BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9860, Torch 2 9810, and Curve 9360 coming to TELUS in August/September?

By Michelle Haag on 11 Jul 2011 05:14 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bold 9900

Though still not officially announced, it's pretty clear that the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60, Torch 2 9810, and Curve 9360 are out there and will be available before you know it. We've been taunted with pictures of the devices, a leaked line-up from Bell, and all sorts of rumors and speculation, and today the folks over at MobileSyrup got even more news. Confirming what we saw in a picture a while back, it looks like TELUS is on board with these devices. According to an unnamed source, the following dates are tentatively scheduled:

  • BlackBerry Torch 9810 – August 19th
  • BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 – August 18 or 19th
  • BlackBerry Torch 9860 – August 26th
  • BlackBerry “Bellagio” (possibly Curve 9360) – TBD – Late September
"Bellagio" is a code name we haven't heard before, but as with all code names we see BlackBerry devices wear before launch, it doesn't necessarily indicate that's what it will be sold as. These dates are just a little over a month away, who's getting excited?!

Source: MobileSyrup
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BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9860, Torch 2 9810, and Curve 9360 coming to TELUS in August/September?


Makes no difference, just buy it from one of the other Canadian GSM carriers. It'll cost ya full price but hey -- no contract.

Yeah but Bla1ze I try that with the storm 2. got it unlocked and I was only able to get edge no 3g. Is this different please explain. Thanks!

You are right. With "smart phones", if the device is NOT supported by the service provider, some or even all servers of the phone may not work. Also, think about the service books.

I took Bold 9700 to South Asia for my uncle and it works with BIS there but BBM is not working because the service provider has no support for some reason.

The Storm 2 was a CDMA phone, back from when Bell/Telus had a CDMA network and Rogers was GSM. You were using the international roaming features of the Storm 2, which only supported 3G on international bands.

Bell/Telus have since switched to UMTS/HSPA which is the same 3G technology as Rogers uses. Additionally, they're using the same bands. The newer Telus/Bell phones are completely compatible with Rogers.

That is correct -- they all run the same bands so a device bought from one will ultimately work on all when it comes to Bell, TELUS and Rogers.

This stinks for Sprint and for the Bold Touch. We might not be getting that device on Sprint until October or November :(

I hope I don't get impatient and settle for a torch or curve

"BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 – August 18 or 19th"

I want a Bold Touch 9900. My birthday is August 19th... I'm seeing some kind of connection here...

The fact that I live in Las Vegas makes me tempted just to get the "Bellagio" even though it probably won't be named that. It's a pretty cool name and one of my favorite casinos on the strip!

Am I missing something in terms of these phones? Why is everyone looking so forward to BB7 when QNX is literally around the corner and RIM has indicated that these phones will not be able to upgrade to QNX when it get's released, presumably, early next year.

I'm not trying to be a downer or negative towards these phones, but I just dont understand why there is so much excitement for a product that seems to be based on an outdated OS when one compares it to the robustness and potentail of what could occur next year.

Ajajajjaja... are u new to the BlackBerry / RIM world? you go ahead and wait for it, but please don't wait standing, go get a chair dude, lol...

Oh please, I've been with RIM since their very first phone. I just dont see the point of upgrading to an OS that is already out of date, ancient and archaic when in less than a year, if reports are to be believed, QNX will be made available. I'll stick with my 9780 for the next while in the hopes that RIM will actually release something for the 21st century and not the 19th. Now where's my chair dude :)

Not only that, even if they manage to release QNX phones early next year (I highly doubt it), looking at the current PlayBook state (which I use and like a lot BTW) and RIM's molasses development approach, the first generation QNX phones will be missing tons of features and terribly buggy. It will probably be until the 2nd or even 3rd generation that you will be able to compare BB7 with QNX in terms of functionality / features and apps availability...

I really hope I'm wrong and QNX brings a new age for RIM where updates can fix bugs without breaking 5 other things like it currently happens BB6, literally seems like a hit and miss with every release...

For some, they are on 3 year old devices and don't want to wait,
For others, they realize even with QNX around the corner, there won't be a 9000 form factor device from RIM for at least 9 months, they would be hurting their distribution chanels doing that.
For myself, my upgrade cycle is once a year minimum, so QNX phones are far to far away as I have yet to get a 2011 BB!!

QNX phones will be exciting for sure, but I love OS6 though, so OS7 excites me, will QNX first release be all that? Or will it be like the Torch at US release? I would be happy to have a new device NOW! For 6 months and not be dying to have one when QNX launches.

Non working mobile phone for me = missed mortgage payments, so I like being able to wait if I can

hahahahah u beat me to it. i was gonna say the same thing. "get it while its hot, because the next batch will be awhile" lmao

Bold 9900! And I'll be into the last 6 months of my contract meaning that I'm up for renewal and hopefully a nice upgrade offer :)

Cool... so, BestBuy Mobile RIM rep was right after all. The word of the street here in Canadian mobile retailer is that RIM and their partners are targeting what they called "back to school" season.

Waiting for a QNX device? SMH, Bring on the Bold Touch 9900 aka Bellagio aka my next device. As far as QNX based BB's; I will cross that bridge when the time gets here :o)

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't considering the QNX devices, but seeing how long its taking to get this damn bold 9900 in my hands; I say forget that!!!! Bold 9900 it is... I need this thing like YESTERDAY!!!! Bring it on already!

Excellent. This probably means they'll be landing at SasktTel about the same time. I'm really loving the 9860, but I'm leaning towards the 9810 just for the slide out keyboard.

I think we'll be lucky to see QNX on RIM handsets by the end of 2012, so if you're going to hang in with RIM anyway, might as well get that new Bold or Torch 2 that you've got your eye on! Plus it will help keep RIM around until QNX is ready...

I don't like Telus, but that would be a great birthday I'd the bold dropped on the 18th, but then I would have to ship it to Australia :)

I HATE Billus... Unfornunatly, I'm i the oilfield, and there is no service like telus service. Rogers is non existent "deep in the bush" I've been with Tulus for coming up 20 years, and would like to burn 'em to the ground for gouging. we need another quality provider that has the same coverage in the same areas or better! just sayin'

well if you want a keyboard the 9900 is the phone to have when qnx is released next year it might be onlky all touch at the begining

I wonder when the Torch 2 will be released in the UK, it looks like the 9900 is a global or semi global launch, hopefully it will be the same for the Torch 2.

I'm so excited for the new BlackBerry. It looks like an amazing phone - the touch screen should be super easy & way more convenient to use! Can't wait! So happy it's coming out with my carrier.