BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming soon to Vodafone UK

Vodafone UK BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Bla1ze on 5 May 2011 12:26 pm EDT

If you happen to live in the UK and are looking to get your hands on the sexy new BlackBerry Bold 9900 as soon as possible then Vodafone UK has the hookup. Shortly after the T-Mobile US announcement Vodafon went ahead and placed the BlackBerry Bold 9900 on their coming soon page. No release dates have been posted as of yet, nor pricing but -- right now, you can sign up for updates and know exactly when Vodafone UK is ready to release. In the meantime, be sure to check out all of our previous BlackBerry Bold 9900 coverage, including and up close and personal hands-on and general first impressions.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming soon to Vodafone UK


whoo! Cant wait for this... plus vodafone is the best carrier ever so ive signed up for updates... and now only waiting!!

What's the difference between the 9900 and 9300? I'll have to wait till after I defeat Harry in the next movie before I upgrade my contract. Pesky kids

Ah this has made me SO SO happy!!

Was going to get the Torch as due for an upgrade in September, currently on a 9700.. now this has arrive the Torch is the last thing I want - I want this one!!

Whoop whoop :)

I am a fisrt time bb user and I went for the 9800. Exstemly happy, love the best of both, keyboard and touch. 9900 will be just as great as no more slider. My wife will definitly convert to bb once 9900 available.

Any ideas how much it would cost to buy? Not due an upgrade until end of 2012...only 4 months into my Bold 9780 but really want this bad boy!

Wow, the flagship model on a month-to-month plan. How sweet! Well, at least that is how I read the ad "Coming soon to pay monthly". I sure hope AT&T can get this to market really soon, that side view is spectacular. Along with the hardware and reall KB with touch screen, I am all set. Just get it to market!

i noticed the bold touch was the only handset officially announced. rumour has it the remaining OS7 devices will be delayed to market until the fall with the bold touch only one arriving in mid august???

gots me thinking then there's no way we see qnx handsets in early 2012...maybe mid 2012 or late 2012?

but the leaked timeline showed a qnx OS late 2011 with handset availability in early 2012?

i'm confused.

I upgrade in September I think.
Gonna get this on an 18 month £30/month contract like my 9700. Can't wait, Bold Touch perfect upgrade from 9700.

Even though I'm a bit worried about the battery :-(, This is the BB i've been waiting for.
hope "soon" does not mean September ! a june - July release would be perfect

I was chatting to someone from Vodafone today and he claimed it was coming within a few weeks!
I dont know if that's true or not but I sure hope that it is!
He also said pricing will be the same as the current Bold line.
Crossing everything hoping that what he said was true!

They are piece of crap, the current OS for Torch which is supported from them is .246. This is unbelievable isn't it.

If you sign a contract with them then you have to check the upgrade OS by yourself.

You guys could have a look at their e-forum to verification.

please hu knws wen the bold 9900 is gona be released and the approximated price i just cnt wait am starting to hate the 9800 slider....