BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming to T-Mobile later this year!

T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Bla1ze on 2 May 2011 11:03 am EDT

With the announcement of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 comes confirmation from T-Mobile that they will indeed be making the device available to their customers. Sadly, no official date has been set as of yet or pricing terms but for some folks, just knowing T-Mobile is adding it to their line-up will be enough to hold them over. Of course, we expect other carriers to make their announcements as well so, stay tuned! Did we mention it was HSPA+ enabled? It is.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming to T-Mobile later this year!


Will this device be on at&t also? :(
I don't wanna go through the unlocking and running it on edge -___- what if they use a micro sim?

this needs to be released YESTERDAY! I love my Storm 2 but I am dying for an upgrade...

It's like I've been trapped in the desert for months with no water to drink, only those damn mirages.

TMOBILE!.... EFFIN DEAD. This sucks ass. Is the 9930 going to be for Verizon?! GRRR... blood is boiling. AT&T customer here... gonna punch a bich right now.

Yessss!!!!! Now i can keep exchanging the 9780 with the crappy keypad and hopefully frustrate Tmobile into upgrading me to the 9900 for free.

Considering all other carriers customers got screwed with no Torch - i would hope AT&T dont get this phone.

Yes! That's what I wanted to hear. I love T-Mobile and will be there on launch day to pick this up. Hopefully the AT&T purchase doesn't get approaved. This phone with HSPA+ paired to my PlayBook will be perfect.

I'm waiting for the AT&T announcement. If it doesn't go to AT&T hopefully they will have the 3G AT&T bands on board.

I'll sell my old Bold about ten days before it comes out and I'll be the first one in line at my local t-mobile store to get this phone and put it on my plan... Yes, I can't wait anymore now please T-mobile come out with the Playbook with 4G to replace my Galaxy Tablet.

I'm just a tad confused. The phone is HSPA+ enabled but not LTE compatible? I know they're two entirely-different technologies,, but that may turn off some CDMA users. Personally, I don't need "4G" but it strikes me as odd. Anyone else?

Yeah thats what I've been thinking too. Ide like to see an LTE BB now! lol

Lets see what the CDMA models surprise us with....

All the 3G fuss I made for nothing. This is amazing news!

1. Osama Killed - √
2. TMo Getting a 4G BB - √

I dont know what to do with myself!!! This is even better than Osama Dying! I love this new BOLD. I can't wait!!

Now that 4G was BB best kept secret.....I"M LOVING IT let's go T-MO gone and push this device on out i can get rid of the unlocked Torch

Anyone know when this will be released? Do you think they will release it before the Monza?!? I sure hope so.

Screw the torch 2, I had 2 defective torch 1's and vowed never to purchase it again. Still can't buy the 9780, want my 9900!!

If the 9900 is 4g then so will the Bberry Touch I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Although Im weary because it will be my first keyboard-less phone ever!

Holy Cow! Will it also be UMA capable? Need that UMA but I think if AT&T takes over, they're going to kill it. Dang, I hope that merger doesn't go through.

I agree. UMA Rocks!!! While I'm personally not fond of T-Mo, (Tech support sucks & they haven't stood behind my last 2 buggy phones), I believe the AT&T takeover, will only make things worse! Looking foward to possibly buying this phone.... the deal breaker would be no UMA!

att takeover is just bad for business whatever spin they put in it. i'm enjoying my playbook and 9700 on tmo...imagine the 9900...

I'd like to Thank the Gods above and the kind people over at RIm for making this phone a reality. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You

THANK GOD they announced a 4G BB.. That's about the only thing that will revive them< and boy will it!! I can't wait to get this phone & bridge my playbook with it!! Whatever company it goes to will be my new best buddy.

Yes, keep UMA and just make one GSM phone- AT&T/T-Mobile ALL bands interchangeable. Also, for the 4G/3G Playbooks add UMA as well.

Please bring the BB Touch to T-Mo with compatability on all bands for AT&T and T-Mo and make it HSPA+ 42Mbps.

At BBWorld many of the 9900 devices by the RIM employees were using their 9900's on AT&T. So im sure AT&T will get the Bold Touch for sure!

can't even get 3g in most places on t mo - on my 9700. THANKFULLY, uma. if that goes away, i'm gone from tmo.