BlackBerry Bold 9900 Public Service Announcement: Don't Try Removing the MicroSD Card while the Battery is Inserted. Seriously!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Aug 2011 02:42 pm EDT

** UPDATE: OK, FIXED. Eventually with the aid of a kitchen knife and some very careful prodding, I managed to slide the card back in and then pull the battery out. But seriously. Just learn from my mistake and take the battery out first. **

OK. So as you probably have guessed, since unboxing the BlackBerry Bold 9900 I've been going non-stop putting the device through the ringer as I work on our CrackBerry review. We've already given our first impressions of this BlackBerry a few times over now (you know it's awesome!), so in CrackBerry fashion I'm making sure our full-out review is brimming with the nitty gritty details CrackBerry readers love. 

Currently I'm in a bit of a pickle though, as I've done something apparently stupid.... I tried removing the MicroSD card from the Bold 9900 while the battery is still inserted. The location of the card slot is similar to that of the BlackBerry Bold 9780/9700 -- under the battery door below centered below the camera -- but on the 9900 this slot isn't angled like it is on the 9780/9700. So instead of the memory card nicely sliding out above an inserted battery, it slides out horizontally into the battery. And wouldn't you know it, but the battery has a perfect groove/indentation in it which the memory card slides into perfectly. So now I have a memory card wedged into the battery, and now I'm stuck. I need to either get the battery to pull out directly, or get the memory card slid back in fully so I can then get the battery out, but instead I'm just stuck here. Seriously, I've wasted over an hour now trying to get this resolved with no luck. 

LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE... Don't try and remove the MicroSD Memory card from the BlackBerry Bold 9900 while the battery is inserted! Take the battery out. Then the card. Period. Watch the video for a good laugh.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Public Service Announcement: Don't Try Removing the MicroSD Card while the Battery is Inserted. Seriously!


Put a drop of crazy glue on your finger.
Press on the card.
Remove finger with card attached to finger.

If that doesn't work, try peanut butter.

What memory card??? isn't that the Battery anti-theft locking device???? :-P

hopefully the memory card survived the stabbing...

EDIT: you would think with all the spare time they had while waiting for certifications they would have had time for propper design... maybe they can redesign the battery to either allow pulling the card or remove the dent and do a battery recall / replacement program?

maybe they thought no one would know ;)

seriously this was done perfectly on the 9780 so to save a few mm's, you get this problem...

Haha, the same thing happened to me too.

I was under the impression memory card couldn't be changed without taking out the battery but in your HD test video you mentioned it would work, so I had to try...

Kevin, that just happened to me as well
just use a very sharp razor to make a gap
(push it back gently from right to left or left to right end but not to from the top directly)

He also said at that time that he had to take it off before he posted any more videos.

Oops! ;)

Bummer. I hate when cards (be it microSD, SIM, whatever) can't be removed with the battery in.

That was one thing I loved in the 8900. The microSD slot was completely separate from the battery compartment, though still behind the battery door.

Just cut a little hole into the battery and vola you can put the memory card in and out with the batter in as you please [: Any future problems that may occur because of the battery, not my fault, this is nothing but a suggestion. Good Luck Kevin!! :D

QC and testing guy's need to be sacked. That is completely unforgivable. How could they not see that coming. So no hot swapping storage and below average still camera. What next?

Too bad, I really liked this ability on my 9650. I think the Curve didn't have the ability. It's not a huge deal, but when the device takes 8-10 minutes to boot up and become usable (9650 on OS6) then this is a serious time waster.

It seems like shaving a few mm's off of the device really hurt the overall design. Rumor is the AF camera got axed to save some space, and now this design flaw. I would prefer a thicker phone if I could have both of those niceties.

Funny i was excited when my 9700 sd card was hot swapable without needing to remove the battery until i got my 16gb card. I never remove it. Until i get my new bold that is....

well coming from a curve 9300 were my SD cad was under the battery it's not a huge deal to take out the battery, not that i will be removing my SD card anyways but still good info

Kevin.... stupid question..... but.... what do the instructions say about inserting/removing the SD card?

and now this is one of those days when I laugh really hard at work and everyone look weird at me :P

Hahaha. It's only been a day and you've already managed to make a mess of things. I guess that's why Kevin is our #1 blackberry crash test DUMMY.

Bummer that you cannot hot swap the media card. I enjoy that feature almost religiously with my 9630.

yeah i noticed with the 9900 that the micro SD card doesn't "spring out" like it did with the 9700. thanks for letting us know !! i'll probably just access memory from the Micro SD via USB cable

(sigh) Hot-swapping should be a requirement for all media card devices, you shouldn't even have to take it out of the case and remove the back, it should be a slot in the side. And another sub-par camera? Still no mobile hotspot? Oh, it's coming in a software update... wasn't that what they said when OS 6 came out too? (sigh)

well I'm fine with it being inside the back is a lot safer but removing the battery to get to it, is a problem.

a lot of sighing mate, its okay. its not the end of the world :P

no, but they really need to catch up

and yeah, it's hard to explain why you need to but several times I've popped a card in or out of my Bold and appreciated that I could do that without having to reset like on my old Curve. It's not like it's an SDRAM card that's a computer's main memory, it's a media card, removable storage...

Hey Kevin, thanks for telling us. I love your ever enthusiastic voice even when you're under dire circumstances :)

I wonder how many people will find themselves in this predicament.
Hey Rim HR - you should hire Kevin for all of your testing, seriously he will save you from many of the flops and blunders!

Don't worry Kevin, you've got 3 spares. Consider it as a justifiable loss or taking one for the team.

This is terrible. On my 9630 non camera, when I'm out and about I take pictures with my real camera, then pull the sd card out and put it into my phone so I can upload pics to the web. Now to upload pics once I get the 9930 non camera, I'm going to have to pull the battery and wait for it to boot again? Way to fail blackberry.

Kevin, I love your blog! It‘s an awsome job you are doing here... But how dumb can BB user be, if he tries to take out microSd card if there is no open space to do that?


I hope you didn‘t mess up ypu card slot...

Ow! I just stabbed my finger with the swiss army knife I was using to get the card un-stuck in the display model. Can I get a free 9900 now?

Doesn't anyone read the documentation that comes with their devices anymore? I've had 5 different RIM products over the years, I know how to use them and the different features that are on them (thanks crackberry) but I still read the documentation. One of the first things you'll read in the little package is to always remove the battery before inserting/removing memory card.

At least the battery comes out. If you know what I'm saying..... (other phones have non-removable batteries if you can believe that.)

Something had to give with the 9900 being the thinnest bb to date. Thumbs down to the design team for not having the microsd slot accessibla without removing the battery door.

I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! I feel so stupid -.-.....I did exactly what Kevin said i shouldn't and voila, IM stuck now