It'll be sweet we get it here at T-Mobile.


U S of A haha priceless Borat quote!


Yeah, "US of A" predates Borat by about 225 years...


Are you sure you don't want to give away the last (more specifically, to me)? lulz

Congrats on your new phone, fearless CB Nation leader.

Wait wait wait, ONLY 128MB of RAM available??? The OS takes 640MB??? Ouch...


It was 188, not 128! Still... expected more.


thanks for correcting me, my eyes "typo'd" lol. But still, I've been hearing all this deal about the amount of RAM these devices have, and I had hope for 1GB of which 768MB were available, or at the very least 768MB and around 400-500ish available, but nowhere near less than 200MB!!


There also looks to be pre-installed software on there. Which will take up room.


Yayy! There is hope that it may appear in the UK ever so soon!


Hehe Kevin, you are such a kid, never seen anyone this excited about anything as you demonstrated in this video.



Omg you should see me at a Metallica show :p I go into 11yo girl mode. It's totally embarrassing.

On topic though... I am pretty pumped for this phone! Too bad I've only had my 9780 for like 4 months.


The boot up time is sure fast! Good for you Kevin


I thought so too. It didn't seem fast on previous leaked videos, as well as videos from BB World back in May. I'm glad it's faster than older phones.


6gb card? cmon kevin.. lol :p

Kevin Michaluk

HAHA. Yeah.. that was dumb. I really wasn't thinking.. zoned out... CrackBerry drunk!  Talking built-in storage there (Rogers doesn't ship it with a microsd card apparently).

i guess 8gb of onboard storage, though only 6.1 free on first bootup from rogers. have barely used it yet to see what's preloaded.  



I thought the 8gb would be for apps too. What gives?


Come on AT&T. I'm ready for my upgrade!!!


Sounds like us AT&Ters are gonna be waiting until late November to get our hands on anything other than a Torch 2.


i kno!! it sucks! damn att has to be one of the last carriers to get it


Just confirms that these new BB7's are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your excitement... will have to hold me over until I can unbox my own 9850!


188M free app space on a clean install? that's sad. :(


Very nice......I wanna get my beaters on one!!


Hell yeah, you're a lucky guy! You know, that you made 3 other people mad about getting their device later cause your so crazy to buy a whole bunch of it. But that's ok. Congratz to the best deal for weeks. An please drop that damn failPhone4 away!!! ;-)


looks so sweet! But i actually think i am going to get the 'fiddy'. But this looks so good! Should I get all of them? Can someone loan me $1500??


wooo! its alive

hahaha , awesome its out go get one, get 4 ROFL :)

the touch screen is definitely useful to have when you cant get the key right away love it!


Time to take a picture of the manual to see if the camera is as bad as the ones on the PlayBook when it comes to shooting something close.


roll on the uk launch :)

even if i am stuck in a contract for the next 3 months i may consider buying out of it for one of these :D


I'm buying it at full price too.


I don't even use bb anymore, but this video is so funny. And all the contents..."blah bah blah blah".



Kevin Michaluk

i upgraded three of them on contracts...

the fourth one i bought outright - was $615.99 after tax.


i can upgrade mine 6mths prior on works contract which isnt until may 2013... i don't think i can wait that long!! it looks way to awesome. might just have to buy outright and sell the 9800 to make some money back.


thank you! will buy mine tomorrow from one of these Rogers here in Waterloo :)


Im in Waterloo too buddy! I called Conestoga and they were like "we have them is store but we can not release until Saturday" Let me know if you get your hands on one! Also pricing information, specifically on a 3 yr contract. Email me -!


How much for a 3yr contract. Bell has it apparently for 169.99. So im wondering if Rogers is about the same :S i hope soooo 249.99 on a 3 yr is nutss


congrats! the responsiveness of the touch seems priceless.


Haha, almost got in an accident. Gotta get your fix no matter what.


I posit "no matter what" should exclude putting lives of other people at risk ;)


That was a great unboxing vid, Thanks


any news bout the other phones for this year


188 MB for applications? Wow...really small.


Thx for posting Kev!!!

Jon Seals

This is the first time I've looked at a blackberry since getting an iPhone and actually wanted one. When Verizon gets this I'll probably open another line for it, though I really hope they can reduce the amount of RAM being used for the OS.


Damn you are lucky!!! Still waiting on Big Red...


