BlackBerry Bold 9900 gets shown off in Vietnam

BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2011 01:17 am EDT

Although the BlackBerry Bold 9900 may be delayed for consumers that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of them out there. Even during BlackBerry World it wasn't all that rare to see plenty of folks making use of the device -- not as many as officially released devices mind you but if you were looking for a Bold 9900 they were easy to spot. This latest sighting comes to us from Vietnam, and also gives quite a reivew of the device itself. You'll have to hit Google Translate to read it but if you're just wanting to see more of the device you can jump on past the break for some nice photos.

Source: Vietnam BIS Community; via: CrackBerry Forums

BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9900

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 gets shown off in Vietnam


i love my nigga bla1ze. he's always ontop of his game. always working. +1 for the bla1ze man lol. Seriously though; this phone is giant. i don't knwo why every1s so excited over this phone. tiny screen and giant phone. isn't that a contradiction in terms, lol. i really thought that the touch would get all the attention but it's getting a fraction of this phone. i'm actually looking forward to the curve touch and the full touch. to me the curve touch is a perfect blackberry. small, touchcreen, and no goofy slide out keyboard that no one can type on. os7 virtual keyboard looks wicked and the only problem is that it has an 800mhz processor which is mighty different than the 1.2 in the touch. maybe it wont be so bad running os 7, sorry. ;)

The reason why it is so big is because it's a copy of the Bold 9000, wich is big. This is something many BB users want (including me). The Bold 9000 with today's specs! Can't wait to get my hands on this baby!

Today's specs? It will launch outdated. No QNX software, no dual-core processor, etc. The Samsung Focus from AT&T is a much better deal at $50 than the Bold 9900, and is still more up-to-date even though it launched more than half a year ago.

I had the Pearl Flip from T-Mobile and that was the worst piece of crap I've ever owned. Battery pull after battery pull, no signal, Bluetooth connectivity just quit all together, and the phone was only like three months old. Never again will I ever purchase another BlackBerry. The sad thing is they don't want to take a phone back after they know it's buggy.

While I can see it's an evaluation unit and the lighting might be playing tricks on my eyes, I wonder if that battery door will be smooth like that or etched. I'm not a fan of the diamond etched pattern I've seen others have.

Did you also notice that the battery door looks defective? It's warped. This does not bode well for this device. I know it's a test unit but what happens when they're making thousands of these as opposed to just a few test units?

great marketing indeed ,showing it off i na 4th world country like vietnam ,nice going RIM.

how about letting it be tested by the regular audience , liek nintendo did wit hthe 3DS. So that you could actually get some feedback on how to fix the problems their dealing with ,in listining to consumer demand .

RIM didn't show it off - good god. The guy has a test unit and he showed off the device. Always a effing whiner.

'A 4th world country like Vietwaaaah' - plonker.

Tested by a regular audience? Mate, you do know that SE Asia has come on a long way since the depictions you've seen of it in Hollywood war films?

Feckin eejit.

mate, remember that the first Iphone4's leaked hand-on was in VN and the first leaked Macbook 2011 was in vietnam as well.So I'm not very surprised about this show-off. If you can travel to saigon or hanoi, you will see more roll Royce and bentley than you ever seen in ur life! Yes that's ur 4th world!

Do you realize that people in Vietnam are just as "regular" as you and are completely capable of providing feedback and issue spotting on the 9900? What problems would you, as a person who is not from Vietnam, have with the new Bold that are any different than a competent tester in Vietnam? If you took your blinders off you would realize that people around the world are using Blackberries, and testing is going on everywhere, accordingly. Furthermore, this is not a marketing campaign by any means. Device testing is not marketing, unless it is in the form of coordinated leaks of information to the public. We are past that stage as this device has already been announced by RIM.

Lastly, I don't know if Canada is "regular" enough for you, but the "regular" people there are testing this device extensively and reporting the problems of the "regular" consumer back to RIM.

Read what you wrote before you post it.

Nice...can't wait to buy this thing already! Is there a full length video around? I'd like to see if boot up is still a 5-10 minute affair...

I don't know it looked like that bar was moving pretty quickly... but then again that could be deceiving as well. My storm sometimes moves really quickly then hangs for 3 minutes towards the end. I'd like to see a video as well.

I am going to become your grammar cop. Today's infraction, for which you get 6 demerit points, is: "there isn't plenty of them out there". This isn't proper grammar (even Word knows this one). Crackberry writers make this mistake on a consistent basis and it makes each writer look like a grade 6 dropout. The correct form is "there aren't plenty".

If you are going to be a grammar cop, you should make sure your own post is not in violation of any grammar rules. In addition, you should realize that this is a tech blog, and should only be held accountable for tech news. To wit, the job of Blaze has been taken care of with the posting of the sneak peek video. Job well done.

I have to admit it looks oversized in that video. I'm expecting it to be comparable to the current Torch when it comes to height and width, but much slimmer with regard to depth. In that video it looks much wider than I expected.

Maybe the person in the video has small hands, which lend to the impression I'm getting?

I work for AT&T and I cant wait for this to come out! Even though i dont have an upgrade until January ill still buy this thing no commitment.

After loads of consideration I have come to the painful conclusion that if a Android with a good keyboard and half way decent battery life comes out before I can sign a contract for a 9900, I am going to go for it. My choice of tablet was also dependant on the new Berry so a droid tablet as well. I am really hoping that RIM will pull through but it just doesn't look as though that will happen.

August is only two months away (and counting). I'm comfortable waiting for it. I certainly won't change to a new phone before I can get my hands onto the 9900 and see if it lives up to the hype.

great video...wish it was longer since it's about all i got until september lol. for the record, august is still a pipe dream...a wet one at that.


I have minor peeve about almost ALL of your writers. among so many grammatical errors, the most egregious is the consistent misuse of "IS" as plural when contracted: i.e. "isn't plenty of them" vs "aren't plenty" ..... that is just being lazy