BlackBerry Bold 9900 lands on eBay in the UK

BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Bla1ze on 4 Jul 2011 01:15 pm EDT

Looks like the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is getting plenty of action in the UK. Just last night it appeared on Amazon UK for pre-order in white and now, pre-release Bold 9900 has popped up on eBay in the UK. As always, it being a pre-release device means it is priced fairly high but if you've got an extra £900.00 (approx. $1,447.97 USD) it can be yours. It's unlocked, and unlike some previous devices we've seen in the past -- this one is actually branded as a Bold on the back.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 lands on eBay in the UK


Quite honestly I'm sick of video reviews of it.. I don't want someone else's perspective any more, I just want my own. lol

I would be extremely sketchy. The other linked auction here uses the same pictures but has more details, leading me to believe it is probably the original post. In any case both are sold. And I was so close to ponying up ;)

£900? damn! 2 weeks holiday in Spain plus £600 remaining for shopping, NO THANK YOU i will stick with my 9780

650 dollars for a phone....isn't that insane a little? you know i really thought that the price of phones would drop once the tablets catch fire, but im seeing no such thing. no one i their right mind should pay this much for a phone. And that's plus tax so it'll come close to 700 dollars for that phone. lol..nah...fuck that.

I Can't wait till September, the Blackberry Bold has given me such hell, cant run apps, memoy leaks, just garbage all around . iPhone5 thats what i'm waiting for !

Whats with the country of origin? Is it made in Canada, or made in China or Mexico and shipped to Canada for distribution? Anybody know which country has the best track record for manufacture?

pearl, 9700, iphone, 9900 (soon I hope)