VZW shows 6 Results for BlackBerrys, but is only showing 3 Curves (2 pre-owned) and a Storm 2...which means the Bold 9650s (camera and no camera) are not for sale, with at least the new Bold coming soon. You don't stop selling a product before its replacement is ready.


Seemed to recall seeing a list of phones set to be discontinued and I believe the 9650 was one of them. While I am hopeful - I dont think the removal of these phones from the site has anything to do with the new 9900's.


Previously, the site said there were 8 Results, but only showed 6 phones, the 4 that are showing now, + two Bold 9650s. Now it says there are 6 Results but shows only 4.

It's the persistence of those 2 missing phones even after they took the Bold off the website that I think means the new Bold is coming.


finally......!! thank you lord


Kevin, I'm in Wpg! Share the Crackberry love.... :P

Kevin Michaluk

phone around! should be able to get at some future shops tomorrow


hey kev, dose rogers use the same bands as att?


Share the love with a friendly neighbor to the south (Minnesota) and send me an unlocked 9900. ;-)


Congratulations, Kevin. I am just jealous I can't get one.

Thanks for the video.


I'm in loveeeeee!!!!!


Love the enthusiasm Kevin. I'll be just as stoked when I get mine. Just got to get Verizon on the same team. I guess that's what happens when a carrier runs to another platform, they don't get the RIM love. Well, enjoy and please put it through the standard stress tests. I'm eager to see what this bad boy can do.


Did you get any of them off contract?


only 180mb of application memory ??? are we sure about this ?

Kevin Michaluk

yep. at least on this OS build anyways.  GF's 9900 is the same, as is bla1ze's


awww lucky you Kevin !!! now i have to w8 for my torch by august 12 !, BTW Kevin your Lord what do you think about the APP space ?? good or bad ?


That is the best looking Bold to date! Cant wait till i get my hand on one.


That is the best looking Bold to date! Cant wait till i get my hand on one.


That is the best looking Bold to date! Cant wait till i get my hand on one.


That is the best looking Bold to date! Cant wait till i get my hand on one.


That is the best looking Bold to date! Cant wait till i get my hand on one.


That is the best looking Bold to date! Cant wait till i get my hand on one.


That is the best looking Bold to date! Cant wait till i get my hand on one.


Straight ballin" , Rogers retention, your getting a call tomorrow morning!

Kevin Michaluk

yeah, i was kind of surprised to see that while recording. will see if it changes with an OS update. gotta play with it and see what rogers loaded up too, etc.


Very, Very nice. You definitely have some "JUICE". After your a little more familar with it, you have to let us know if you can get rid of an Rogers bloatware and if it helps out with the RAM.

I have to tell you, I appreciate all that you do for the legions and legions of Crackberry addicts and fans. is the very first page I check out in the morning and the last page I go to before I go to bed. I am one of the ones that eat and sleep Blackberry. No other device shall come Blackberry, as long as RIM is in business and standing on its own.


Very excited to get his unit, been bothering my Telus rep for weeks about it :)
Any indication on wifi hotspot capability to make it the perfect complement to my PlayBook? I've been holding off on getting a Telus mifi device in the hopes that this one does. (early marketting literature suggested it did but have not seen confirmation as of yet.)


Looks great, but, the 188MB was a buzkill. Not liking that. (It definitely seems odd that it would be so low.)


Soo this answer may be somewhere in these many comments, but, anyone have any idea as to when this bold and the new torch phones will be released in the US??


Does the BB 9900 support Wifi HotSpot? Yes or No? Would like to see what new BB's are coming to Mobilicity.

No BB Drone

Yes that's what I want to know. And how does it browse. Because the 188 mb for apps thing is a real turnoff and if wifi personal hotspot is not included aswell , I will jump ship to iphone 5. Because that just shows that RIM will never learn. And why are their releases such a mess??

If a Iphone or samsung or htc is dropping you will know for weeks what the release date is. Now people were still guessing and just betting on and lucking on finding phones here and there. What kind of company is this?


CBK curious question...
is the CB decal on your now old bold a customized thing? I'd love that on the back on my soon to be new bold.

Kevin Michaluk

it's called a Coveroo. Get em from they even have the crackberry logo in their catalog:


Wow! Only around 1 min to startup! I just clocked my 8900 on OS5 at just over 7 minutes. I'm pretty stoked for that kind of increase when I get my hands on a 9900.

