BlackBerry Bold 9900 Battery Life: Our Early Observations

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Battery Life
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Aug 2011 06:18 pm EDT

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* Update 3: If you're experiencing poor battery life on your Bold 9930/9900, be sure to read our article on 10 Tips to Maximize your BlackBerry Battery Life! *

* Update 2: We're finding a real big difference on the Bold 9900 in battery life depending on whether or not we're using WiFi. If we're connected to WiFi, we can literally go 25+ hours between battery charges, with three to five hours of actual device use. If we stay in the same locations, but disable WiFi, the battery can go low in half that time with even less usage. So use WiFi whenever you can. *

* Update: It's really interesting to read through the comments from this blog post, especially from those Bold 9900 owners reporting bad battery life, as when its bad, it's apparently really bad. It's strange to see such variation here. For example, right now as I type this my Bold 9900 is at 55% battery remaining and it's been off the charger for 12 hours today - pretty acceptable considering I've been using it quite a bit, but there are some people reporting batteries dead in as little as 6-8 hours, which just seems out of whack (like there has to be some sort of issue causing the rapid drain - it just doesn't make sense that normal use would do that). You'd think if there was a major mass issue - like the battery was too small or the OS build was bad, then all users would experience the issues. We're going to get more scientific about this battery life testing and try to figure out exactly what factors are causing great battery life and seemingly poor battery life. Hopefully we get to the bottom of it asap so all Bold 9900 owners are getting acceptable battery life.  *

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I actually had all of this written up as part of the Hardware Analysis > Battery section of our upcoming full review of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, but decided it would serve better as a standalone post (the full review is long enough as it is) so I can just post the summary within the review and link back to it here for those who want the full details. 

I've been charting my Bold 9900 device usage and battery life for five days, as have our own Adam Zeis, Bla1ze and even Miss CrackBerry, and the conclusion on our end so far is that the battery life overall is pretty solid and on par with expectation RIM relayed to us of getting a full day of use out of the battery. Between the four of us we had a pretty good spread of usage cases, from Miss CB being a fairly light user (a lot of messaging, some phone calls, and some web browsing) to crazy 'ole Bla1ze being on his BlackBerry more than any normal person should, doing just about everything he can think of.

Here's how battery life has normalized out for us so far over the course of 18 hour days. Consider the below as taking the fully charged Bold 9900 off the charger at 6am, and putting it back on the charger for bed at midnight:

Name Phone Usage Starting Battery % Hours between charge % Battery Remaining at End of Day Avg. Estimated  Hours of Life
Miss CrackBerry Light/Average 100% 18 45% to 60% 37.8
Adam Zeis Average/Moderate 100% 18 30% to 45% 28.8
Kevin Michaluk Heavy Use 100% 18 10% to 30% 22.5
Bla1ze Excessive Use 100% 18 5% to 10% 19.5

Looking at our numbers based on going 18 hours between charges, things are looking pretty OK here. Average users shouldn't have to worry much about battery life, if at all, while heavier users might may find themselves wandering into the low battery zone a little more often than would be the case on say the Bold 9700/9780, which sports a 1500mAh battery as compared to the 1230mAh battery in the Bold 9900. Keep in mind there are a ton of things you can do on a BlackBerry to affect battery life, and our numbers/averages above are based on a pretty small sample size and just two networks (3 of us on Rogers, 1 on AT&T).

Throughout the days of paying careful attention to our battery levels, and in talking to other Bold 9900 owners and hearing what they're experiencing, we've made some other observations that we're going to pay attention to over the weeks ahead. For one, we're finding battery life *appears* to last noticeably longer when connected to a WiFi network (more so than we've ever noticed in the past with other devices). Also, we've had a few reports of poor 9900 battery life come in, and in these cases it seems the users were in lower coverage areas (at the cottage) or on the move with frequent tower changes happening on the network (driving on highway in rural areas). What makes these cases interesting to us is that they're coming from people who previously used the Bold 9780 in the exact same places/route without that sort of issue. It could be there's still some software tweaking to do here to get things 100% perfect.

