BlackBerry Bold 9900 heading to Virgin Mobile Canada

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jun 2011 10:45 am EDT

Virgin Mobile Canada BlackBerry Bold 9900

It looks like the BlackBerry Bold 9900 can add one more carrier to the "coming soon" list. Confirmed in Tweet form yesterday, Virgin Mobile Canada said the device will be coming "super soon". Their soon and our soon are most likely two different things, but still a good sign that the device may be nearing an official release date. We first saw the Bold 9900 announced at BlackBerry World back in May but have yet to lock down a release just yet. We know it will be hitting Vodafone as well as plenty of other carriers, so for now we just need to wait (somewhat) patiently. Thanks Kevin!

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 heading to Virgin Mobile Canada


Lol. here is a quote from their site:

"Virgin Mobile already confirmed they’ll be releasing the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 on May 2nd. It’s been a while since any news on this touchscreen/QWERTY keyboard, but and Virgin tweeted yesterday that this is still coming soon, actually “super soon”. No word on that that means but it does add some life to the usual way of saying it. In the meantime you can watch our hands-on with the 9900 here.

Check it here at Virgin Twitter"

Didn't May 2 come and go? Or are they talking about 2012?
Maybe they meant July 2nd.

More than likely, the Bold 9900 will be a T-Mobile device in the United States. AT&T will most likely get the second-generation BlackBerry Torch, which will be for the most part internally identical.

Ok, to me "soon" would be a month or 2, but "super soon" should be within the month, IMO, but as you stated in the post their soon is most likely different from our soon.

Hopefully, we get something on Thursday during the earnings call, but I wouldn't hold my breath, I nearly suffocated waiting for more announcements from BBWorld, lol.

Needs to be out sooner then "super soon"

The 9900 and the whole rest of the 2011 line up need to be out the door and into users hands NOW. RIM cannot afford to doddle. It's not 2000 anymore they have to pick up the pace

Now all we need is some announcements and release dates for the rest of the line up if RIM even plans to actually release more then one phone this year

I don't disagree with this. The pace feels glacial, but I'm very much looking forward to the new devices.

Oh, and if you don't mind a friendly correction, the word you want is *dawdle*.

i would be ok if they scrapped os 7 and waited till the end of the year with qnx, they already have a prototype, get it out the door and let us deal with the growing pains.

@ San4berry that's acutally not a bad's about time RIM make significant moves instead of insignificant one's.

AT&T will most likely get the second generation BlackBerry Torch, which will be, for the most part, internally identical to the Bold 9900 Touch. T-Mobile will probably get the Bold 9900 while Sprint and Verizon probably will get the Bold 9930.

I noticed this in May when I googled VMC - Bold Touch and wondered when it would be put on Crackberry ! Yeahhhh, now it feels like the new Bold is really going to get here of these days lol

Is the Bold 9900 delayed or not? The internet reported that RIM confirmed this, but there is no official press that this is true.

This is why i stated in my article on that this still remains a rumor, not a fact.

That doesn't make sense, their flagship phone should go to Rogers first. Maybe Rim is unsure of their new phone and they are using Virgin to test the waters.

Not to dash anyone's hopes... but just putting this out there.

I've been on Virgin Mobile Canada for just over a year. They are CDMA with HSPA in many areas. I live in Manitoba where their HSPA network (and the phones that can run on it) have been "coming soon" since I've been a member.

Here's hoping that they roll out the new network (and some sweet new phones) here in Manitoba ASAP.

I was waiting to get the torch, but now I'm looking at the HTC Incredible s.... but I'll make a final choice when the network is turned on, might wait a bit to see which other phones come out.

FYI ...
here at Bell in Alberta, they just (within the last week) dropped their 3 year term price on the Torch down to $24.95...a sure sign they've got something bigger and better (and more expensive) on the way. :)

actually, I think the phone-provider system is very weird in America! In the Netherlands when a new phone comes out, every provider has the right to sell it! :S But I'm sorry for you guys :|