BlackBerry Bold 9900 simulator surfaces online

By Jared DiPane on 29 May 2011 08:45 pm EDT

Bold 9900

Since not all of us were able to attend BlackBerry World this year that means that we all had to live out the Bold 9900, and OS7 through our computer screens by watching hands on videos from those who were lucky enough to play with it. If you have been dying to get your hands on OS7 and see how it differs from OS6, and to get a little alone time with the 9900, you can now simulate that relationship with the device simulator. So, if you aren't out with the family at a bbq, or doing something else this Memorial Day weekend give it a download and check it out for yourself.

    Click here to download the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Device Simulator 
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      BlackBerry Bold 9900 simulator surfaces online


      Go to programs,and you will see a folder named Research in having so much fun with this simulator!!!!!!

      It works on my Mac. I'm running bootcamp. It's nice albeit there are some uncaught exceptions and stuff - too bad you can't simulate your actual bbm and email via BIS.

      Yeah that would be nice eh? I remember trying that on the 9700 simulator before it was released.

      People... stop complaining that it doesnt run on mac os, playbook, ipad or whatever device besides a window computer you are trying to run it on, .exe file = windows for now...

      warning.... i just attempted to download this file. Norton flagged and deleted the file as a "medium risk" as well as "there are many indications that this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe".

      i will be interested if anyone has a similar experience.

      Norton says that about a lot of files. Winamp is also a "risk" according to Norton.

      Cant wait to get home and try it out :D but that is still another 8 hours as I'm on my way to work now :(

      Norton has become the crappiest AV program ever.. so bloated and the internet security takes complete control of the system. It wouldn't even let someone's computers connect to each other. And even stopping the service and disabling it... it still was running and actively blocking. A few other computers I was working on would take literally an hour to boot up... Uninstalled Norton and Voila started right up (granted I found out that newer versions do a boot scan)but it's a huge resource hog. Get Avast. It's free and does the same crap Norton does... and they update more often.

      I just tried it and it was kinda buggy.. I don't see what is so special about this, it is literally like playing with OS6 with a keyboard and mouse. All of the special cool features of OS7 is going to be involving some of the additional hardware that a computer cannot utilize.. Idk IMO this is just ridiculously pointless and just another stall :P

      When I try to open it, it says: CatFail (0x 119E401F3) If I click on Ignore it Says: CatFail (0x 19E401B2) if I ignore again it says: Access violation reading from 0x00000000


      After you install the simulator you can access it under Start Menu > All Programs > Research In Motion > Blackberry Smartphone Simulators 6.1.0 > > 9900.

      i keep getting an "Error 104" and the white screen of death like on my pearl form 5 years ago lol. That's terrible.

      I just downloaded it and the first thing I did was open BBM and add my pin as a went under the pending category and I clicked on my pin (in pending) and found you can customize BBM colors...try it out, thats cool.

      I also tried updating BlackBerry app world, Twitter, and Podcasts those worked as well

      After playing with this for a little while now, I think the device looks like the 9780. It doesn't have the 9000's chrome border thing, but it does have the smoothed top like the 9780/9700. Could this possibly be the 9790??

      I was thinking the same thing it does resemble a 9780/ doesnt look like the 9900 at all...........

      The device in the simulator is running on OS6, thats definitely not the 9900........gonna uninstall the simulator now

      Its actually running on But really whats the difference between 6.1 and 7.0? All they did was call an apple, an orange.