BlackBerry Bold 9900 makes a guest appearance in Jennifer Lopez's new video Papi

By Michelle Haag on 19 Sep 2011 06:55 pm EDT
Jennifer Lopez has been seen several times with a white BlackBerry Torch 9800 in real life. In her latest video, Papi, she's seen pining over a picture of her and some guy on a BlackBerry Bold 9900! Check out the video above to see it. If you're not into J-Lo, no worries; the scene is first up in the video.

Thanks for sending this in Luis!
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BlackBerry Bold 9900 makes a guest appearance in Jennifer Lopez's new video Papi


is that Bradley Cooper in the picture with her? how ironic they are already speculated to be together since her split.

isn't it ironic from video that Bold 9900 is sexy? look at how the crowd are scrambling for a Bold 9900 (sorry J-Lo :))

I guess I wasn't the only one thinking about that joke... damn it, I hate being too late. Stupid video but glad to see the Bold in there

+1, I paused the part of her looking at the picture and the picture looks wavy at the top. Must have been edited into the frame.

The commercial has the name of the song at the bottom of the screen at the beginning and the end with the artist and director, just like a music video (am I dating myself?).

It was on non-stop yesterday during football... nearly every commercial break. They must have paid a fortune to the TV stations...

Hi @christy05h,

Alex from RIM here. As a proud 9900 owner, I was pumped to see the new Bold make such a big cameo in JLo’s video.

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Alex, RIM Social Media Team

RIM pays her a ton of money for product placement and release events(PlayBook Best Buy signing). It might be a sign that J-Lo is sort of a has-been...

it's a damn shame what happened to jenny from the block. she had everything at one point ,then Affleck showed up, lol. seriously though at one point she had a string of hot records and not just singles, but records which is a whole nother ball game. Her acting career was shockingly decent with Out Of Sight, Selina, The Cell and U-Turn where nick nolte played her father and would occasionally sleep with her..i mean it was all good stuff and that was all in the span of 3 years! but it all came down crashing down when affleck showed up and she did Maid in Manhattan, Jersey Girl and Giggly. and post affleck all she was able to muster up is Monster in law, and that put the kibosh in it, the final nail in the coffin. And now, not even her ass can save her with this bullsh*t she's putting out. And someone above me mentioned that she's doing this to promote blackberry? uh-uh, blackberry is promoting her cause she knows the blackbizzle is popular right now and has a hard core following. tables have turned my fellowship of the ring...what? nevermind. how the big-butted mighty have fallen. I'm out of beer. son of a bitch.