BlackBerry Bold 9900 passes through the FCC

By Bla1ze on 11 Jul 2011 06:54 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9900

One more hurdle has been crossed when it comes to actually getting the BlackBerry Bold 9900 into the hands of impatiently waiting BlackBerry users. Having now passed through the FCC the next stop for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is retailers shelves and online stores across the globe. According to the documents, the FCC has had the device for quite a while. RIM's initial testing was started in February and the last bit of testing concluded on June 1. August, September? Either way, it's not near soon enough for some folks. 

Source: FCC; via: Wireless Goodness

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 passes through the FCC


Holy crap!!! Now I am happy. LoL, Hopefully the 9900 will be released before my birthday (August 28th)

This is great news! The 9900's release should be in a couple of weeks now. I don't see how this phone can't release in August, but we'll see if RIM can release it quickly.

According to the Wireless Goodness link above it will be released in September. That seems far away but I am happy that I have a specific month to look forward to. If it is released sooner, even better!

"According to the documents, the FCC has had the device for quite a while."

dam the FCC drinking all the sweet berry juice before we get to taste any.

now lets see the torch (both of them) pass their test

Since February 1st? Holy cow .... that is almost a half year. That's crazy.

Hopefully, RIM will give them the QNX phone soon, that's if it's going to take 6 more months.

Now .... how long does it take to make 75 million phones?

A couple of weeks ?

"Now .... how long does it take to make 75 million phones?"

with the smartphone market the way it currently is, plus what just happened in Japan that might take a little bit more than a couple of weeks *fingers cross*

After reading this, I think I just drooled on my shirt. Man, would it be nice if this sweet piece of hardware was available on AT&T by mid-August? Regardless, I might be camping outside the local Best Buy or AT&T store the night before it officially goes on sale.

Since the CDMA version is essentially be the same phone with the addition of the CDMA network. The FCC clearance is for both. Correct me if I am wrong :o)

It only applies if it's the same radio. If it's a different radio, then it has to be approved seperately under a different application.

woot! sounds good!

correct me if im wrong, but carrier acceptance is the bigger hurdle to pass no?

Definitely, it did take At&t a while to allow Blackberry Bridge to operate "officially". Same could happen with the approval of this device and the tweaked software from carrier to carrier.

Nicee I just bought a laptop and it should be here by the end of this month adn hopefully my 9900 comes out around the same time!!

I think I might leave Verizon for this phone especially if it goes to a carrier that offers 4G on it and hot spot, which I THINK T-Mobile is going to do. :)

My data plan has 5GB of High Speed. But, as of now your claim is irrelevant since no current Blackberry device supports the so called "4G" or High speed data. In Fact, I use UMA most of the time. Does Verizon support that?

I only need to decide if I stay with Tmo or switch with my wife to ATT. Probably who ever gets it first.

Why do some suspect that Verizon will be slow (or the slowest!) on the release of their version?

I hope it doesn't take too long for T-Mobile to get this one!!! I will gladly sign a 2 year contract to get my hands on that baby, whoooooooo!!!!!!

Can I please get this early August? RIM even said it themself that once it gets approved it won't take long at all to get the device out :) Soooo 3 weeks from now they will have enough to start selling them right? August 1 is exactly 3 weeks, so we should have it by August 15 at least (I hope)

I love that all the carriers are getting all the phones. It's going to be a free-for-all when released! I think for this reason, carriers better approve the devices quickly or lose out on sales.

Verizon SERIOUSLY needs to hurry up and get this right away when it comes out.....oh and in white also. Im gettin really irritated and impatient!!!!!!!

I too hear Very soon, i played with the 9900, it's wonderful, wider touch screen and flatter wider keyboard + stainless steel feels good in the hand. OS is faaaaast too.

I too hear Very soon, i played with the 9900, it's wonderful, wider touch screen and flatter wider keyboard + stainless steel feels good in the hand. OS is faaaaast too.

I called Tmobile today to ask a question about my bill. While I was at it I asked when I am eligible for a phone upgrade. They said I was due for one now so my next question was when they were getting the BB Bold 9900 she said very soon. They don't have a date yet but they are getting memos daily about it's imminent release. She said keep an eye out the their website.

From what I understood, the 9900 is the sprint (CDMA) version. The t-mobile/at&t version is the 9930.

I think I drooled on my shirt after reading this. I can wait for this thing to be released. What are the odds I'll see it on AT&T by August 15th?