One question Kevin (or anyone else who has gotten their hands on one):

Which headset does this come with? Is it the high quality premium pair, or the lower-quality triangular ones?


Ive been really excited for an unboxing vid as one of the few things we still didnt know about the bold was how it would be packaged.


nice. can't wait to get one. my husband has never seen an unboxing video. his response: this guy is a spaz." I said, it's kevin. he's excited. you should have seen him when he first used the playbook. his hands were shaking. lol ;)


thats garbage...att needs to get on the ball here


I can't wait for Sprint to get this!> Can the touch screen be locked so it doesn't activate in a pocket?


188MB left for apps? OS and pre-installed apps take up 600MB? That can't be right. Maybe Rogers pre-loaded LOTS of apps on it?

Please update/explain/expound.

I'm not trolling or balking; still getting it day one, when it hits T-mobile, but only having 188MB would be very disappointing.

Gratz on new 9900s, Kevin. I think I'll go down to TMO store and see if they have any hiding in the back!



Bob G

No 9900 from AT&T until November, but Vancouver's a 3 hour drive away ... I wonder if this will cause another riot. :P


awesome phone! today is aug 9 when I watched this. it was in today's blog, but the unboxing showed june 29th? I did not know it was out that long?


I really hope this isnt plagued with the double keystroke entry that the 9780 had, i had 3 9780s and had the same problem with all of them, supposed to b the best keyboard in the world!!!! Hmm i dont think so......


Hey Kev, when are you putting up another review? Im dying here...just got back from Rogers and they wouldnt even let me touch the 9810 or 9900 and the two chicks working there were playing with them saying how cute they were, i almost lost


Sooo jealous but you of all people deserve firsts!


looking really good, hope they come really soon to wind mobile cuz i can't wait to get my hands on this:DD


Come on AT&T! You know I'm anxiously anticipating my new Torch 9810!



damn you and whoever got those today are lucky give my big toe for one...not my thumb because i would need that for typing on that biotch


WOW I feel old w/ my 9650!


a) nerdy-est video ever, you sound like the guy from Superbad..

b) why do you need 4 of them?

c) the back looks ugly compared to iphone 4

d) not impressed, the memory space is disgraceful


b) I thought he explained that quite clearly already.
c) How much time do you spend looking at the back of your phone lol.
d) Who knows what's pre loaded on those phones. You're jumping to conclusions after the first un-boxing. But to be honest, I've used 64mb total with 21 applications, and can't imagine putting 200% more applications on my phone and actually using them.


So they are really out.
Wow, that is early ..... thought that next week was the first day.
And a few stores sold out? Wonder if they are going to do some inner store transfers.

John Yester

@ 5:50 in the video he has to confirm the date. Which is why it was off by one day.


congrats with the new phone ... enjoy it :-)


@kevin from crackberry:

Pls do a comparison btw the iphone 4 with Ios 5 and Blackberry bold 9900:
-retina display
-phone contact. go into detail on how much you can customize this with fields/labels


About Memory Issue:

Just like this, Kevin told us that the BB was used by the guys at rogers.
Maybe they load up a lot of app into it. maybe they record video on the memory of the device (does est device memory??). I dunno. but anyhow....i would not give a crap for 200mo for app..since they all are around 1-2 mo....

I'd like to see kevin's update on the phone he gave to his mom / GF / ADAM

Kevin Michaluk

GF's phone and Bla1ze's phone are both at ~180 megs of app storage as well.  so no just mine.


I laugh for ghits and siggles when I read people complaining about the memory space. I have no idea what these people have planned for their devices, but no one needs to run BlueRay quality video games on any mobile device of that size nor do they need a ridiculous amount of applications sitting around as display icons.

If anyone begs to differ then go for it. But on a lighter note, a number of BlackBerry applications are relatively small and I feel you can fit a good number of applications on this thing and still not get the hour glass. We'll see, can't wait, there is a number of applications I would love to have on one device without having to uninstall/install constantly.


And lol @ kevin's 6gb card.




Did you not watch the video? It has a light around when he turns it off.

Kevin Michaluk







Riddle me this Kevin - how are the buttons that are now flush (call/menu/back/hangup)? Do they feel stiff like the 9300? I gots to know!


