The BlackBerry Bold 9900 makes a return to ShopBlackBerry in North America

By James Richardson on 9 Jun 2014 07:11 am EDT

Here's an odd one - The good old BlackBerry Bold 9900 has appeared once again in ShopBlackBerry. Currently the device is available for pre-order only, with shipments expected to be despatched around June 18th.

Don't get me wrong - the 9900 was an awesome powerhouse for those of us that wanted the best communication device on the market, but that was a few years back. Where I find things a little strange is that the device is priced at $399 - the same as the BlackBerry Q10 which runs BlackBerry 10 and in my opinion does everything better.

What would be interesting to find out is whether the Bold 9900 is being manufactured once again or if it is just old stock that BlackBerry are trying to shift. Either way - I think there needs to be a price incentive for both consumers and business users to stay with BlackBerry 7 instead of moving forward with the times.

What are your thoughts on this one?

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The BlackBerry Bold 9900 makes a return to ShopBlackBerry in North America


I really hope BlackBerry considers carrying CDMA or globally compatible devices in Shop BlackBerry at some point.

Bold 9900 after 3+ years of daily heavy use is still better at communications (email composition, making phone calls, no missing/double/triple contact bug, etc. etc.)
No "double typing" issue to speak of either!

Bold 9900 is hands down the best communicator device according to CrackBerry.

I hope the upcoming Classic Bold with BB10 will migrate the complete Bold 9900 experience, along with a large capacity *removable* battery!
(Just swap in a 2nd battery and you're good to go.
No recharging dongles to hold you back.)

I can't agree with the sentiments voiced by w0qj. I migrated from a Bold 9900 series to a Q10. I could never go back. Never. I'd miss the 4G radio, BlackBerry Hub, gesture-based navigation, increased support for the IMAP protocol (including folders!), Android app runtime, larger screen, larger keyboard.... the Q10 is the best QWERTY BlackBerry yet. It may be surpassed by the Q20 running BB 10.3, but that ain't available yet!

@seascape, agreed. And the better camera, a rear camera, better battery life, HDMI out, useful browser (whereas 9900's is useless)... theres just no comparison imo.

Never had an issue with my 9900. For me, the Q10 was a clear downgrade.

Yay, now I can play stupid racing games on a tiny screen and side load poorly functioning Android apps whoopie. Doesn't matter that I lost BlackBerry Protect's features not to mention simple PIM backup and customizable sound profiles.

Might not be as flashy but in terms of "getting things done" my 9900 was a much better communication device than my of the jack-of-all-trades, master at none, Q10.

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I miss the trackpad, and typing REALLY fast on the 9900.
I don't miss BIS, but I'll take the bad with the good.
Weirdly I also miss Facebook Messenger, which worked really well (for me) on the 9900.

My double typing is terrible. Renders the Q10 unusable., sadly.

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I had a 9930 which developed a double typing issue with the "c" key (the "9" key was similarly impacted. The issue was ultimately resolved when the device bricked.

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+1000 !
Still using my 9900. Can't quite come at the Q10 despite hours of play in stores. Can't wait for the Classic to arrive. I'm aware how much faster the new generation of phones is.

The only double typing I get is also on the period button but I think it's because I inadvertently hit the space bar twice.

Agreed. I'm bummed that they do not have the CDMA variants. I want to get a white Z30 to work on Verizon. Verizon was supposed to have it with wireless charging, but they make 0 mention of it anywhere. I even called and asked but they just denied ever having it.

My Verizon Z30 does have the wireless charging but didn't see it advertised anywhere.

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It would be nice because then I would have ShopBlackBerry pricing which is generally $100 to $200 cheaper than Verizon off-contract, depending on promotional codes, and there is the 30 day return policy.

I wonder if this means anything for the whole Bis service plans. Maybe will extend it's life longer than we thought. Some carriers have stopped making any reference to it and stopped carrying OS7 devices.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Dies no one remember that they announced that they would make another run if bold phones to tide the companies that use them over until the classic cones out? They said that they could still produce them, and produce them profitably.

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Exactly, I'd expect more informed articles from a site dedicated to BlackBerry.

Also the negative tone towards older BlackBerry devices on CrackBerry is concerning. Yea BB10 is more modern, obviously, but the BBOS devices are what started everything. And they still do alot of things better than BB10 when it comes to being productive.

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Thez10 stl100-3 is a global phone.
I can use it on any network in Canada, The Caribbean and in United Kingdom. I also used the phone in Vegas with no problem. But now that I switched to wind. I don't need to switch sim cards now because they have unlimited service in the U.S for 15/ month. And to be honest, the service network in the U.S. Is much better and reliable than the service in Canada. I love my z10 for this and will not upgrade unless I know the new phone are compatible Globally also.

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What I mean by global devices is they have every LTE band in the radio so there is only one variant. I get that the -3 covers most carriers but between variations and sales the change would be nice.

Government and enterprise are slow to change. Many companies still have Windows XP on the desktop!!

My employer has a CYOD policy. Even though a Q10 has significantly more functionality and features, whether you choose 9900 or Q10, your basically carrying a phone/email/bbm only device.

The devices are so locked down, there's no access to app store, no development mode for side loading Snap, no picture password.

