BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming to O2 UK in August

BlackBerry Bold 9900 O2 UK
By Yousif Abdullah on 31 Jul 2011 03:32 pm EDT
If the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has captured your imagination and you happen to live in the UK, then listen. RIM's upcoming powerhouse of a BlackBerry smartphone has now made an appearance on O2 UK's website with a "coming soon" label pointing at an August release. No exact release date as of yet, but you can tell that the wait is soon coming to an end.

Other carriers in the UK have announced future availability of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 as well, with Three UK promising a September 15th launch and Vodafone UK taking it easy with only a "coming soon" banner and no mention of anymore detail. It should be noted that Phones4u has already revealed both pricing and details on availability (via Vodafone) with a delivery date of August 24th for pre-orders. Whether a release in late August or earlier, the release is near - I can feel it. Can you feel it, CrackBerry Nation? Sound off in the comments!

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming to O2 UK in August


If Blackberry could ever figure out how the hell to get product to market in a timely manner, it'd be rich. These new gen Blackberries have been floating around for what, four, five months, months without a single product introduction - not even a firm date. Its really a pathetic performance. Blackberry will be gone in a year, two max.

I could be wrong, but it appears that from everything I'm reading about the various carriers' releasing the new phones, the problem may be the carriers themselves rather than RIM. Just an observation.

Whateverr, you see we ddont care whatt is casuing the delay we just want it sorted out and rreleased asap

I really duno what you on about, blackberry is smart because they know that the market will like a variation in products and its all to do with finding which product suits certain people. RIM might release different unit more than once in a year but weirdly enough people are still purchasing the product so you really can't say that blackberry is loosing money when they aint.
RIM revenue is like 20bill and they're main product is blackberry so mate you failed

Go back to your dead iphone

Really who gives 2 Shtz about BB! It's outdated crap that should have been released a year ago. This company is so lost that it is pathetic. Wait until the IPhone5 comes out and see where RIM sales go.

I cannot believe the losers on here with such a hard on for this crap!

While your at it get an iPad an iPod an iBook and an iToilet so u can take a iCrap in it! Steve Jobs owns your life enjoy paying iTunes for the rest of your life lolzzzzzz

I was considering the Torch 9850 (yes it IS a Torch, right Bla1ze? :P), but my "Nu every 2" isn't until December so I'll probably wait on the QNX "superphone."

Ahhhh, nothing beats trolling on a Sunday afternoon... Give a damn what people buy the day that is bought with your money. Troll along please.

According to some people if BB don't release a new model soon the earth will open up and swallow Canada! I don't mind the wait make sure it works good before you release RIM unlike some other people.

Based on all of these leaks recently, it definitely looks like this phone will be going on sale in August. Can't wait to try it out.

20 bucks on the release date being pushed back to September for any carriers that have released an Aug release date thus far. Any takers?

I can never understand what makes ppl who own other devices come to an opposing site and trash it. Whats the point and making that person looks like a one dimensional idiot. Think with your brain not your arse. Anyways, I digress. Anyone knows what berries gonna be released in augst. Hope to upgrade before I leave overseas. I need my new curve or torch soon.

no doubt what a loser...obviously a blackberry lover in denial or he wouldnt be on crackberrys website and logged in to comment lmao

In an email at work, I know it said August & I am almost sure it said August 7th to be the expected date for the Bold 9900 for o2-uk.

Although, as in the past with other handset launches, this does have a high chance of being delayed...

I wont be bashing RIM nor T-mobile (my mobile carrier) for not releasing this phone sooner. I will get it whenever it comes out, I don't have any plans on paying $200 ETF plus the price of the iPhone + the ridiculously high att monthly service prices (in comparison to what I pay now). If T-mo releases this in August then great. If they release it in white on the same day (though unlikely) even better :o)

I would like to get excited about this possible release time. But it's like having a girlfriend that loves getting "hot and heavy" but always changes here mind about "going all the way". And I will probably end up replacing my Torch with a Torch 2 since I am on AT&T. Of course this assumes I continue to keep a BlackBerry and an Android phone.

I'll take late BlackBerries over a pair of BlueBerries any day (w/said hot'n'heavy, but suddenly preclempt lass)! (Apologies. Couldn't resist.)

Honestly I am tired of waiting, I am tired of talking about it, and I am sick of seeing leak after leak with no concrete release info! I lost my iPhone the other night (thank god) and I took it as a sign that this phone would be my savior from Apple mind control. RIM needs to hurry up and put this phone out before people lose interest they've rushed all their previous models out which explains why the torch sucks so bad, JUST HURRY UP strike now while Apple is trying to get the iPhone 5 together!!!!

I fully agree! RIM should speed up all the product releases very much. Their product life cycle is like in the 20th century.

Just give the company time, if your device is slow and laggy and appears to be dying, wipe and reload the OS with BBSAK. That will speed shit up, it'll run like it was new and you'll enjoy it like it was new, fast and efficient! Even windows gets laggy after a few months of use. You have to FORMAT AND REINSTALL. It does the trick. So quit bashing or threatening to move over. Try the wipe and reload, see if that'll help. I'm not even afraid to go back to my 8130 on OS 4.6! It works fine still!

T-mobile is not selling the white 9780 on their web-site and the black (camera version) 9780 is Free! That is a good sign that something new is on the pipeline! 9900 perhaps? :o)

My contract obligation ends in October, and being in Serbia, ma' guess is that I will wait for a release even more then all of you! :(
So, as anxious as I can be, like every other CrackBerry fan out there,I will be patient a bit more with ma' Bold 9000, its low memory and fantastic design and be fully prepared for the "Touch"-down,for that "B"-day,for that awesome and long awaited change and device refreshment! ;);)

I don't know if I like bolds I'm a curve and torch user, I might wait for the new torch. I like blackberry touch screens

The Bold is a touchscreen you know! And it is has been BB's flagship device if you will an there are 2 versions coming the 9900 and 9760 I think! Both with varying size but same great performance and power and style!

Why is it, I wonder, that so many folk who lust after smartphones the way bulldogs lust after beef lack the smarts to write a simple sentence correctly or express a simple thought cogently? And as for proper punctuation, well, we'd be more successful hoping for a Republican with generosity of spirit. Perhaps they should be looking for a smartapp as well, one that corrects grammar, punctuation, spelling and ill formed thoughts all at the same time. Or maybe instead we should have legislation limiting the sale of smartphones to those who are actually smart. Now that really would be special.

Bold 9900 and rumored release dates are getting old! If everyone remembers the "strictly confidential" power point presentation, RIM specifically stated an Aug 2011 release date. Whether that has been pushed to Sept because of supposed hardware bugs, who knows. But defiantly getting old and when this phone is released don't get your hopes up! Still small screen, no 1080 video recording, no front facing camera for video chat, yadda,yadda. The Bold 9900 will still lack what other phones have. Only thing RIM has going for them is battery life, that is it!

Ok, I have a 9780 and thinks it's a good phone...but for f**k sake, they're just phones!

"Boo hoo...if I don't get it in August, I'm getting an iPhone"
"Will the carriers release it? Won't the carriers release it?
"If RIM don't pull their finger out, everyone's going to jump off the nearest bridge"

Yada, yada, yada...moan, moan, moan

Seriously, is the stress worth giving yourself an aneurysm...?