BlackBerry Bold 9900 one day sale at T-Mobile, grab it today for only $99!

By Jared DiPane on 24 Sep 2011 10:04 am EDT

Yes, you are reading that correctly. T-Mobile is offering a one day deal, for today only, that brings the price of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 down to only $99 on contract. So, if you weren't feeling spending $299 like when it first was announced, and have been holding out for a better price, today is your day! Is the $99 price tag enough to make you head into your local T-Mobile store to grab one? 

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 one day sale at T-Mobile, grab it today for only $99!


So listen Crackberry Nation, yes its true the 99.99 today is a little misleading. Let me CAN get the new Bold 9900 today for 259.00 (taxes and yadda)down!! It comes out to 99.99 after $150 rebate which you will receive 6-8 weeks. I picked up mine today after being out of contract for a year and Unlimited loyalty plan, which you can kiss that goodbye now! T-Mobile no longer offers unlimited loyalty plan when you upgrade. Those of you looking to upgrade and get the monthly installments (EIP) as not to incur such a big hit, kiss that goodbye as well, Tmobile no longer offers this as they said it was to crack down on customers signing up, getting the phone and not paying. However, this day is a great alternative to EIP as it will give you the phone for 259 taxes included, get the 150 reabte after 6-8 weeks and you pay an extra $15 a month for the full price of phone over the next few months. So, looks like EIP is back, but you must secure a down payment and an extra $15 a month over the next few months. That sums it up, do it or don't, its available today only.
They are having a hard time getting these off the shelves so this is a sneaky way of sucking you in, however I believe the price will drop in another month, so stay, go whatever! You either got Bling Bling money or you are on a Budget...a Ramen noodle everynite budget!

Trouble is, their adverstising said you could get an smartphone for 99 bucks. I was a happy TMo customer for five-plus years, but this "sale" is misleading and slimy.

Well, I spoke to a TMO rep and U can do it over the phone, too... if UR contract is NOT up, like me, they will charge U $50 migration fee. Also U will need to sign up for the 2GB Plus package ($59.99/mo.) All good and I would do it, but the BUZZKILL for me was the no UMA, which I rely upon...

Why would you hate T-Mobile? They are giving you option to get the phone at cheaper price and also at the plans which cost much lower.

How can i get one??? Rogers website, pay no term full price ship to US address then pay for unlock code online? Almost about to do this instead of waiting for AT&T!!

Yes. I have the rogers unlocked and it most definitely works. The "4g" is pretty quick actually; like almost on par with wifi sometimes..

As far as obtaining one: I used ebay and bought one unlocked for about $600 from canada. Granted there is no warranty, so you have to be pretty hardcore about it. But it is sooo worth it. This thing is a beast.

check out for all the details. They're advertising it for $99.99, but its really more like $500

Please Crackberry, edit this post and do a better job of not feeding into T-mobiles new form of advertising which is worse than car dealerships. You're contributing to making people waste their time calling and/or gas driving to a T-Mobile store, only to be severely disappointed.

This isn't even a "deal". If you actually went to buy the 9900 today, you would pay $249 + tax up front, then you pay $15/month for the next $20 months (another $300), and then you have to wait 6 - 8 weeks for the $150 mail in rebate, so you're still paying $400 + tax for this in the end.

You can't get this "deal", even if you're due for an upgrade because its only for customers on No Contract "Value Plans".

That's probably what they are counting on. It's like they want BlackBerry users to become frustrated & switch to Apple...Don't belive me? Just look at BlackBerry Bridge.

Sale is for value plans which are about $25-30 less than your classic monthly plans but you have to pay either full price of device and pay downpayment and go on installment plan for 20months. This comes out to around $15 extra for 20months. With this sale you will get rebate of almost $200 on full price $599 of Bold 9900. So its pretty good deal and saves you lots of money upfront and also in long term as u will be paying much less monthly too.

I was all amped up till I went to T-Mobile to pick me up a brand new Bold 9900 and then she said "$288 please." WTF.

I had 3 months to go on my 9700 and they waived the change fee. I went from $87.00 per month to $59.00 per month on my bill. 2 gig cap on data is no problem on a BB. Iphone would be another story. This deal certainly is not for everyone but I now have the 9900 I've been drooling over since it was announced. I'm here to tell you that this 9900 is one smokin' smartphone!!!!

I grabbed mine today as well, went from $79 to $59 for the same thing I was paying $79 for.. and loving my 9900 I used Wikitude and was surprised as hell to see how many BB users were around my area

Just to clarify some previous posts, if the phone is sold by Rogers and it is unlocked, it will almost always work on ATT. They essentially use the same network technology and frequency. ATT is Rogers roaming partner in the US and vice-versa. Also, I wouldn't let the UMA issue hold anyone up that wants this phone. I am sure its coming. The T-Mobile deal sounds good because you are getting 150 off the full price of the phone.

I bought one yesterday too... The $249.99 + 48.12 taxes = $298.11 was difficult to cough up but am hoping it all works out in the end as I am now paying $20/mo less on the new $59 unlimited value plan.

I'm more like, "ehh, didn't miss anything then."

I did the math according to the one guy, $249-$150MIR, you pay $99.99 for the phone, but in addition you have to pay 20*$15/month, so that's $(100)+$300=$400. So in the end you pay $400 for the phone? Correct me if I'm wrong. Either way, rip off, you could sign a 2 year for the online price of $299.99, which I still wouldn't pay...I hope many didn't fall for this if it turns out to be $400 in the end. Or run to TMO for a return!