BlackBerry Bold 9900 launching in India on August 8th?

By Michelle Haag on 30 Jul 2011 12:00 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930

All of us here at CrackBerry are anxiously awaiting a release date for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in North America, but so far we're not hearing anything concrete. We've heard rumor that August 22nd will be the launch date in the UK, and now new word has it that India will be releasing it the second week of August, on the 8th. This will of course be the standard black version of the device, though the same source is reporting that a white version will follow in October.

With all the delays this BlackBerry has seen, it's nice to finally be seeing it get some release dates. My fingers are crossed now for some news for Canada and the US, as well as for those other as of yet unnanounced devices!

Source: iGyaan

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 launching in India on August 8th?


no sources....UK is 15th august. Phones4u UK is getting their stock on 15th. So, fingers crossed. But original article doesn't quote any reliable a rumour

The IT Pro website is using the same IGyaan site that's quoted in this article. So there's still no confirmed launch date.

We still have hope! If this post holds true, it is highly likely that Can and US carriers should be announcing soon. We can't change what has happened yesterday, but, we can hope for a better tomorrow :-)

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I don't care if its launching in India august 8th.. I want to know the release day on T-Mobile USA.. I cant no longer wait for this fucking phone.. RIM move your ass and release this in USA!

August looks to be the month. I can wait a few more weeks. I've only had my 9700 about 18 months; that's not a bad upgrade cycle. Upgrading your phone every 12 months can get expensive, and probably not necessary.

Now I am thinking I have waited this long, if VZW says they will get the 9930 in white, I might wait for that. Though my last New Every 2 expires in November and I don't want to "waste" that.

maybe they will finally announce these devices at the Toronto fan night next week? I think the reason RIM delayed the launch so much was to build excitement and anticipation but, as with most things the build-up plateaus and starts to decline after a while and if they don't release the devices pretty soon, all the hype will start to fade especially if they miss the back-to- school crowd and the Iphone 5 launches. My upgrade isn't until September 1st so I still have time but I'd like to have the Bold 9930 released earlier so I can get a sense of it's capabilities and performance before buying it.

Nice....who really cares? Where the hell is the North American release dates? How backwards is this? :P

Wow that is a crazy rumour. I stay in India and have been following closely with the releases here. The playbook arrived here TWO months after it was released in US and Canada. So there is no freaking way that 9900 will be released here prior to US and Canada.

What's next? will we find out that it is being released in Sudan, Africa and in Uzbekistan before it comes out in the U.S. and Canada? lol, I wouldn't be surprised!

Yes, the Bold 9900 launching August 10th in Tajikistan, Marshall Islands, & Burkina Faso. RIM to announce release dates for emerging markets of USA & Canada afterwards...

(Ironically, if US doesn't get its sh$t together on debt limit and budget we will be an "emerging market"!)

You have no idea how popular BlackBerry is getting in India! I don't see why RIM should release a flagship handset in India rather than RIM bashing, Android / iOS dumbass crazy USA.

that is the good news....
US/Canada will have next lot of devices....
so, if any problem persist it can be rectified in next lot (you know what is wrong with 9780 keypad)
so just wait and watch...
i hope some indian will review and post something for CB.

Considering how Apple is not focused on India at all I would say its a good strategy. It is the fastest growing handset market in the world.
The downer is (according to the rumours) the price. The contract system isn't very popular here and the suggested price tag is around 750 USD :(

Sorry but it is true that its launching in india by 2nd week of aug. This is confirmed vide 2 reports and rim folks to the retailers. Dummy pieces are supposed to be coming in by aug third

Found out through a store manager that its releasing on the 8th. Price around 35000Rs as stated before. Its worth 57000Rs in the grey market.

That's awesome. I think it would be great ti have a world launch ahead of the US. You know how saying "the grass is greener on the otherside". If americans see rapid growth outside the US, they may stop and think, "oh, I want that too!"

The sad thing is, because of the US economic state, this may not be an isolated occurrence. We just might start seeing things emerge in areas with strong economic growth potential before they do here. We really have to ban together as Americans to change our government's attitude toward our current fiscal issue or things like this will be common place and we'll be paying a lot more for products like these.

So happy. I have gone to the level of punching my Torch (which shows how good the hardware is)
The .576 OS for Torch was hideous. The.600 is great. But I'm waiting for the 9900 and its good to know that RIM is catering to their fan base first. You North Americans diss RIM so much that you don't deserve new launches :p.
BB's are popular in India bcos in India ppl don't use landlines and their cell phone is their primary mode of communication. Hence battery life is very important along with the outstanding email.
If this rumor is true then I will have the review on Aug 7th as I get the BB phones one day before the official launch, thanks to my cell phone retailer.

Well all I see is India coming to Top these days evwhere.. feel so so happy about it.. so so proud.. :) :) .. Love it.. its gonna be around 31 K appx in India .. It launches on August 8th , Confirmed by Staples , Croma & Ezone India ..


Nd @nomoredroid It was never about USA ..
get over it !!

gonna keep u guys posted .. Ive pre booked one .. :)

Approximately $725 for a phone? I wouldn't even consider it for that price. It is actually making me glad I am not from India :o). Now I can see why it is beneficial for RIM to launch in India first (Maybe), they sell half the units than in the U.S. and Canada and still make the same revenue. WOW!

Hopefully, most of the price will be built into the plan.
Maybe it is $750.00 non contract price.

Part of the reason these devices are more expensive in certain markets is likely due to import duties and other red-tape costs of doing business in certain protectionist markets.

Also RIM's distribution channels wouldn't be as mature and therefore may be less efficient. It's surprising how much overhead such logistical issues can add.

It wouldn't be right for consumers in one country to take on part of the cost burden for consumers in another country.

thats about the price that we who stay markets that dont have those phone contracts(because of pay-as-you-go)pay for all premium devices.The Iphone here is about 750$ for the 16GB,and thats when its locked to orange network.The unlocked is about 100$ more in an apple products retailer.The BB Bold is around 600$.

In india the cellular plans are very cheap.....we dont have a contract binding us to only one network and the price mentioned is of a non contract handset....moreover in india we pay $0.02/min and 0.03 for a sms(that is the max, on certain certain plans the price is negligible) do the maths at end its a very profitable deal for us.: )

If RIM sells 10 million of these, wouldn't that make their sales 7.5 Billion just for the phones?

RIM had a revenue slightly less than $20Bn last fiscal year, if i remember correctly. This was the year where their flagship device was the Torch. so 7.5Bn from sales of the 9900 isn't unlikely.

RIM is still growing. the Market is still growing, The OS7 devices would probably net between 25Bn - 30Bn in their lifespan

That would be gud news not just for Indian's but also for RIM. Blackberry has a huge fan base in India and ppl here prefer to buy phones off contract so that they don't get tied to a carrier and they r over a billion ppl here ready to shell out money I won't be suprised at all and btw I don't care what ppl have to say USA first RIM is going down boo RIM and all that non sense RIM is growing in Asia and the sub continent and its not just curves that ppl buy half of the market share own bolds and torch

I wouldn't be surprised that it releases in the US/Canada either same date, or VERY VERY close to... So everyone stop your "India first?!?" Whining!

LOL @ all the Yanks and Canucks crying over the 9900 release date (or lack thereof)

Clearly didnt read the crackberry article about market share, which showed that EMEA is growing, and the NA market share is in decline.

and you wonder *Why* you have no release date??

doesnt it make more business sence, to release the new stuff in the market where business is booming???