BlackBerry Bold 9900 now available from T-Mobile!

T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Michelle Haag on 31 Aug 2011 01:20 am EDT
Hey T-Mobile fans, if you've been itching for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 to launch, your wait is over! You can head on over to the website and grab yourself one for $299 (after $50 mail-in-rebate) on a 2-year contract with appropriate data package. Suggested retail is $599 if you're looking to buy one outright.

Now all of the major US carriers have the BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 available, except for AT&T, of course.

Source: T-Mobile

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 now available from T-Mobile!


I was with this company before it was T-Mobile. Remember when it was VoiceStream, I was with the company back then. Remember, even earlier than that, it was Omni. I was with the company then. Loyalty pays.

I just got my Bold 9900 for FREE on a two-year contract. SWEEET DEAL. If you are a long time data plan customer. Call now, they will work with you.

Best company ever. I am thrilled the Justice Department has a lawsuit to stop the acquisition. Awesome.

No UMA? No Hotsopot? That scared me, but I am gambling it will be enabled via software update soon!!! I hope anyway.

Really?! I got mine at the store the day it came out, as soon as they opened, and the rep told me there were no discounts available, even though I was fully eligible for an upgrade! I've been with T-Mobile also since they were Voicestream... bummer! I also used to work for T-Mobile some years ago when BlackBerry still had black and white screens and the scroll was on the side, just as a mobile rep so I have no retail store experience, so I didn't even think to question it.

I agree! I've waited all this time and they come with this outrageous price. I was gonna upgrade my own 9780 and add my fiance as a new line, but when I got to the store they were like each phone has a $299 down payment and the balance due over 20 months, with total cost on a 2 year contract of $350 + $18 upgrade fee. I said Hell No! And on top of that they won't convert my even more plus plan to a plant that offers phone discounts, so mine is $599 with $300 down +$18 upgrade fee. There is no discount even if I switch to a family plan. Damn ATT isn't even there yet and they have ruined T mobile. I will use wirefly maybe as they are selling it for $249 upgrade or new after instant $50 rebate

yeah too damn expensive! is it because its 4g? ill wait til the price gets lower at least to $249. i need this phone now! :(

::cries:: If I can only get edge its not worth paying full price. ::cries harder:: I will never get to type on clouds!

Meh, it's not all that bad. I have a Rogers 9900 on T-Mo, EDGE only. Of course, if I was paying $600+ for a device, I'd want to take full advantage of all the Gs I can. Luckily, I didn't pay that much. :P

Sorry, but I don't understand this. I thought the 9900 was able to cover both the UMTS (2100/1900/850/800 + 2100/1700/900) and the EDGE (850/900/1800/1900).

So, depending on which Sim card is insered in the phone, it will be able to choose the right frequency, correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm looking forward to buy it on full price to import it in Italy, where I've the 3G on 2100 and GSM/EDGE on 1800/900.

Ok so I have 2 similar questions:

First: If I buy a BlackBerry Bold 9900 at my preferent carrier and then unlock would I be still able to get 3G and HSPA+ on my BlackBerry still using the same carrier, or just get EDGE?

Second: If I'm still able to use 3G and HSPA+ even after unlocking of the original carrier, would I be still able to get 3G and HSPA+ (if available) on another national or international GSM carrier?

I appreciate your answers.

Although I am very happy for TMO. I am more than ever angered at Big Blue.
I will most definitely try to resist playing with the display units.

My suggestion is leave t-mobile and go to Verizon or Sprint. The Bold 9930s are world phones so the advantage for travelers is gone.
If they are not cheaper, have less coverage, why stay.
I just left AT&T because of crap like this. AT&T does not have it and T-Mob (which AT&T is buying) is pricing it out of range when everyone else is around 199.00!
I went to Sprint and LOVE my Bold 9930. Really just love it. Alternatively, you could buy it full price and get the cheaper monthly fee.
By the way, I traded back my HTC Evo 4G (which I had from work but hated the battery life it just sat in a drawer while I carried my Torch) and got 125.00 bucks for it so we got the phones at a net 125.00 bucks.
Walmart also has this phone for 199.00 on line.
Just an idea and no I don't work for Sprint or Verizon but I do like having choice. Screw AT&T and T-Mobile for not giving it to us.

Yes it is, and relative to the market for this device not some general basis.

It is $100 more than the 9930 on Sprint and $50 more than the 9930 on Verizon. Add to that the fact that you have to use a mail in rebate to get it "down" to $299 and I am more sure than ever that an impending move to Sprint is the right move at the right time.

