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BlackBerry Bold 9900 spotted in white?

White BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Bla1ze on 9 Oct 2011 03:41 pm EDT

We're forced to take this one with a grain of salt but what you see above is purpoted to be an official BlackBerry Bold 9900 in white. It is said to of have been spotted at a technical exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates but as of now no carrier nor RIM has officially stated it will be coming. It could be after market parts, or it could be the real deal considering this is not the first time we've heard of such things. Either way, after market parts, custom or real -- I want one.

Source: Berry-WD via: @Adhamghamdi



At least this one has a Black Trackpad. lol


That looks beautiful, so fresh and so clean, uh.


OMG! I'm from Dubai and I'm going for this exhibition tomorrow! I hope I spot it!


Given that my brand new 9900 got nuked and is still under repair, I just might :p!


Its got a gold trim, im going to guess its a present for someone powerful.


i think u need to check your screen...thats silver to me


Want! I bet it only comes to T-Mobile though.


It better come to T-Mobile. It is SO amazing looking now I just need to see pics of a black and white otterbox commuter for it


I want to see what the backs like


Come on!! Black trackpad?!!


Apparently the optics don't work if it's white.


After all they had the last white Bold... Trim looks sliver not gold though @crackberrytorch9800


Ya It's just not on AT&T !


Maybe that's what AT&T was wait for. Now they have a white one. So AT&T can put it out.


They would right after I got my bold.


I'm going to say if it comes to Canada it will be Rogers exclusive. Also, not hard to believe that a white 9900 exists as the 9780 and 9700 both were sold in black and white.


What about the two circles near the earpiece ? Is one a front facing camera ?


No, one is the LED, one is the light sensor
We have them on the Black Bold 9900

the brother

Yeah your touchscreen devices require a proximity senso to prevent cheek dialing....


No, one is the LED, one is the light sensor
We have them on the Black Bold 9900


Maybe this is why AT&T hasn't released it yet.


Where's the "BlackBerry" lettering that's supposed to be on top of the screen? :/

the brother

Yeah I call bullshit on this for the same reason. The BB name has to be there or it's bogus.

Might cum in white when the 9910 rolls out next year but not until then.


Have to agree! When I noticed it was missing,I realized could be fake. Plus,the shape of the keyboard looks a bit too edgy to me too. Not sure if that's how the keys really look on the real 9900 but something about this just looks a bit off to me.


I prefer this more than the black one !


Makes me glad I waited. This is what I wanted.


BlackBerry should be in black...IMHO

This is whiteberry :))


I've always wanted a white one. I jumped on the 9780 bandwagon right away and only was a black available. Got the 9900 right away and there was only a black available. They need to ship the white phones at launch alongside the black - I honestly bet it would boost the sales.


Once again another failure in the marketing departments division to understad and to produce what the people want.


This is what I'm talking about.. Wanna see how the back looks.. But white bold soon? Might wanna pick up one for myself


Very sexy in white maybe att is gonna release both colors since phones hardly get released at the same time in multiple colors I was surprised the 9810 got two options from launch but then again the white version only had a few small changes. OS 7 is really nice I must say I can't decide if I want to keep my torch or get the 9900 once att decides to release it


I wanna see the back. But it looks pretty amazing in that pic haha


Its also in a special display case. I think it was modified to be white. If Blackberry made that it would have the "Blackberry" logo under the ear speaker.


On the black 99xx it says "space" on the space key of the keyboard, but in this one it only shows the bracket like line instead.


Can't even fake, this looks bad a$$. But the space button is weird


Can't even fake, this looks bad a$$. But the space button is weird


So now we got color options but AT&T can't release just one of them?


I bet you every carrier will get this before AT&T releases the black one lol


I have to agree with you. The next generation of BlackBerry phones will be out before AT&T release it. It is a shame. I am so disappointed. Being month to month I will just wait and see what happens. My 9800 is still clicking along.


I still don't like white BBerrys, they're called BLACKberries for a reason, white just seems unprofessional.


I still don't like white BBerrys, they're called BLACKberries for a reason, white just seems unprofessional.


Comes complete with fairy wand, a my lil pony and pixie dust for you girls!


Doesn't look that bad..

vodafone user

anyway, I believe the whiteberry will be released in October and it will be released in Dubai Soon ...
and here in uk .. amazon will lunch it on 14 of Oct.

I'm gonna buy the white version


it's released in Dubai

I'll be getting one in the next week


interesting, still prefer the black version :)

but I like how the secondary keys are in red?

wouldn't mind if blackberry went back to having their numbers in red again.


I know I'm lovin' my white 9810. I don't care what you guys have to say about a White BlackBerry! They totally rock!



Looks nice and all...but IMHO, it looks like a toy. No frets between each rows of keys on the keyboard?


As others have said no  logo-means its not official, but its nice to dream!


I am on T-Mobile and I have this phone I actually got week after release, it looks much more sleek. I have the red rubber case for it, AWESOME!


You replaced the faceplate and keys?


ahhh...i see this right after i ordered the white 4S. i couldn't wait for the whit BB so i left for the white iPhone >:(


This may not be the real deal because they customize devices in the Middle East and sell them for higher prices. I live in Qatar and they have customized 9700s here.


That isn't a normal BB box. And judging by those two straps on the side, I'm guessing that Bold came along with a pen as well. So I'm guessing this is a custom job as a gift to someone.


Looks nice but still would be waiting for an all black Bold 9900, kinda like the 9780...


That bezel looks rounded to me instead of the flatish look of the 99XX......


I had the last Bold for AT&T in white, but I had to get after market keyboard to be able to get the arabic and english on the keyboard.


cant wait for this to be released in the U.S


Not real.
I guess I'm the only one who noticed that the
space bar is wrong.


its not real yet but i guess this is a blackberry bold for developers in dubai or whatever but this pic is giving us an idea on how the white bold 9900 is gonna look like and i cant wait for it to be release in north america (canada).. its gonna make me wanna pick up one


Now all we need is a blackberry 9860 in white or maybe a nice bashe color and were set

White BB are the best!!!


Am i the only person that also see's two slots on the front maybe an led an possibly a front facing camera? O.o


i call BS on this one. Even though it may be coming, every spacebar on an official BB i've seen has said "Space".