It looks good, but I really want the 9810.


It is available on T-mobile Netherlands to :D


There seem to be a short list of questions being asked a million times:
1. What's the deal on the built in memory? Why so small?
2. WiFi hot spot?
3. Image quality from the camera? MACRO in particular.
4. Battery life
5. What are the improvements in web browsing?

If you can answer questions on these issues, you will have resolved the vast majority of questions. Most of the other stuff seems to be very similar to the previous bold 9650 ... only faster.


Do you have to remove the battery to access the MICRO SD???

Looks like that's a no. It is right above the top of the battery.


The battery is in the way - it will not allow you to remove/insert a MicroSD while the battery is installed in the device.


well that sux :(, though it does boot up pretty darn fast.

The Consigliere

Congrats Kevin, I wish I could have seen the clerk's face when you told him/her that you'll take all four! LOL. I definitely have to check when I can upgrade because this phone looks awesome, not a big touchscreen fan but this one definitely has changed my mind with the added full keyboard.


awesome to see the phones are finally rolling out...i cant wait to get my Bold 9930


Ahh what a day , I visited two different stores in the GTA ( Bovaird / Mclaughlin ) ( Hwy 7 / Dixie ) and nobody would give it out at an outright price to me :(

According to Rogers Reps. that should not be an issue , really confused :s

Can someone help me out ?



I went to the rogers store inside bramalea city centre. in and out in under 5 minutes


Lol I like the tone in Kevin's voice when he discovers only 188 megabytes for apps.


Kev What case you gonna put on that bold?


I want this sweet candy now.


i was soo looking forward to this phone but i saw that they took away the top 2 buttons the one for lock and mute =/ real buzzkill for me since im always using pandora and music and its nice to use that to turn it off =(


Hasn't this button just been moved to the side? between the volume keys?




omg i love how u just throw everything all over =))

btw, when are you gona ship one to trinidad for me kev? 8-|



On Verizon's website, when filtering smartphones by BlackBerry OS, it used to say 8 Results, but only show 6 pictures. Now it says 6 Results, but only shows 4 pictures: Curve 9330, Curve 9330 pre-owned, Storm 2 9550 and Curve 8530 pre-owned.

Looks like the two Bold 9650 (one w/out camera) are no longer for sale, so we should see at least the Bold 9900 very soon.


I need a write up? Tell me EVERYTHING this phone can do. The guys at work all want an upgrade. I'm sure that they will do almost anything for these phones ....


OMG! OMG! OMG! you are sooooo lucky! anyone willing to buy a kick-ass blackberry lovin' girl an early birthday present this is at the top of my list! my b-day is 8-12! wink wink! i am so jealous! your mom and girlfriend are SO lucky! :)


Hey Kevin, is the personal hotspot function on the BB7?


Congrats Kevin !!!! Can't wait for your updates on the device. I am stuck here with AT&T and hope they release it soon.


ONLY 188.9mb of App memory! I thought they were going to make the entire hard drive (8GB) app avail. I'm so disappointed, at least give us a FULL Gig for crying out loud. Now i really don't know if I want to buy these new BB. Hopefully the 9860 has more memory for Apps since they only put 4GB of Hard drive memory!


Glad BlackBerry included a (pseudo) leather holster.

Hope that the Torch 9810 and 9850 will also include a leather holster also!
(I feel they all should include a protective leather holster for these Premium devices)!


188MB of Application Storage???

188MB was too little application storage for devices built in 2009.

My biggest issue with my current Blackberry is application storage space. Yes the device is slow, yes the screen is small, yes the browser is worthless rubbish BUT the thing that causes me problems almost everyday is the app storage space.

My email is set to be retained for 30 days but that doesn't happen because the device silently deletes emails when it runs low on space. I have multiple email accounts and because I use a number of IMAP accounts as well I can't just search the server in every case. Plus I travel abroad a lot so the email needs to be on the phone. This issue has caused me REAL problems while travelling.

I constantly have to uninstall apps to make room for others which means that I can't get the most out of the device and still emails get deleted.

Now even though the new device comes with 8GB of storage only 188MB of that is available for applications and email, etc, etc?

Thanks RIM your stupidity knows no bounds. This will NOT be the upgrade for my Bold and if this trend is followed with the other new devices it will be time to move on for sure like so many others have done already.