In these settings 9900/Q10 is the same thing. Now you know what the BlackBerry belt is so important.

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Great device. Little expensive since we have our bb10 devices now but I'd like a new one.

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John Chen has announced the plan to re-manufacture this device a few months back. Can't believe Crackberry is surprise and does not know that.

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It was reported here at one point, but I believe Prem is right and that was either a rumor or no longer the case - I'm not able to find it anymore.

I'm only shocked at the $399 price tag. Especially when you can get the Q10 for the same price. Hopefully it comes with an upgraded processor and display

Waiting for the Z50 with 32gb of internal storage.

The price tag is fine. They should be pushing people to upgrade to the Q10 anyway, so if you're faced with the choice between either...

A cheap 9900 would not make them any money and would not help BB10 grow at all. An expensive 9900 would help drive profits for the few remaining diehards of os7 and help convince some of them to give bb10 a shot

Who is willing to pay for this the so called Q10 sales is not moving I cannot see this moving by the truck loads

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

"An expensive 9900 would help drive profits for the few remaining diehards of os7"...
that must be why os7 is outselling "BB10" 3 or 4 to 1,,, 'cuz there's only a few die hards...

Agreed, the process point is way out. I just gave my 9900 away thinking I would get a new one when BlackBerry launches. Now I get this price. Makes me regret my decision.

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Chen also announced he is bringing back the Rotary Dial and is in the process of designing a phone large enough to handle a mini dial. Chen feels this nostalgia will appeal to many users over the age of 70. Chen is allowing a handsome 65 million dollar budget towards the design. Geesh, talk about a waste of money and targeting such a small populous.

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Ok. Then, I'm confused.
If these were just old stock and not newly assembled devices, then why the months of waiting between Chen's announcement and the availability for ordering?

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Not so sure it's that weird. Last quarter BlackBerry shipped a lot more OS7 phones then BB10. If consumers aren't sure about BB10, or it doesn't have all of the features they need/want like 7 has, they'll keep buying ol' reliable. It could be a strategy to keep those consumers on board until BB10 is at the level of development needed to change these people over (ie BlackBerry classic running 10.3.1).

Basically, keep selling older devices to keep customers until you can woo them to the new devices/OS once they're released.

Keeps money coming in our door instead of Apple's.

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers but has Frenchie pics :) [/URL]

Also, "I think there needs to be a price incentive for both consumers and business users to stay with BlackBerry 7"

James may have been drunk when he wrote this.

There probably is a market for it...many of the business types are not gamers or social types...they are just communication concerned...and the 9900 does that very well...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Communications in today's world means opening attachments, being able to view them properly. Opening Word and Excel documents and editing them. While these things are possible on a 9900, it isn't nearly as easy as it is on my Z10. And with BB10 predictive text keyboard, I know my WPM has gone up greatly.

I'm going to go easy on you. Ok? In today's world, all you said is true. But not every "BUSINESS" type wants to type on glass, and spend enormous amounts of time fixing words that are spelled wrong. Not every "BUSINESS" wants to upgrade. I went to lowes last week because a buddy of mine is now the head honcho at his store. Their ordering system is still DOS based and they were hoping to go to win 7 by 2016. That speaks volumes.

The phone has some cred, so being priced along with Q10 makes sense. If you don't want to upgrade to bb10 then here is the best bbos7 device ever made for the same price. It may even help make the decision to upgrade to the new system.

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I agree. In North America the strategy should be to have as many folks on BB10. If there is an inventory issue ( however some say this is being manufactured again) then offload it where BBOS is booming instead of old curves and 9700's. However, I still see a problem with that and think it is time to focus on BlackBerry 10. Those same markets could easily be attracted to the Z3 and the Q5 and have a lot more to offer. Don't get me wrong, I too really enjoyed the 9900 in its prime, but now I use it at work and a Z30 for personal. The 9900 seems antiquated.

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This 'moving forward with the times' makes one, heinous, erroneous assumption. That people can afford to obey the mobile-phone-as-fashion-consumable dictates that drive this parasitic industry.

I have a 9900. Got one last year as my 9700 was getting badly worn and a 9900 came along for the right price. Took me four months to get the dosh together.

'Moving forward with the times'. Yeah, right. A chance to break even would be nice.

I loved my 9900 but I could never go back to it!! One look at a spinning clock would drive me nuts!!

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We all know that almost 98% of Canadians are amassed within 500 yards of the border and are just waiting for any excuse to invade... :)

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I still have mine as a backup. Every now and then I'm tempted to go back to it. But the multitasking keeps me on my Z10. I can do stuff faster on this phone than I can on my computer it seems sometimes.

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my 9900 has been one of the best all time phone ever.... had to change the keyboard 3 times, but that only shows how many emails I loved to put through that thing... it was certainly a workhorse.... internet browser was a nightmare though, but I spose there are tablets for that...

from an australian Z10...

The sad thing is, this device will probably sell! I think there is still a market for them. I just hope it's old stock and not something they decided to build.

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

Why would they give you an incentive to use BlackBerry 7? You should be using 10, so if you really want 7, pay for it.!