Again, it's early days still, but for the most part things are looking like a thumbs up on the BlackBerry Bold 9900's battery life, which is a topic people want to know more about. So, if you've bought a Bold 9900 and been using it, let us know how you're finding the battery life so far in the comments!

Reader comments

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Battery Life: Our Early Observations


Great Post :)
Glad to see the battery life isn't to bad

Now we just have to wait for the long awaited full review :)

I'm sorry but this is horrendous oversight on RIM's part.

There was a 1500 MaH battery in the Bold 9000 back in 2008. The used 1500 MaH batteries in then the Bold 9700/9780 due to the fact that better camera's, better wifi, and increased processing power would require a larger battery.

But now, on their 9900 which uses their most powerful processor, shoots hd 720p video, uses the new OS and allows for heavy web browsing, and they use a simple 1200 MaH battery that most hard users have to charge before the day is out?

And this is just at the start, wait till new OS come that might add features, decrease battery life or wait until the battery becomes a little old and cannot hold a charge as well, it'll be even shorter. And very few OS actually improve battery life as they release. I did extensive checking on Bold 9000 or bold 9700. The increases were minimal, but the decreases were larger, especially once you did a battery pull.

And it's not about having to buy a spare battery which would cost you at least $30-40 new? I'd much rather RIM have put in a 1550 MaH battery and increased the cost of the device slightly. Yes, most average BB users won't need to charge as often, but then again, only heavy BB users are really the people who are going to buy this.

Like was mentioned in the article, it's all going to depend on how your usage is. For me personally, I would end up in the category of Kevin or Blaze on any given day so a lesson I learned years ago is that as soon as I get a Blackberry, I buy an extended battery with double capacity at the least. I can't be bothered to swap batteries out or stay in one location tethered to a power outlet while my Blackberry charges. I'm always on the move.

But one thing you have to remember, things were sacrificed with this BB to keep it thin, I'm sure the smaller battery was one of them.

Perhaps I should not put the BB in the same category as the HTC Evo 4G but after watching the Evo die and die and die until I got range anxiety for anything I think this is awesome. If Bla1ze does not run his battery out in 18 hours I'm good.
The Evo has nice features but EVERYONE that has one will tell you they need a charger at work and one at home and even one in the car! Seriously, my co-worker still has his but as soon as this baby comes to Sprint he is switching back.

I have an Evo 4G & my battery lasts at least 18hrs easy with moderate to heavy use. Its still not as good as my BB was but I make through my work day & then some. I think the issue has to do with people not conditioning their battery properly because I've never had any issues with having to charge my Evo midday.

The obvious problem with them putting in a larger battery is that people would have then complained about the device being too thick even if it only added an extra mm.

Personally, if I am expecting to be heavily using my blackberry I'll carry a spare normal battery as the times I would need it would be rare that I wouldn't want a bulky extended battery and a second battery would take up no more space than a few credit cards as this new one is so thin.

To the person who said spare batteries are cheap. In 98% of the cases, they are used batteries being sold as new. Not to mention that they don't hold their charge as well as a new OEM battery. Sometimes, the battery is a fake knockoff as well.

I've also seen people getting duped into buying 2008 Bold 9000 batteries for their 2010 Bold 9780's etc.

Back to the battery, there is negligible difference in battery sizes, especially if RIM would have focused on fitting in a more powerful battery. They could have updated the asthetics of their 1550 mAh battery. I believe this is because they wanted to quickly get this device out. But I doubt it would have been tons of hardship on RIM to maintain form-factor.


The link above is someone who compares with good quality screenshots at the new battery vs. the more powerful old one. Because crackberry won't allow long urls, all you have to do is connect the "1230mah" part to the dash of the first part.

