BlackBerry Bold 9900 heading to Three UK in August

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Three UK
By Adam Zeis on 16 Jun 2011 02:19 pm EDT

While an official release date of any sort is still a mystery for the much anticipated BlackBerry Bold 9900, many carriers are dropping hints here and there as to just when we might see the device. A few days ago Virgin Mobile Canada said the device was coming "super soon" and Vodafone has also posted a sneak peek video leading us to believe a release is right around the corner. Three UK now has the device listed as arriving in August which could mean an announcement isn't too far off. We've been waiting since the device was first announced at BlackBerry World for an official release on any carrier, so hopefully things will pull together in the near future and we'll be able to get our hands on one before the summer is over. Thanks Dave!

Check out the BlackBerry Bold 9900 at Three UK



The Three UK site has 2 pics of the Bold 9900 and it got me thinking, did BlackBerry send them a press kit with pictures and specs? Or does Three UK do this on there own? I ask because if BB sent them the images and such, I assume that US carriers could be dropping this phone on their websites soon to follow. Just a theory.

Adam Zeis

The images usually are just the ones issued with the press release and are readily available at

The specs are all over too. So while I appreciate your theory it really doesn't get us any closer to a release sadly. 


Ahh, I see. Thanks for your response. Well, heres to hoping! ;)

P.S. Thanks for the link, pretty cool.


Wouldn't US carriers release before UK?

Adam Zeis

Not necessarily. Could be a carrier in the US, UK, Canada or somewhere else that gets it first. Nothing set in stone really.


I think blackberrys are always released into the UK Market before the US. I think ive read some say often a couple of months before.

3 say august. But it looks like vodafone will once again have an exclusivity period. So vodafone is probably set to have it in July. The US may indeed only get it in September.


August release would be nice, but I'll wait till September, or later, for 9900.


Hey Adam Zeis. I posted this news earlier today in the forum!

Can I get a thanks lol :P How do we get news like this directly to you guys do you have a "Tip Us" feature that I am missing?


Three is usually last out of the UK carriers to release it so Orange, O2 or Vodafone may have it late July, early August if this is correct.


I should just drive to Waterloo and personally pick one up, it's only an hour drive.


Bold 9900 in Canada and maybe the US in late July is my guess, but it's just a guess.


Nobody, and i mean *Nobody* in the UK would jump ship to join three just to get access to a 9900. - im a Vodafone IBU customer, and if im going to jump ship again, it would be back to EverythingEverywhere. - i had 12months with 3 back in 2004, and that was enough for me!


The link now states September!


+1, i was just about to post that too


sweet now they can say coming in autumn. hmmm.

there goes any major summer releases.