I've been on TMO for more than five years, and never had much of anything negative to say, but the longer wait and now the higher price, along with spotty coverage that we've been tolerating, has made for a pretty rapid disintergation in my fairly good feeling about them.

I called tmo yesterday and they explained to me why its so expensive. According to them, they're claiming its the only Bold that will actually be running 4G and no other carrier will be. Does anyone know if this is true? Does 4G even exist right now??? But regardless, its still too expensive! Kevin, can you confirm these rumors??

You means the only *T-Mo* BB that runs HSPA+/FauxG in the US. The 9810 on AT&T runs HSPA+.

I think I just found the answer. I ad bought the Google Nexus S from the US and it was model # i9020T and it works here in Asia meaning I get 3G service. From what I see is that the new Blackberry Bold 9900 shares the same frequencies as the Nexus s did. Below are two links to show:

Question is what these so-called 4G speeds will show up as in Asia..

The 4G thing is a load of manure. T-Mobile will bury you in 4G Android phones for < $100. I've played with one at a Tmo store and it is a delicious phone. To sum it up, if Apple ever made an iPhone with a keyboard, I imagine the hardware would look something like the 9900. Only if Apple made it, you'd have iOS and zillions of apps, so the total package would be better. You have a phone WELL WORTH $299, with a $50 MIR.

$199 on a 2 year contract with no BS MIRs is ALL this lovely RIM product is worth in today's market. I can afford it just fine at $299, but I just hate to be a sucker. If the price doesn't come down to earth fast, I will be waiting for QNX,

EXACTLY. Nice phone, but let's take stock of the facts. It runs an ancient OS and has very limited memory to store applications (THE critical differentiator in the smartphone world). The competition meanwhile is about to release a phone with an 8 megapixel camera, while this thing can't even get one with autofocus. The Torch 9810 on AT&T for $29.99 that I saw at Best Buy last weekend seems to be more appropriately priced (same hardware guys, soon to be same network).

You guys really need to stop bitching about the price of phones over there... I'm in Australia and over here a 32GB iPhone4 (Using it as an example since we STILL don't have 9900's) costs $1029 outright... And given our currency is higher than yours... Geez, stop bloody whining... :/

Ouch, that's not a marketable price. Oh well, I know some guys who were waiting for this to drop and they might be waiting a little longer. That's too bad.

This amuses me.

I work for VZW and our suggested retail for the 9930 is $510.

Perhaps T-Mo can not buy as much as we can? Who knows.

$299.99? Not in this economy and defininatly not on my budget! No UMA or HotSpot (connect up to 5 devices), they claim it will come with a later update, but T-Mo has been nothing but lies lately. I talked to CS on Saturday and they told me the price would be $199.99. They even recently canceled increment payments to your bill where they tac on the price of the phone over the next few billing cycles so you dont take the $299.99 hit at once. They claim it was in response to customers claims of "lost" phones.

Not worth paying that price for the few added and lots of lack of features! Yeah, its the first 4G or Faux G Blackberry, that alone is a riddiculous statement! Why do we accept and keep putting up with these lies?Smaller battery, no front facing camera, No auto-focus, lack of dual core and onboard memory! Compare the specs of the new Samsumg Galaxy S II phone (which Fox News labeled the iPhone Killer) and compare it to this Blackberry! I am starting to feel more like a dingleberry the more I research and keep getting duped by RIM and Tmo!! I love Blackberry, been with it for 7 years but dang< I am having change of heart lately!! Guess what they call the 7 year itch?

The only reason I have stayed with Tmobile for so many years is because of its excellent UMA hardware technology. Software VoIP will never be as good as Hardware UMA. This is the dumbest thing Tmobile can do. If they stop supporting UMA I will jump ship.

+1 I love that technology on my phone if it is gone from the 9900 I'm keeping my 9700 for backup.

So if there is no UMA, what kind of band will it be on when its on wifi? All of my previous BB's from tmo have had UMA. This is all new to me.

TMo said they will have wifi calling right out the box, but UMA won't be availble until a software upgrade this fall.

But Verizon said the same thing about NFC and then BAM! We got NFC in the next OS update for Verizon. has new BBerry Bold's for $164.99 for new users and $214.99 for existing T-mobile users?!

I just ported over to Verizon from T my 9930 for 199. no more red SOS signals out in the field and no more dropped calls (sold my iphone 4 w att) ....big red is more expensive but it works all the time!!!
299 is so stupid they will never sell them ...