As to carrying around a spare battery, I doubt very much so, that many users would prefer to buy a new battery and carry it around, especially if they go to university or work etc. Some people might, I have a feeling most won't. Especially since you feel that most people would complain about their device being at most 0.5mm, but wouldn't complain about a spare battery in their pockets.

It would be a fairly rare person that actually needed to carry a spare, my point was more about a second battery being a better option for the times when some needed one than an extended battery that made your device bulkier all the time.

Another thing to bear in mind with the 9900 is that oem battery covers for extended batteries are going to be more expensive unless you are happy to give up on the nfc antenna.

To the person who said spare batteries are cheap. In 98% of the cases, they are used batteries being sold as new. Not to mention that they don't hold their charge as well as a new OEM battery. Sometimes, the battery is a fake knockoff as well.

I've also seen people getting duped into buying 2008 Bold 9000 batteries for their 2010 Bold 9780's etc.

Back to the battery, there is negligible difference in battery sizes, especially if RIM would have focused on fitting in a more powerful battery. They could have updated the asthetics of their 1550 mAh battery. I believe this is because they wanted to quickly get this device out. But I doubt it would have been tons of hardship on RIM to maintain form-factor.

The link above is someone who compares with good quality screenshots at the new battery vs. the more powerful old one.

As to carrying around a spare battery, I doubt very much so, that many users would prefer to buy a new battery and carry it around, especially if they go to university or work etc. Some people might, I have a feeling most won't. Especially since you feel that most people would complain about their device being at most 0.5mm, but wouldn't complain about a spare battery in their pockets.

should place respective comparisons from the last devices the respective users were on to put things in perspective... its hard to judge our selves over what kinda users we are.

on mythbusters, we call this a control :p

Agreed. Ideally we'd all be running two data plans, same carrier, both phones side by side with apps, etc. installed. Heck, I'd like two 9900's side by side right now having one on wifi and one not just to see if there's a difference. We'll follow up later with more control.. it's still early days.. .curious to see what other owners are experiencing too.

my last charged went a full 28 hours...and i was up all night working on this dang review!

To make sure your testing is complete, you should send me an unlocked Bold 9900 and I'll rigorously test it here in Minnesota. ;-)

at the BB7 launch the BB folks demoed the new game (Rollercoaster Rush 3D Jurassic) and new non-native browser (Wikitude w/augmented reality). They both seem like hugely bloated software and I will take a bet that both or either contribute to severe battery loss if one has a session with these apps. free to os7 users only, but at the expense of local storage and battery.

this is my opinion/conclusion from feedback of a couple of rogers (canada) users in the GTA.

looking forward to os revisions which address the known issues.

Also, I'd like to know what apps, etc everybody has on their BB, what their settings are for brightness and that sort of thing. This would give a more complete picture of battery life.

Having had my 9900 since Wednesday I've noticed that life seems to be dropping faster than my torch 9800 but am pretty sure that's just coming from a much heavier use as I play with all the new features and fine tune set up.

I haven't *had* to charge the phone in the middle of the day yet but did friday afternoon as I was down to 30% and knew i'd not be near a charge after work for awhile (golf).

Will keep an eye on it over the next little bit and post updates.

It is a real disappointment that the 9900 is having a lower capacity battery 1230 mAh. When the whole world is going after powerful processors and bigger displays, the meatier the battery the better. Why RIM didn’t think about the real use of the equipment than the beauty part of making it razor thin. The future applications are all going to be resource hungry ones. The Blackberry, which is not going to last for a 14 Hrs work, is useless.

My iPhone 4 consumed only 50% charge for the use I put for the whole day with 3 email accounts continuously on push, with ping, twitter and Vtok running

Though 5MP; the shooter is not catching up with the market standard which is revolving around 8 MPs. The absence of Autofocus is very heartbreaking. My main use of the camera is clicking news paper clips, which is highly affected by the absence of Autofocus. Another 1mm thickness is not at all a justification for eliminating the bigger better battery and the Autofocus shooter.

Hmm looks like the battery is a Thumbs Up this time ;) but most prefer the 9780 battery till the new Os Update comes out with some tweaks.