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

I was thinking of grabbing one of these for my dear old mum as a replacement for her 9700 but I won't bother at that price. I'd like to believe it's a "place-holder" price slapped in to fill in the blank for the time being but after the pricing over the last few years I'm not so sure. The Q10's just too much of an adjustment for her, the 9900 would be perfect, but given a choice based purely on price why bother bringing the 9900 out of retirement? $199 tops, but it should be $149.

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Maybe North America it's in 2010 year. Or,maybe it's a revolution there :))

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IMO, having BB7 units on the street will only prolong the same "OMG, you still use a BlackBerry " reaction than I get from people, even though I'm using a Z10.

BlackBerry needs to get rid of the units that send people on a trip down memory lane and start promoting it's new handsets ... as the sexy alternative for iPhone and Android devices.

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What I say? With my Q/Z10 in my hands...

"This is not your grandpa's BlackBerry that you might know. Just over a year on the market, had more improvements in a year than the iPhone had in three and runs Android apps as well as BlackBerry ones ..."

...while I whizz around the UI, peeking and flowing through settings, apps and the HUB, flicking words and switching between apps with lightning speed. Who needs a home button anyway....

Add a gentle hint regarding HDMI, NFC, USB etc. depending on the target audience

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Maybe the price incentive is there but its to move to BB10, but what would be the point of selling the BB7 in the first place

It actually falls in line with expectations. Verizon has never changed the retail price on the 9930 at $500 and ShopBlackBerry generally comes in at or $100 under Verizon's list with an unlocked device, so I was not surprised.

I believe this is interesting and an attempt to see how attached people are to the Bold and OS7.
I know people that would prefer to stay with their reliable OS7 for more money!

If it does what you want easily why change?

They should make it a package deal. Buy a BB10 device get the option to buy a 9900 for $xxx. But only with the purchase of a BB10 device.

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I don't understand the pricing. While there are people who would buy this device, pricing it at the same level as a new BB10 qwerty gives the impression that the Q10 is on a par with a three or four year old device. One would assume that items of equal price would hold nearly the same value or have similar functionalities. I believe this is the wrong message to send.

Posted from my awesome Q10 via CB10.

I do like the 9900, but I wouldn't pay over $250 for it right now.

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This is just a bad idea!!! Bad pricing! Old device! Old OS!! Bad image!! Bad bad bad....

STA100-5 White Z30 ,Tmobile, USA

What did you say??!?!

$399 for a phone that is around 3 years old. plus only has a 5MP camera with a small screen.

In South Africa the Blackberry Q10 is selling for "$299" equivilant in stores. and it has a 8MP camera.

Blackberry needs to rethink this price. if it was around $249 then i would consider getting it because of the "tool belt" buuuuut the Blackberry Classic is around the corner. so its a tough one.

It's $300, $400, $250 if you get past the grade 5 math tricks. :P

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BB10 is the best operating system by far - but the Bold 9900 - ohhhh - the sexiness of the silver border and curved buttons (still not sure why buttons went from curved-natural flow to straight, apart from keeping it all in line with everything) - and classic trackpad buttons - Best. Hardware. Ever.

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Yep, the build quality, with the metal border just doss it for me

Wish I hadn't given me explain away.

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Las year I jumped from a Style 9670 to a Q10. I pass thru the Bold 9900 (OS 7) just because there was no time to renew contract, but there is things in the old phones that the OS 10 devices removed, and that everybody loves, like the charging contacts for the cradle and definitely the physical buttons for answer the phone.

God Bless You!

Yes, it is overpriced for a 3-4 year old device. It is the same price as the Q10. This really does send the wrong message. As someone already mentioned, if someone were buying the 9900 at the same price as the Q10, they may perceive that they are getting a very similar experience as the Q10. They could have at least priced it at $200 or lower than that.

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I am thinking the message is already out they made a mistake with the Q an Z and that's why the classic is coming .

It is about 3 months shy of a "3 year old device" but yeah, its old tech.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

With a slightly anger screen please

Q10 is too small once toy start using a Z10 or a z30

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

The keyboard on the 9900 is the best. But it is about apps. There are more serious apps for OS 7 the 10. Had the 9900 keyboard been on the Q10, it would have been more successful, IMO.

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Some big Orgs (ex. Cdn govt) have been slow to move to BES10, and to manage break/fix for BBOS devices they requested that BB get additional BBOS devices made available as an interim measure during their transitions ... it definitely wasn't BB's desire to build more 9900s, but simply a way for them to help large enterprise customers manage as a very short term measure. AFAIK there was a very limited run of 9900s done, and had nothing to do with the consumer market.

If it is only business targeted, then why put it on shopblackberry? I guarantee you that CEOs of companies don't shop at online store fronts.

BlackBerry needs to let go of the past and take the good things from their bb7 and make it better on their products running bb10. Frustrating supporting a company who keeps shooting themselves in the foot.

I never owned a bold 9900 but I did have a bold 9700 and in some respects I like it better than my Z10 & Z30. But I would like the company to move forward.

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Does a new BB9900 come with a BIS email address? This is the one reason I'm still hanging on to my 9900, while much of the rest of my activities are done on my Z10. When I get email, I need to get it right away, and not on a POP server's schedule...which, of course, is more like when the Z10 polls for it...and without Google snooping through my IMAP account.