I've read that the T-Mobile 9900 (unlike other T-mobile phones)may actually be able to run on ATT's 3G/HSPA+ bands.

I have my doubts, but can anybody confirm this through some real world use on ATT's network (or via some frequency specs)?

Today is the first time that I've disconnected from a T-Mobile call with disappointment... The rep suggested that I move from the Even More Plus Plan to the Value Plan in order to "enjoy" the EIP option. It's different from the previous plan because you'll have to pay half ($299) up front. You'll still be in a contract with them for 2 years, with no discount on the phone upgrades. WTH?

So this should work on Mobilicity and Wind in Canada, right? Note that the Bell / Rogers / Telus models in Canada will work on AT&T for those who are waiting and willing to pay full price (which is the same as in the US... but actually only $549 on Rogers I believe... when they get stock!)

So, good for Wind and Mobilicity users in Canada I guess!

Way too expensive, no UMA and just too far behind in smartphone technology. I'll be getting the Samsung Galaxy SII when T-Mobile releases it instead.

I think I will still have to buy it. Att is so messed up. This phone is sweet. The price sucks really bad. The problem with Sprint and Verizon is it is cdma and 3G so you can't talk and use data at the same time.

If the 2 year agreement price goes down (in the near future) is it possible for the suggested retail price to go down too? As much as I doubt it, I just preferred to ask...

It is expensive, but oddly enough there are at least 5 stores in NYC that are sold out and are adding names to a "waiting list" - T-Mobile knows that people will pay the premium. The reps at the retail locations are saying they only received 5 units, they might get more sometime today, they aren't sure, they weren't told how many to expect. Seriously T-Mobile? You've been pre-selling these phones to business customers who are willing to add a new line but your existing customers have to wait and be put on some "list". To make it worse, when you call customer service and if you aren't eligible for an upgrade they try to tell you that you can break up the payments over 24 months if you pay $150, bringing to total price (before taxes) to about $750, really T-Mobile?

I believe it is $150 down and the rest will be broken into installments, unless I am mis-informed. It makes sense for it to be 600+tax-$150(initial payment) then the rest in installments. With my rate plan it is just 20 equal payments which will total the full retail price + tax.

When I went to the T-Mobile store they told me the same thing, that they only had 5 phones in stock. And one person had already called to have them hold one for them, and I got to the store literally 3 minutes after they opened!
I hated having to wait to pick up this phone, even with the high price. I was so frustrated with my 9700 and trying to use my husband's 9780 that I was willing to pay anything!

wow, the only thing holding me back from dropping att and going to tmobile is the price.. att seriously needs to get their act together and actually focus on their products timetable rather than buying compettiions (who the govt shot down!)

I ordered mine from walmart. Only $215 (assumingly $15 more than what the price will be in a few months) and I got to go on the Value plan and will now be paying $20 less than I already do now?

Score/win for me.

And now with this AT&T merger most likely not going through, its an even bigger win!

Also, I hate these people who say T-Mobile sucks. I get great service everywhere!

How did u get that rate? I can't select the value plan...and is the price is $599
Thinking to switch from ATT to Tmo

It is clear what T-Mobile is doing with this pricing. They won't sell many at this price so they can justify ordering less from RIM. Let's face it... Android gained market share last quarter at the expense of BlackBerry. What would you focus your resources on?

Meh, my current BB is working fine. I'll wait a month or two, see of the price drops and if UMA gets added. Then I'll decide.

Went in to get mine today and was told the date was pushed till tomorrow because of the misprint on the box. Looks like some markets are either putting out the bad boxes or got their act together. Dallas is probably just too small of a town to be able to get the new boxes in the stores on time.

T-Mobile must be trying to milk the early adopters and BB fanboys right off the bat. No way can they justify this price vs the 9930 or the Android devices they sell themselves. This price should drop an easy $50 fast.

9900 - $599

Playbook - $499

iPad2 - $499

Are they serious!

I'm waiting for QNX devices anyway, but still, $599!!!!

i went to utilize my upgrade on the tmobile website to purchase the bold 9900. Tmobile quotd my upgrade price, with my earned upgrade of two years btw: $399 with two year contract. glad my upgrade made the phone even more expensive than if i just wanted to buy it with 2 year contract. the upgrade price without the 2 year contract: $699. really!?!? wth tmobile. i'm supposed to get a discount for upgrade discount that i have earned.

I just logged on to TMo website. I haven't had a new phone since March of '09, to upgrade to the new bold 9900 they want $404.83. $18 of which is an upgrade fee. Why do I have an upgrade fee if I'm eligible for a full upgrade?