Im watching my Battery life on torch 9810 and so far Im supper happy with it better then the 9800 and i use it in the same way i used the old torch, so it might be something on the OS what keeps the battery longer.

that's interesting to note! and in that example, they're both on the same battery. 9780 to 9900 comparison there's two different sizes. 


Yes Kevin,
But I still don't understand why they did a smaller battery for this new device, and why RIM didn't go with a 1500mAh the processor is bigger the memory is bigger and everything in this phone is bigger except the battery 1250mAh.
I know "Bigger is Better" but should the battery be the same as well Small in size bigger in mAh capacity.
I might think RIM knows better this things they build the device they should know why they choose 1250mAh.(faster charge??...maybe)

Lets w8 for a couple of OS upgrades and then we judge and see why smaller.

Pretty much what I expected maybe after a few software updates and .cod tweaks we may be able to squeeze up to 3 more hous out of it

It's important to note that in real world use you're going to be asleep at night and your phone will be in standby. So the "average estimated hours of life" should actually be significantly longer (adding 4-6 hours of life).

The battery of my 4 day old 9900 gets drained completly in around 6 hours, main usage chatting and surfing, hardly any phone calls, the performance of my 9800 was better with the same usage, really shocked with the performance, used the stock os for 2 days and now on .317(same problem with both the os) maybe my device or the batter is faulty. Bought the phone from a official Blackberry store in India. Any suggerstions ?

I'm having same issues with mine. I'm running .317 and there is no way I make it through the day. I'm not sure my battery will last to 5pm each day without being plugged in.

I'm noticing similar results on my 9900. Since last Wed I've found the battery to decrease at alarming rates from my old 8900. I've also noted that the phone loses signal for me on a regular bases, going from 3G to EDGE to SOS while at home.

In the past, I survived on UMA when at home and the 8900 showed excellent battery life. Granted I didn't browse with it, as that was a painful experience but I have watched the battery drain on the 9900 while doing absolutely nothing. I've now resorted to leaving the phone charging on my computer whenever I'm home - something I never did in the past. Am still working out if this could be application related or due to poor signal. I've removed the Weather Network's Weather Eye application (earlier version hung, next version started sideways and current version starts mysteriously all by itself). I'm hoping it's a rouge app. Am still running the stock Roger's OS.

As an aside, I run SmartWiFi, so WiFi gets turned off whenever I leave a known WiFi zone.

Take smartwifi off. I had nothing but problems when I ran that on os7. Then give it a try. If you transferred from your old to the 9900, I would go back to factory and add from a backup avoiding a lot of apps. My problems were all related to bad apps.

Haven't had any issues with SmartWiFi and since I wander from customer site to customer site and I setup their networks, I need it to turn WiFi on when I get to a known site and off as I leave. Haven't installed too many apps and SmartWiFi, BatteryWatch and BBSmart Alarms Pro are the only ones running in background beisides the default programs. WeatherEye is gone for now until they figure out what they're doing. I do feel that the situation has improved since removing WeatherEye but I can't prove it yet.

Am currently using BatteryWatch to take hourly (give or take) readings of my battery and recording them in a spreadsheet, noting my location, talk time and basic device usage.

I find that the further away you are to a tower, the bigger the drain. But that works the same way with every phone.

Honestly, Its a terrible battery..
Im an above average user.. but even the Torch 9800 had a better battery. I've had the phone for 3 days now and i constantly find my self having to charge it..
So far ive been charging it twice a day.

Im going to try to turn off the WiFi tomorrow to see if that makes a difference (because it did with the Torch) but I have starting looking for better batteries

I found this website..
and im considering buying the 1850mAh battery but im not sure if thats a good idea.. i dont want to damage the phone.

I really dont expect the batter to improve or last longer than it already does.. I dont think it needs a few days to calibrate or anything of that sort, but will update you if (BIG IF) it improves.

