BlackBerry Bold 9900 interactive videos take you on a virtual date

By Adam Zeis on 29 Dec 2011 10:39 am EST

I came across these BlackBerry Bold 9900 interactive videos on the BlackBerry YouTube channel and thought they were too cool not to post. While the videos are in Korean, you can still take part in the fun and click your way though on your virtual date. From the start you'll pick your gender (just be sure to pick before the video stops) then as each video ends you get to choose what to do next and you'll be taken through your day leading up to your date (The videos should open in the same window as you click through, so just be sure to hit play on each one). Some pretty cool stuff here that kind of reminds me of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to read. Check out the video above to get started!

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 interactive videos take you on a virtual date


from the land of the morning calm....
bold 9900 owner here.

i am disgusted the the dual-core ceo's are so inept on neglecting this trend-setting market. piss poor marketing (the little there is).

funny... any korean smartphone owner will point out that you can do the exact same thing with imessage and androids. and they are right

Yes, because BlackBerry is the cool phone in Korea and iPhone is the business/mature phone (I know, it makes absolutely no sense).

RIM advertises BlackBerry with young Korean pop groups. Apple, on the hand, lacks almost marketing of any sort in Korea and is seen as the mature device because it syncs across work computers and tablets. The majority of Koreans use Korean made android devices though because these are the devices that sponsor and are shown on Korean teenage dramas.

Amazing how a little advertisement can twist people's thoughts around.

Nifty choose your own adventure type ad.
If they did one for the North American Market that would be cool, but amp it up, make it a interconnecting series.

A web of ads to metaphor the purpose/importance of BBM.

Except with the business phone image in NA, the video would likely be something related to doing office work...a bit odd to make office works into a choose your adventure game after work.

Hmm. I'm not by my computer and don't think my wife would appreciate me mingling this way with someoen of the oposite sex. Instead of this stuff has there been any new 101's for the Playbook/99X0? If not is it possible new things have been figured out and can we get more of those aticles while RIM drags it's feet on the upcoming devices? I'm not complaining but asking for new ideas on how to maximize use of my playbook/99X0.

he only scored one basket the entire game of basketball, perhaps if he didn't have a chat window constantly blocking his view of the net, he might have had better luck scoring, hope he "scores" more on his big date!

is there a way i can get my blackberry eyeball with a hud?

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