BTW some of you seem to be confusing the 768MB of RAM which is used for running the OS and the apps with the 8GB of storage, which is used to hold the ROM image, the apps, the data already on the phone, the 188MB of free application storage and the 6.2GB of media storage.


Firstly, with these new BBs, they are no slow, the browser is faster than iOS, and some people don't want/need a small tv screen as a phone.

You don't seem to understand how BBOS works either - the 768 RAM stores and runs the OS and apps, the 8gb (which seems inexplicably to be 6.2) is media storage, and there was no micro sd card for extra media storage included by rogers.


I just finished setting up my 9900... gosh it's such a sexy beast of a phone. Took hours at the store to get it (some account discrepancies care of a 4 year old mistake Rogers made) but after that, all was well. Installed all my apps, everything is still running incredibly smooth. I'm in LOVE with this phone.


What phone did you have before this one?

If you like it ....... quick, tell your friend to get one as well.


I had a 9700 before this, and a 9000 before that. And I've already convinced at least one iPhone4 user to nab one of the new BBs (likely a 9900) - but he's not on Rogers so he has to play the waiting game a bit longer.


omg i want this phone soooo bad. does anyone know when MTS will be getting them?? is there an unlock code for this bold yet??


Website say:

Room to spareMemory: 768MB RAM, 8 GB eMMC
Expandable memory: Up to 32 GB uSD card(optional)


Is it a for sure thing that AT&T is getting it in November?:(


Capture with confidence5 MP camera
HD video recording (720p)
4X Digital Zoom
Face detection and Image Stabilization
Zero shutter lag
Multiple scene modes

GSM Talk Time: up to 6.3 hours
GSM Standby Time: up to 12.8 days
UMTS Talk Time: up to up to 5.9 hours
UMTS Standby Time: up to 12.8 days
Audio Playback Time: up to 50 hours
Video Playback Time: up to 7.4 hours

Wi-Fi: 802.11 2.4 GHz b/g/n, 5GHz a/n
Wi-Fi® access to BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
Wi-Fi access to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle
Direct IP web browsing over Wi-Fi

Near Field Communication:
Operating Modes: accessory pairing and smart tag reading/writing

Find your way
Integrated GPS
Includes BlackBerry® Maps

Type and navigate
with easeCapacitive touch screen
Optical trackpad
ESC key to the right of trackpad
Menu key to the left of trackpad
35 key backlit keyboard
Dedicated keys: Send, End (Power), Menu, Escape, Camera (user customizable, convenience key), Volume Up/Down (Fwd/Rwd for media, Zoom for camera), Mute (Play/Pause for media), Lock (top center)

Powerful performanceProcessor: QC 8655 1.2GHz
Room to spareMemory: 768MB RAM, 8 GB eMMC
Expandable memory: Up to 32 GB uSD card(optional)

Live loudly
3.5mm stereo headset capable
Integrated hands-free speakerphone


bogus, another fake! when is this really coming out??

lol, jk


How much money does this dude have haha!


I can tell you he has more than 2481.48 lmao unless hes workin some MAD deals with the rogers guys haha


AT&T you have a few weeks until I put my money into Rogers pockets.

But for the most part, I'm super excited, even more excited that it actually comes with a pseudo-leather holster. Can't wait, will call AT&T tomorrow and see what I can discover on their end, I've been holding on my upgrade since February! Will report back if I get any good news.


188mb for apps, RIM YOU SUCK!!! apps will grow in size as the apps get better. they better update the OS to allow apps to go on the included 8 gb of memory.


Now,Can't wait for the full review by CrackBerry...what the pictures looks like,HD video,different games on liquid screen..etc!
Ooooh,man I so want this phone,but who knows when will it be avAilable on my carrier!? :(


"188.9mb free app space" O.o i've got 256.9mb free space after installing 10 app on my 9780 lol smh


189.9mb free app space. ROFL!!!!!


yaay....just got info from reliable sources...BB 9900 launching on 12-08-2011 in india.


lol, Kevin is like a kid at Christmas, hands fumbling racing through the unwrapping & voice shaking in anticipation, a true Crackberrian :) I remember trying the 9000 and in a quick test run could type perfectly on it. But, it was a bit heavy, felt more like for a man. Didn't want to switch carriers to get one, so struggled with the ever shrinking keyboards after that. I like that this has a tad more real estate, so keyboard should be a breeze. And the thinner, lightweight design is nice. I'm due for an upgrade, and am weighing options. Wonder if/when it will reach VZW?