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I have a works Blackberry and my own personal Z10 which I get works email added on as well as it is much easier to read emails and attachments on my Z10. Every time I get an email coming through via work I get it first always on the Z10, then after about two or three seconds I receive it on my works BlackBerry which is a Curve, so now issues with any lag for me on the Z10.

Careful! Z10 in action!

If BlackBerry dropped their price to $99.00 they would see some takers.

BlackBerry is not the force it once was.

So wake up and smell the competition.

Where is the common sense?

I just hope this is a typo that someone can amend. Otherwise it is a waste of time and effort.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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I have advocated all their stupid moves for the last 5 years; but pricing a 4 year old phone $100 more next to a new gen Z10 is plain stupid.

This is what enterprise wants. This is what defense dept wants. They also want BB10 but they want OS7 too and the 9900 is still a great tool for those tasks now and later.

This is not what enterprise wants as much as many would like to think. There may be a few companies that are still holding on to BBOS 7 devices, but not very many here in the US. Also, many are not buying their devices directly from shopblackberry either. I don't know maybe BlackBerry knows something we don't. This just doesn't seem like the best strategy, especially since this phone requires BIS. Does any US carriers still allow BIS for new/old BBOS 7 or lower devices?

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@James : I'm surprised you - such highly educated and informed - question about this.

1/ 9900 has been re-produced (not Foxconn) because of the demand of current BES5 users, where 9720 devices weren't available. Where there is 9720, there won't be new 9900 avail.
2/ 9900 pricing is at the (exact ?) same level then current 9720.
3/ To be frank, I believe the shopblackberry appearance is a marginal point: besides the enterprises (buying fleets, not units) I don't expect high figures in sales for consumers (you can find mint grade used 9900s for a fraction of this price)
4/ I won't be surprise of simultaneous marketing action with massive discounts (or BB10 device trade) for enterprises joining the BES EZ trade program.

At the end of the day, BlackBerry is confirming their attachment to current consumers under BES5 that still want to provide Legacy devices (until the "classic" ?). It's a transitional path to BES12, aimed to consumer (enterprises) satisfaction. Just that ... IMHO, of course !

edit: and, of course, it's not an option to lose money on theses and I guess the $399 mark is close to zero margin, due to the small quantity produced and expected to be sold. Remember this was a $600 range device at launch ...

I agree....version 7 is backward technology..but the price for 9900 should be way lower than the Q10....people here is South Africa are moving back to 9900 because of the high data charged by service providers...hence the version 10 is superior to version 7...but at a mere R60.00 per month for BBM on the 9900 it makes sense to change back and is value for money...South Africa has HUGE costs on data...its ridiculous....

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Awful idea, but typically BlackBerry. Oh well.

Join the Cause @ BlackBerry Bootleg Marketing Channel - C003483F4

Nothing against the BOLD, but why BlackBerry the exact same model... why not a Bold9900 Plus like model... same screen but a little bit better specs...
More storage as well!!

Well... good luck with this one.


Typing Umlauts is a terrible annoying thing on a Q10/Q5 - I was much happier with the Bold with that one. I was a bit upset that there's no Option to set the Time Gap until the Umlauts show up. So, i am waiting for the Classic too or an Update to fix that issue...

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Is BlackBerry still pushing maintenance releases for BBOS? If so, that'd help justify the price).

I know I'd seriously consider one if I didn't have to have a BIS subscription to get to my email...

Bold 9900 - great phone/e-mail/Bbm/contacts.

It was my next phone I bought after my beloved 9000.

Go back??? Not a Chance!
Go forward, absolutely as long as those truly great capabilities the 9900 had are there. For the classic, I am hoping for a totally revamped Contacts w/auto capitaize ingrained and def looking forward to the toolbelt. As well, why not add a gyroscope so as to view pictures in wide vision, the speaker & antenna tech of the Z30 and a 3000ma+ removable battery.

One can only hope.

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

I think it reflects the current perceptions of BlackBerry customers, be it enterprise or consumers. As much as BB wants to move on to BB10. It's the core customers that is keeping it back. This is not a blame on the customers, rather the inability of the company to transition from OS7 to OS10 platform. The reasons can be plenty as many threads had been initiated under the title of why BB failed in the forum. Time was essentially biggest factor. Had the two bobblehead CEOs not sat on their laurels and started the OS10 two years earlier, it would tell a different story.

I don't think many are surprised about them bringing it looks back. The surprise is that it's the same pricing as the Q10. It would have made more sense if they would have priced it lower. $350 is pretty high for a 4 year old device.

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Let me say it like this: It is a try.... not more and not less.... For Business People I think it is a good device... but hey... why dont they buy a q10... ;) or z30...

First off, I hope I will win the BlackBerry Classic. Make it happen guys! Secondly, I agree, the 9900 was an awesome device; however, the $399 price tag is a bit too much without any incentives. I think BlackBerry should have bundle the phone up into a package that includes accessories, something like tier structure from basic to premium. Or even better, be able to customize your device.