Because they can't charge an activation fee on a line that's already activated, so they came up with this one. It's like a conract-extending fee, but THEY should be paying US! Sometimes if you get the right rep, they'll waive it for long-time customers. Usually most people are stuck paying it.

Call tmobile and ask them how much is your EFT. Tell them you can get the BOLD online from Sprint for 199 and you are thinking of switching. Maybe they'll offer you a sweet deal. Its worth a try.

I have been waiting since they first announced this phone (seems like years but it is only a few months). Yes, it is ridiculously priced but I decided I was worth it. Went to my T-Mobile store two hours after it opened in NYC and they were already sold out with a waiting list. They told me that each store only got 4 phones with the biggest store in Manhattan only getting 6 phones!!! Every other store was already sold out with a waiting list. I called locations in Queens and they also only got 3 or 4 phones. And to add insult to injury, I had both a discount coupon worth 50% off accessories and a $25.00 Promotion card both expiring TODAY!!! I called Customer Service and they said they had plenty of the phones and would ship it but that I couldn't use either the coupon or Promotion Card with a Phone order. Plus this rep kept trying to get me to change my plan too. I ended up calling back later and the new rep told me to use the Promotion card against my phone bill (good advice) and to buy something for the new phone at my local T-Mobile store. So I went back did just that and the guy in the store told me that they were already up to 20 people on the waiting list (I'm lucky number 10) and that he was also disappointed because had they received all the phones needed they would have made their sales quota for the month. He (and I) have no idea when the phones will be available.

Rep in S Florida store said stores got 5 each. He already sold 2 when I went to get mine 15 minutes after opening.

As someone who has been using Blackberry's for years on end now (first BBerry was the Pearl 8100) and who has been with TMO since the release of the sidekick 2, I have to say that I never thought a day would come where a NEW BBerry would be released and I wouldn't have it within the first week if not the first day. I don't mean to sound negative here, I think the new BBerry's are great, especially the 9900 (I've had Curve's too, but as we all know the Bold series has always been the cream of the crop as far as berry's go.) and I'm glad for RIM, but I have to say that I personally will be leaving Blackberry after all these years....

It wasn't an easy decision to make. I was one of those people who always stood by RIM. I had advocated highly for RIM (and TMO for that matter) when many others were singing high in their praises about the iPhone, in addition to other devices. I do feel that RIM just hasn't stepped up their game enough with all these new devices...

My reasoning is a mix between pricing and hardware specifications. To be honest, this phone is really expensive opposed to some of the competition that out there. It seems like the main thing I would be paying for is HANDS DOWN THE BEST QWERTY KEYPAD EVER, which I believe is great but in the end, I could personally adapt to utilizing a touch screen keypad on a device with a really large screen...

With that being said, I'm waiting on said Samsung Hercules which should be out around the end of October. It may not have a physical keyboard, but it does provide a 4.5" super AMOLED plus screen, 1.2GHz exynos (samsungs own) processor, 16GB internal mem (double what the Bold offers now), Video recording in 1080HD, 42Mbps HSPA+ capability (those specs are ludicrous!, "if" true"), etc.

The saddest part? I truly believe that this phone will end up costing me LESS than the Bold 9900 while providing me with MORE in the feature department. I am aware that a phone is a type of iconography and that they are all very personal, but at what point do we recognize as consumers of an amazing company (RIM), that there are better and affordable options out there?

I'm not saying I'll "never" return to RIM, but its safe to say that at this point I'll explore my other options in the hopes that when they do drop those QNX devices, they will be providing mobile consumers around the world with one of the most Elite devices that is incomparable to any others (or at least on par with).

Thanks :)

/agree with most everyone here. Definitely interested in the 9900 on TMo; but, not at this price. The keyboard looks like it's to die for but voice-recognition on an Android might have to do in the meantime.

Would love an updated phone. I have a Bold 9700. However, I just don't see the 9900 as a significant upgrade. It really doesn't offer me $250 worth of improvements. I also have a Playbook that I can now buy at half the price. So, no hurry to buy a phone with little tech improvements. And I sure don't want to extend my contract two more years.

My sister called tmobile friday and complained that the price was to high. We told them that we were considering waiting 4 months till our contract was up and just switching to sprint and getting it for 200. Then they offered a deal for 175

Whoa?! 175 off the price of the phone or 175 all together? I want this phone bad and if this is my ticket in then I'm down. I envy your sisters luck!