Pretty disturbing the 1 minute reboot time. I'm sure the phone had very few apps installed. My Storm 2 would reboot in that much time if it were factory out of the box. Like I said about these new BlackBerry phones- let me see how they do with 25 apps loaded onto them. Lets see if the OS stumbles and stalls and freezes like the rest of the OS do.


I dont get it. I have 21 apps installed on my Torch 9800 and it has 248 MB left. Thats a mass of application storage I'll never need - by far. So whats the problem with that 188 MB? Thats only a number.


Nice. Can't wait to see your review.


That's awesome, but i think 188 MB of Applicationspace is really small.


Is it possible to turn of the touch screen?


No autofocus, no hotspot, low memory, great


C'mon AT&T! Can't wait to get this in my hands :)


Kevin, I feel your excitement. I was super excited watching your video unboxing of the Bold. I can only hope Sprint will release it soon. Can't wait to get my paws on that thing!!!!!


Thanks Kevin, that unboxing was great.


Hey, did it have little nibs on it for a charging dock? I saw some but it looked like they were on the top of the back???


Kevin!! if you dont need your Bold 9870 may i pleeeeaaaase have it? i really need a new one! Thanks


i called T-Mobile USA about the release date, they said that is to be determined....for me this phone is looking like a October release. might as well buy it from ebay!!


Sorry. I bought one from Rogers. Used it for the day then returned it omy way home.

A few gripes.

1. When holding it if any condensation occurs the back becomes slippery causing it to slip in your hand. At least for me it did. Was becoming annoying. Didn't matter ion environmental conditions I couldn't see myself using it for long periods of time.

2. When using the jog wheel to scroll on a webp page. If you scroll off the pad onto the screen the cursor would move to the bottom of the screen causing you to have to scroll more. It would be nice to have an option to turn the touch screen off.

3. The device froze a few times in the browser. Not a lot but enough for me to have to stop and wait for it to stabilize.

4. The screen while nice is too small to be used a lot for me. I can get around pretty quick with the trackpad. Hence it would be nice to turn the touch on and off would have been nice.

As for os 7 it's pretty snappy and fast. A much needed improvement. But if you have a 9780 I don't see the need to upgrade as of yet unless you need a new device.

Hope this helps some of you.


I got to play with one today . They just came into the store . They look great . The screen is nice and sharp with out being to bright . I hope there not going to be too expensive on contract .


Got mine today & WOW!!! Its a thing of beauty... typing on it gets addictive... the touch screen is an A-mazing addition... & the interface is so snappy & quick. Its a great device!!!!


I have MANY apps on my Torch 9800, and I STILL have 244.1 MB left for additional apps. I still WANT the 9900, but straight out of the box and only 188 left????? I see a problem here.


lol if you have 244 MB left I can't help but think you aren't really installing that many apps anyway soooo whats wrong with 190 mb? This isn't a competition to see who can have the emptiest phone.
If you said your Torch only has 40mb left for apps because you install literally everything, yeah I can see how there would be a problem ;) haha


all rogers BB devices they are branded all over with their stupid logos. I'm with bell and I just got my BB Bold 9900 and has absolutely no branding what so ever on the phone or even when you turn on the device.


Lets Go Rim.....We Got This All The way.. Home Run For we need to make peace with android and combine to defeat the forbidden apple


why there is no one for me :(


I don't know if this has been cleared up but I think a few people are confused about what RAM is... The page Kevin is looking at says "Application STORAGE" as in Flash memory dedicated for installing apps... not RAM. RAM is for running apps not storing them. Since my 9700 is telling me i have 7mb left right now, yeah I'll take 190mb
Unlike the PlayBook I don't see anywhere on OS 6 that shows available RAM. OS 7 might be different but I know there are apps to show you this kind of information.
ALSO: the 6.0 GB is NOT a memory card that is the internal space meaning of the 8gb internal storage, after formatting and OS space 6.2 GB is left for everything else.
For some reason it says "Media Card is not presently inserted in the device" ... must have needed a reboot before it picked it up or something...
Anyway great unboxing... Thanks now I want this even more haha


Kevin, where's your latest classy tablemat?