Posted via CB10

One of the biggest complaints you hear about BB10 are lack of apps. Developers hardly support/update apps on BB10 and who thinks they are going to be champing at the bit to to support or update an obsolete OS? I am a huge supporter of BB, but this really baffles me. Would really like some clarity provided on this strategy. It is clearly not for enterprise customers. As others have pointed out, enterprises, even small ones, are not buying at shopblackberry. And how much demand on they going to get here that is not already driven through the Amazons of the world? Strange indeed.

That's ridiculous how can I go back to BlackBerry 7 os? I think people who do that are very stupid the BlackBerry 10 experience is a way better

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If they want to sell them, great. Not everyone wants a an iphone, or android, or even a new BB10 device. Heck, I still see people carrying sliders and flip-phones. Sell this sucker for $99 dollars and put it out to smaller phone companies where people are using cheaper phones, or don't want to pay $600 for a phone. People will buy them. For $399, you're saying that either a) this phone is just as good as our new one, so why buy a BB10?, or it says b) We are just trying to make money off of poor suckers who may still buy this.

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9900 The best BlackBerry for power user. And most beautiful BlackBerry ever produced. Can't stand with q10. So slow for every action and can sleep while waiting the phone backup to complete

Posted via CB10

The 9900 is good at what it does but that price is enough to make ones eyes water!

Posted via CB10

I could never go back to BlackBerry OS 7. I did try but hated it. Everyone that I show my Z30 to has loved it. The Android iOS bubble will burst one day as did the BlackBerry bubble.

Posted via CB10

I use a 9900 and a Q10--both with me at all times. The 9900 is a superior business communications device. Shortcut keys, apps, context menus, battery life, screen brightness, ease of switching between apps, etc. and the list goes on and on and on. The Q10 was a step backward except for screen size and sharpness, browser, and keyboard. Blackberry has taken the "always leave the asking for more" marketing ploy to a self-destructive end.

But $399? C'mon. Sometimes I think Blackberry is run by poorly trained monkeys who have enslaved amazingly talented engineers..

I have a 9900 and a Z10.
9900 is still my primary phone and I only use the Z10 as a media player/browser

The big problem I have with the new OS 10 is I cannot sync or control what gets synced on the phone. It takes about a half hour to go through it and fails.
With the 9900, and despite problems with the desktop software, for the most part I can sync with no issues in a minute or 2 and review and confirm the changes made.
With the Z10, it takes forever to sync and in the rare event it works, it completely messes up calendar and contacts with duplicate entries and other weird behavior. I go back and try again with every new release of Link but at this point I have given up on it as no one seems to acknowledge the issue or wants to address it. I tried on about 3 or 4 other devices as well and confirmed the problem. It is a problem with Link and not necessarily the OS, but still something that is a deal breaker to use it as an actual "phone".

AT&T still has the 9900 available on their website to this day. 100 bucks on contract. The Q10 is 50 bucks, and the rest - refurbished Q10 and Z10, and a new Z10 - are free.

Posted via CB10

But is that on the NEXT plan? I am on AT&T and the NEXT plan was explained to me by a well-meaning AT&T Rep... on close questioning he admitted it was basically leasing a phone. I'd rather have one outright (which is why/how I came to be using my 9900 now, after accidentally destroying its second generation successor).

One of the nicer things about the 9900 is that is it so indestructible; I wouldn't want to have to give it back after 18 months (or whatever the NEXT scheme requires). In that light, 2 or 300 sounds OK, but not 399.

It was a good device in that time, but comparing with Q10 and BB10 its like Back the dead. Strange strategy from BB, the users are waiting for Q30 and Q20 with 10.3.

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I'm pretty sure these are not "old stock," but new devices manufactured in the factories that BlackBerry reopened earlier this year to allow Enterprise (and other?) users to bridge between the past BB7 world and the BB10 future. Remember, at one time BB had announced the demise of the 99XX device line until Mr. Chen reversed that decision. For Enterprise users, this rides along with the one-for-one license swap scheme to induce migration to BES10/BES12 from BES5.

Blackberry really needs to get serious about BB10 and selling BB7 devices isn't helping. If BB feels that BB10 us so inadequatw Mr. Chen needs to step up and deliver some new BB10 devices that are up to the task. You don't see Apple selling Iphine 2's alongside the Iphone 5's or Samsung selling Galaxy S1's alongside the GS5's, and it's for good reason.

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It's a good move in my opinion especially for enterprise customers who have not made the switch over to bb10 (you also have to factor the companies position) they may not have the funds to upgrade the entire company to bb10 but they may have the budget for new phones! But then again BlackBerry i'm sure is coming up with incentives to get their customers to upgraded that is very cost effective. Either way I think it's a good move.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or Q10!

Those 9900's on Shop BlackBerry are old stock. How do I know?
Unlocked Mobiles have the white 9900 in stock, for 285 GBP, I emailed them and they said they're "unsold inventory, same as BlackBerry are selling".

9900 is the best phone ever, and it also the most beautiful BB ever made. q10 too slow and complicate to made a phone call or sms, and waiting the phone sync/ backup is a real nightmare.

Used bonds are selling on ebay for between $100 and $150. That is actually a pretty high price. They are going for about the same as a z10. But much less than a q10. I don't think many of these will sell at this price. But maybe those that do sell will be at a nice profit margin.