On a side note: Why can't RIM invest a little bit more into such issues like Apple did.. I don't necessarily like apple products but many of my friends that own Iphones don't seem to be complaining about their batteries running out... Food for thought.

Regarding the Apple batteries, they don't last long. I went from a BB 9000 to iPhone 3GS, and the battery life was horrible compared to my BB. My mother did the same thing and had the same problem with battery life. I ended up only using the iPhone for about 3 or 4 months, just didn't care for it and missed my BB too much.

Sorry i should have been more specific when referring to apple products.. I use to have an Iphone 3G.. the batter life on that was terrible.. but i was talking about the Iphone 4 for example, not to mention all other apple products.. I mean even when you want to compare the Ipad to the Playbook, the Ipad simply lasts longer.. and this is coming from an anti apple person.

Regardless, the batter life on the 9900 and the Torch 9800 should be much much better than what they currently are.
I usually purchase my cell phones at full price, so it irritates me to be paying a lot of money for a product that should at least provide me with a days worth of usage.(referring to the bold in this case)

is the battery size actually physically smaller than that of the 9780 devices? With the bold 9900 being a physically larger device i figured they would have been able to squeeze in a similar 1500 mAh.... Probably because of the "thinness" of the device they couldn't.

Sadly it does seem like Apple etc. have convinced the media people that the thickness of a device is a crucial factor in how good it is even if it reduces other things like battery life so Rim can't ignore that.

As a multi-platform user (BlackBerry, Android), I am glad to hear this. My G2x gets ten if I am lucky, while my Bold 9780 (with equal or more use) gets more than a day. The Bold 9900 is going to be my daily driver when I get my hands on one.

I crawl out of bed at 10:30am and will probably put it on charge at midnight, and I'm probably in the Adam Zeis category so I should be fine.

Be nice to know what OS you're using.

I'm just sad.

Still crying (when I'm alone) for the battery life of the fresh 7230 or the 8300 ;)

I was charging the 8300 every Sunday and Wednesday.

And often it still had 40-50%.

Ok, that was before using much browser etc. Just email and bbm and gtalk.

My old Bold9000 is a very 'unstable' one as sometime a app empty the battery or using 3G sucks the battery like Dracula.

around 7am to midnight (my times as well ^^) average of 50% but could be 10% or 80% as well.

The 9900 is really a device I am very interessted in as till now I couldn't find a device with a qwert(z)y-keyboard half as good as the keyboard of the 9000.

So I proably will be stuck on BB forever ;)

Twitter has also played a huge part in battery life these days :). I know my battery drains a lot faster now that I'm on twitter more.

I had both turned on previously.. Today im testing the battery life with the Wifi off to see if i could squeeze a few hours out of the battery..
But as i said in one of my previous posts.. when you're paying a lot of money for a product such as the Bold 9900 you tend to expect things to be better.. the phone it self is amazing.. everything about it is perfect.. having said that, RIM should have put in more Research to perfect the battery

I'm very confused by these findings.. im running os on Rogers.. regular user.. im not getting a full day out of my battery life..keep wifi off all day..running bare minimum.. Hope its not a faulty battery or phone but hard to say...

No... a larger capacity battery is not going to damage your phone. As long as the voltage is the same you should be okay.

Consider the following when purchasing No Name batteries:
1. The milli-amp hour may be untrue just to generate sales.
2. Some batteries have built in protections from overcharging and protection from total drainage. Usually "known" brands do have this... batteries from unknown source????

I "saved" money by buying a "guaranteed" battery from Ebay... I got it for $40 less.... Excellent deal till it caught fire and melted my phone. :-(

Not to sound condescending but if you're saying the phone will not be damaged, yet the battery you bought melted your phone.. id rather keep charging my phone twice a day but not have it melt..

But that part about the protections from overcharging is interesting.. i didnt know that one.. im not sure if i fully understood what you were implying but basically and unknown brand might drain out completely and become useless after?

He's not saying that a bigger battery will damage the phone, only that a no-name battery from an un-reputable manufacturer may do so.

