BlackBerry Bold 9900 lands in South Africa via Vodacom

BlackBerry Bold 9900 on Vodacom
By DJ Reyes on 7 Sep 2011 04:45 pm EDT

The highly anticipated BlackBerry Bold 9900 was today launched by RIM and Vodacom in South Africa. The Bold 9900 with its slim design and smooth keyboard lands on Vodacom and their 43 million customer base. Zunaid Dinath, Vodacom's Managing Executive of Sales said:

"We are excited to bring the first BlackBerry 7-based smartphone to our customers in South Africa with the BlackBerry Bold 9900. We believe our customers will enjoy the smooth and integrated communications experience, responsive interface, stylish finish and blazingly quick performance found in this premium smartphone."

The Bold 9900 will be available on two tariffs starting from R449/month, includes BlackBerry 100 BIS and is a 24 month contract. If ordered online there are savings to be made too.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 lands in South Africa via Vodacom


So... Vodacom in South Africa gets the 9900, but AT&T can't seem to find it! I'm ready to switch carriers to Sprint -- apparently my wife can get us 27% OFF Sprint plans through her employer -- but Sprint, which carries the 9930, happens to be sold out at the moment. Clock's ticking, AT&T.