Posted via CB10

Why? I don't understand the reason why the 9900 needs to be brought back. Especially at $399, it's hard enough to sell the Q10 at that price. With the amount of money that BlackBerry has lost I'm still shocked that almost none of it has been on the marketing side of things. No matter how good of a device my Z30 is, nobody knows, and nobody cares. You cannot sell anything without advertising it. Other than that one super bowl ad I didn't see anything for the Z10. If you stopped 10 random people and asked them what BlackBerry was 100% of them would describe a Bold or Curve. Apple and Samsung are the only two products that will sell regardless of price, and marketing. BlackBerry at this point is nowhere near that level, and I wish they where because I like BB10 better than all of the other platforms.

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i really don't understand why you compare 9900 with z10 , z30 or q10 just by price tag, if you got a lot of phone call and sms in a day then you might want to through all your Z and Q phone to the wall (and even some 97xx due to it piercing speaker compare to 9900)

Really don't see the point of all the back tracking...i fear that Chen has this all wrong...

BlackBerry need a bargain entry device with BlackBerry 10 OS in the UK.

The Q5 on O2 PAYG right now is good...the BB10 devices Sim Free are also not bad value, particularly the Q10 right now via Amazon.

But they also need a prestige flagship.

Back tracking to legacy stuff is a waste of time and gives the wrong impressions to a company seen, by many, as defunct.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10...

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but from what I remember, the 9900 hardly used any data what so ever. When I made the switch to a newer BB10 device (like all newer devices) my data plan had to be increased considerably, and here in Canada, that is a BIG premium! With the 9900, I was able to email, BBM, and surf (albeit slowly) on a <500meg data plan, and NEVER come close to going over. I was in the Bell Mobility Store recently, getting a new battery for the 9900 so my daughter could use it, and the employees said that "Never give up that phone, people are desperate to get these phones back, as they save huge money on the data rates"
Don't get me wrong, the NEW BB10's are slick, BUT, if you are mainly using the 9900 as a email, messaging device, and not worried about watching movies, taking pictures, playing games, and porting Android apps, the older devices will save you money hand over fist with the massive reduction in Data requirements alone!!

Well all I can say it a nice phone but blackberry 7 has more problems then the 10 I had all blackberries past and present excluding z30. I found 9900 same as any other BlackBerry 7 phone has too many flaws the os is too abruptly faulty the battery drains too quck. And the back on the phone snapped off and the paint work on the buttons rubbed off at present I have the #10 previously z10 with the z10 it was perfect phone on the market but it didn't have my love of the buttons to type so I upgraded to q10 now if I upgrade it would be to a newer model of my present phone or different colour to one I already got I hate BlackBerry 7 phones they are not worth the time or money

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I think the approach to this is just what needs to be done. The pricing is set at a premium for those wanting to stay with the old tech. If you really want it, you can have it, but at a price.

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BB10 is definitely for me!!!

The Bold was great and kept me with blackberry another device (q10) but it's features lack and I was satisfied with everything BB10 currently has to offer (just no emojis) :)

I find this a strange move to be honest BB10 is the system that should be pushed, but BB wants to continue with legacy systems, is the writing on the wall for Blackberry, in the UK Virgin Mobile is not offering one single Blackberry product, even o2 is not offering much , I am concerned and to be honest pissed off, where does this company get it's marketing from they have no clue how to market a product properly

Why not focus on a low end BB10 device for under $200? I sell so many Lumia 520s, not because Windows is the best, but because it's 4G and costs $69.99 on AT&T, and $79.99 on T Mobile or unlocked. Why can't BlackBerry do something similar?

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Isn't 520 a 3G and no flash nor front camera for Skype, etc?

I can hear the howling on CB already, if BlackBerry released such a device....

(an BB10 will NOT run on 512MB!)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I definitely do not understand the pricing. While I loved my 9900 and went back to it until at&t updated to 10.2.1 for my Z10 the BlackBerry 10 OS is now superior in almost every facet. When I went back to my 9900 I remembered quickly how much I liked (communication is phenomenal) and how I did not like the battery pulls. I await the Q20/30. (but am now loving my Z10)

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My dad has a like new "un-locked" T-Mobile 9900 he would sell for 150. Message me if interested.

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I had a BlackBerry 9930 and it was by far the best phone that I've ever owned, until I got my BlackBerry Q10. I think that they need to stop selling the device and focus more on improving BlackBerry 10 OS. Especially the hefty price tag on the Bold. It just doesn't make any sense.

Ojani Noa

If only they would effectively market BlackBerry 10 and it's current features. It is now (Not when it launched) superior to OS7.

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I think it is a high price because they only have so many right now. They don't want demand to exceed supply. Just my guess....

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There's nothing odd about this, other than the price.

Chen announced months ago that production of an old "Bold" phone would be started off again to give Enterprises who aren't moving on to BES10 yet something half decent to buy that runs legacy BBOS 7.

If the idea makes a profit then that's the main thing.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

Have to agree way over priced for sure don't see them selling many if any at all at that price.gotta bring it way down.

My extra extraordinary Z30

I miss the toolbelt but I don't think that I could go back to 9900/9930. I have gotten far too accustomed to using the browser on BB10 which was a terrible experience on BBOS.