If you get an extended battery from Seidio, for example, it will do nothing but extend your battery life. Some random ebay battery could catch fire, as his did...

RIM put a crappy battery in this phone to show faithful blackberry users what it is like to have an android.

My bad. The 18 hours # is right (that what everybody averaged out to). Just messed up with the clock time (we're all waking up/going to bed at different times so brought everything back to one scale).

I have been on Rogers and have the Bold 9900 since last tuesday ... i am noticing that the battery does not last the whole day for me .. not certain if FB or other things are draining it! ... moderate use ... i have found that 7 hours max is what i have been experiencing .. will see how it goes next week ...

I am using and my battery don't last a full day as well. I live in Toronto so coverage should be good. I use Twitter, FB, MSN and Beejive (in the meantime since RIM don't have AIM for OS7).

Though its a smaller battery so quicker on the charge. I still don't last a full day with the battery.

Hate to say but my 9700 does better :3

This is really unfortunate. It looks like a dud in the battery department, which isn't surprising with the size of battery RIM chose to use.

I wonder what goes through the minds of RIM executieves and the marketing department especially with a much bigger device though the NFC and the thinness probably contributed to it.

having a smaller battery is not going to go down well you have people moving over from the 9700/9780 and the battery life thats achieved on that.

Either the four amigo's are liars, or I use my BB a hell of a lot less than the rest of you

Or, they have special, super batteries :)

In bgr 's review it's all praise in the battery department , he said it could last 3 days

I'm on Rogers with stock OS. Used 9900 for three days.
Battery life is horrible with moderate usage (70% BBM+Email, 20% calls, 10% Facebook/Tweeter)!!!
I'm not sure what to do. Really consider returning the device while i can and stick to my 9780. I get 3 days with my 9780 doing the same things i did on 9900. I could barely squeeze one day out of 9900. The damn thing just dies on me before i get home (8.5 hours of usage).
So much wait and for what....... what a disappointment. :(((

Rim cut way too many corners on this phone to get it to be "slim" which has no real competitive advantage. Lower size batter, crappy camera, slight os upgrade etc. As everyone and their mom knows this should have shipped last year instead of the 9780

The mAh may be down, but due to other factors the overall battery life is actually much improved.

I was having an issue with my battery charging down too soon one day with my 9900 and I think it was because Weather Eye (or whatever the weather network app is called) is not working right with OS7. I have the latest version, but at first it was showing up landscape instead of portrait, then it was always showing up when I took my phone out of its was draining battery big time.

I uninstalled it and batter life is back to to being pretty darn good, over a day at least. Watch out for those misbehaving apps that aren't truly OS7 ready.

Hey KEVIN! Maybe the issue is "training" the battery. I've heard that one should use the phone right out of the box until the unit turns off( 0 battery), then fully charge it, then run it down to zero again, then charge it all the way again. This might make a difference! Gary

Conditioning is not nearly as important with today's Li-ion batteries as it was with the Ni-cads that were used 10 years ago.

Oh boy! Never, ever let a Li-ion battery discharge to 0%!!!

Doing so destroys individual Li-ion cells which make up the battery as a whole! Li-ion batteries are quite sensitive to deep discharge.

Best practice for Li-ion batteries is to charge to full capacity using plug-in charger (3-4 hours or overnight - built-in overcharge protection), then use the device until battery level reaches 15-20% and recharge again to full capacity using plug-in charger.

Following this sequence, top-off recharges are fine using whatever means (trickle-charge like through computer USB port) or plug-in charging method.

Once per month, repeat a full charge cycle (let the battery drain to 15-20% and fully recharge overnight).

This will keep the Li-ion cells fresh and capable of holding a charge for longer.

If you plan on storing a Li-ion battery for a long period of time, it is best to store it at 35-45% charge at below room temperature.