Via CB10, Z10 rocking official 10.2.1

I don't know. My company has a strong BB Bold userbase and the switch to BES10 is just very slow. There are many things the Bold does that the BB10 doesn't seem to do. For one thing, when one gets a new device, the first thing they want to do is update their OWN address with the new PIN and send a PIN messages out to all of their contacts, attaching their own, updated contact data. Can you do that with the Q10? NO! (or at least we haven't been able to figure that out). We are not using BBM. We are using PIN messaging. Some of our younger staff are eager to get their hands on the new stuff, but this is a business and not everybody is a tech geek. They see this new phone and they have NO IDEA what to do with it.Even days after one gets one of the new BB10 phones, they come to me with questions...
And the BES10 has a lot less options than our BES5.
Sure the BB10 phones are nice and I personally prefer them, but about 80% of our employee just wants to get their work done which the BB Bold is perfect for and the BB10 hasn't been able to fit in...

Bizarre pricing. You can get a brand new, in-box Bold in the $150 range via sites like Amazon. BlackBerry must know that the type of people buying directly from them are all corporate and don't care so much about price shopping. I can't think of any other reason.

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Seems like a backwards move and totally insane. The Q10 is brilliant and BlackBerry 10 is amazing. For the same price, why anyone in their right mind would go for the dated OS is incomprehensible.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

Having the Bold available online is a great option for business users because of the trackpad and BBkeys. AKA "tool belt." It's a premium phone that legacy BBOS users are used to and will upgrade to BB10! Fingers crossed :D

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I think Chen is getting some bad advice. How do you get folks to think of BlackBerry as forward thinking if they cannot let go of the past. BlackBerry 7 is giving BlackBerry a bad name in 2014. In 2010, it was okay. The world has moved on and BlackBerry must move along with it or get left behind.

I'd have to disagree with the post. Q10 is way too glitchy to compare to the most beautiful and user friendly device BlackBerry ever made the 9900 until the Z30 of course...

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Making this sexy beast available again a few months before another device launches sounds wrong for me.

I am one of the few. BlackBerry Z10

Reading most of the comments, not one person really wants to buy this for that price.

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

Honestly, for day to day communications productivity, my old 9900 is better than my Z10. I've never used a Q10 but it doesn't seem like it would be as efficient as a 9900.

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Have a 9900, had for 2 1/2 years. I remember before I got it I was running a 9780 and just couldn't wait to get my hands on the 9900. It has been a work horse and I have no complaints, but I would switch for a Q10 in a heartbeat, if company I work for would ever upgrade to BES10. In the meantime would be sweet if BB came out with an new update for BBOS7, and even completed the Theme builder application I read about all the time. I wonder how much more BB can possibly squeeze out of BBOS7??

I think the incentive will be if BlackBerry will produce the same exact device like the Bold 9900, but running the OS10.

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I do have two BlackBerry 9900. I give both for Z30.

If you do the calculation this is a bargain XD!!!

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I think that there is a side story here: Currently businesses have to go through carriers to acquire their devices and corporations that STILL rely on BBOS devices have no recourse to replace them other than to go to the carriers who are probably pushing them to choose other devices.

This allows BBRY them to hold their current customers by letting them have a way to replace devices, else they'll totally abandon BBRY for lack of being able to replace devices.

I've always believed that the ONLY way for BBRY to come back is to sell DIRECT like the original Dell model. Relying on carriers has been the root of their downfall (crappy management decisions didn't help either)

In that sense, anytime they sell direct, I'm all for it.

What is this seriously! Why do they keep saying that bb os7 is keeping blackberry alive when we all know the old os is what put blackberry in the situation that it's on? BB os7 is like some kind of harmful addictive drug, it's hurting you badly but if you stop you will die.

I presume this to be selling off the old stock, since there are allot of those who like those devices. The bold 9900 was and still is, a kick-ass communications device. I still use mine.

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And now Motorola will bring the original RAZR back, because it was so popular in its day and they made lots ot money, unlike now. It's time to look forward NOT BACKWARDS. Chen wants to take BB back to its roots. You know where roots are, buried in the ground, like BB will be soon with these decisions.

Not to mention what I kee reading on the BB Facebook page, many, many disgruntled BB users who have pre-OS10 phones. Rarely if ever do I see negative comments from BB10 users. Imagine yourself as a non-tech-savvy consumer, going in to a shop and buying a BB7 phone, because it was cheaper, then taking your new phone home and realizing most of the apps in App World won't run on it, seeing it freeze all the time, etc...

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Guys out here in India we get the new BlackBerry 9900 for Indian 14000rs.
A hardly used one in mint condition for 7000rs or less.
Very surprised at 399$ price especially when a q10 is available for the same(love the device).
Would love to own BlackBerry 9900 or an 8230 for me any BlackBerry is welcome I just cannot get over it. Every time I see a old model my heart goes BlackBerry BlackBerry all the time.

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This company is dogshit rofl android "ports" android apps are literally the worst in the industry why not go with iOS or windows phone apps is beyond me trash company

$399??? THREE NINETY NINE??? Hooboy. Good luck BB. :)

I loved the 9900, but if its priced anywhere near the Q10, you'd have to be smoking some damn good crack to buy it.

glad to see BlackBerry still moving forward and innovating. I heard a rumor that PTT and pager functions are going in an update...

I gave my bold 9930 to my daughter. Now I have the Q10. Everytime I see that good old bold on her hands, I just want to grab it from her and steal it back. The bold is my most favorite phone. I really find it more productive than the Q10. Too bad the camera sucks. If only I can switch all internal organs of my Q10 into bold 9930, Damn.. That would be my most powerful device..

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

9900 is good, but it's price almost same as Q10, it's very interesting to me!

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We are not letting ours go for the Q10.

I am holding out to see what the 'Classic' has to offer.
I will say this though:
BlackBerry had better bring it with the 'Classic'; that means equal EVERY feature that the 9900 has, or you will see BlackBerry break it's own neck regarding keyboard devices. It will almost be over for them if the classic isn't EPIC.

Here's to looking forward to THE phone that the legacy users have to see for the shift to happen. I hope BlackBerry is all over this one.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Q10 at the same price doesn't make sense. BlackBerry by doing so is harming it's own marketing. What does that imply? An outdated OS is better than the latest 10?

If BlackBerry is clearing old stock they should price it much lower

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I loved my Q10. But the keyboard broke (double typing). Replaced it. Then the headset jack broke--wouldn't work half the time. Went back to my 9930. Keyboard much better. Totally miss the Q10 but I'm waiting until BlackBerry has figured out again how to make devices that are durable.

Don't get me wrong, I love blackberry but $399 for a 3 years 9900 isn't it too expensive? lucky i still have mine in perfect condition.

Anyone who's even considering the 9900 already has all the incentive they need. Pricing isn't their's functionality.

And I doubt BBRY is anxious to push these more than BB10 devices, hence no reason to make them attractive via rockbottom pricing.

It seems completely reasonable to me.

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This is a terrible business strategy. The price point is ridiculous. They should be dumping these at low prices. Get rid if this legacy crap.

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I am seriously considering one until the prices go down on the Q20 in a year or so. :) Plus, I like the looks of the 9900 better than the Q10 eventhough I am currently using a Lumia 900.

I've had a Q10 since last July 2013 and just bought myself a second-hand BlackBerry Bold 9930 in pristine condition about two weeks ago essentially out of curiosity. Frankly I enjoy them both, and to be very honest, I am loving this Bold. Yes, it's is a bit connectivity-limited (can't upload docs to DropBox or Box, and Tumblr... well... ), slower than the Q10 (notably the browser) and endowed with a smaller screen. Equally the Bold can't profit from a 4G connection as does the Q10. However, the Bold does have a few things, I think, are fantastic:
1. Social Feeds: native app on the Bold that lets you follow all your RSS feeds, BBM, FB, Twitter flagging and sharing in one click to multiple platforms! (On BB10 an app needs to be purchased to do this)
2. I love the screen on the Bold - even with the screen light lowered to better manage battery life, the screen is beautifully crisp and vibrant.
3. On battery life, the Bold manages less well than the Q10 (lots of good suggestions on the net on how to manage battery life) but from my experience really nothing to cry over, though. In all I have three batteries for my Q10 and three for my Bold - so I can get easily a full 24-hours of pleasure from them both.
4. Given the smaller screen and rounded lay-out of the keys, it's surprisingly easier to trackpad and type your way around with a thumb (when you've got 6 kilos of groceries in the other hand).
5. I like the feel and build of the Bold - very solid and elegant - black version - I've not had a white one in my hands.
I could go on and on about the Bold 9930.
I'm attracted to the Bold's simplicity. I'm not a fan of having a multitude of car-racing, bubble-popping & zombie-exploding apps - just the basics and the Bold gives a lot those basics natively. I need a mobile that lets me stay on top of and manage my Twitter and FB accounts, draft and post to blogs, keep up with RSS feeds, create shopping lists and reminders (Evernote works just fine on the Bold), follow my bank account, take some acceptable pictures (close-ups are disappointing on the Bold). Really it's the perfect personal mobile for me.
I noticed the comment about the Bold's being 'riddled with problems'. As I purchased a second-hand device, I did a security wipe, updated the OS from 7.0 to 7.1 then updated all the native apps, downloaded the appropriate Desktop Device Software to add the languages I use. I've encountered no issues at all.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not letting go of BlackBerry 10 and my awesome Q10 for work. I can practically work all day on my Q10 - it almost replaces my PC (I can't manage that -yet- on my Bold).
Whether you choose a Q10 or a marvellous legacy Bold 9900/9930, you really can't go wrong!
I think it's worthwhile to point out that the Bold 9900 / 9930 is now well over three years old; other mobiles from that era are now extinct. BlackBerry in its fabrication of the Bold clearly had in mind a quality product with respect for the user's investment.
Bringing back the Bold would be a marvellous idea as a market-entry-priced, quality-constructed mobile.

I have had the 9930 for a year now and it is leeps and bounds above my 9330 Curve 3G. I like the phone alot and it does many things right but other things not so right. Like you said it's time to move on to a Z10, Q10 or a Classic if I'm lucky. With me it is a question of money. I get what I can get but keeping within my budget.