I bought my first 9900 from Rogers on Wednesday and didn't get such good battery life. On Saturday I realized my volume down key was jamming against the mute key and it was always being pressed down. I exchanged it for a new one and the battery life has been much better. Running .317 on both and I shrunk the OS, 246 mb app storage. :)

Had the 9900 for almost three days now. Charged it overnight (Sat morning). Plugged it back on the charger Sunday night. Not bad in my opinion. Original Rogers OS 261. Uninstalled FB, all the preloaded messengers except for BBM.

So who's the jack-ass at RIM that had such a hard-on for the "thinness" of the device? So far, we've seen the battery and the camera suffer at the expense of "thinness".

Maybe it's just me, but for a few more millimetres, we'd probably see a smartphone worthy of the title "flagship"... I dunno, maybe I'm being crazy here?

The problem is that while you would be happy for those extra couple of mm, reviews would have clobbered the 9900 for being too fat and neither example you give would affect the majority of users.

Im really not counting on any miracles here and i don't believe that OS tweaks can affect the battery life that much, at least not in this case. Beefed up cpu, gpu, touch-screen and smaller battery. It is what it is.
The real question now is this. Will that 1850mAh battery from China roast my 9900 ?

Those of you posting bad batterylife please check few things.

1) If your phone shows roaming Icon, then your battery drain faster.
2) Press and hold the BB button to see what all applications are running. If you have a application using GPS is running in background, you loose battery in few hrs.
3) Any third party applications like weather channel etc.. are always a threat to battery life.
4) If you don't need the super bright screen, turn down the backight brightness to a comfortable level. I always notice blackberries ship with very high backlight brightness setting.
5)In backlight setting, let it timed out in 10secs instead of 30 sec default. So after everytime you look at clock (or for new email) in the phone, let the screen go down faster.

Hi All:

I've been using a 9900 since launch day, and I too find the battery to be sub-par by my standards.

I'm on Rogers, with pretty strong signal strength. Although, I've noticed on a number of occasions (please, others on Rogers, let me know if this happens to you) that it loses it's H+ and drops to EDGE, and even the odd time GSM. I'm located in Toronto, I don't know if that makes a difference to others. I noticed this as well on my 9780, which makes me believe it's more to do with the network than the phone itself.

Back to the battery life, I'm currently at about 14.5-15 hours at between 5-7% left. This isn't completely horrible, I'm a moderately heavy user, but think this still should be a bit better than that.

Comparing to all the crackberry staff on a 9900, this doesn't sound like it would compare close. I don't think the device would last 18hrs.

Hope you guys can figure something out. I'm hoping it's a software issue.

I wake up at 8am the battery is at 40% by 1pm. The battery on this does not last me for the entire day since I have classes that end at 8pm. RIM Whats wrong with you!

Damn... deal breaker once again! I do 3 days with light usage on my 9700... 2 and a half days with moderate usage... nothing less than 28 hours on HEAVY USAGE! So in other words my 9700 does on heavy usage what the 9900 does in light! This is another bad sign for me! Damn... really don't know what to say after venting over the camera! First autofocus is gone on the camera... so 9780 has better pics... now the battery is smaller and that equals more charge time and less usage on the damn phone! I am gonna say things aint looking good any more... I was so hyped about this phone for months and now everything crashed down! i think i will just pass and not sell my two current berries to get this disappointment! I'll wait for something great! might not be a berry... sad to say :(

I'm concerned when the CDMA version drops. Gsm has always had one up on battery life when it comes to blackberry's. When august 21st comes and it drops for sprint and/or verizon I would imagine a horror story. I mean look at the difference in battery life of the 9650 and any bold on gsm, like the 9700 or 9780.
I'm hoping us CDMA customers will get just as equal battery life but honestly if gsm is getting bad then were probably not in a good boat. Lol

Talktime for CDMA is actually quoted as being higher than the GSM version this time round, maybe qualcomm are better at cdma than they are gsm.

If I really don't make it true the day, I'm just gonna buy another battery. I did NOT work my entire vacation, when other kids were having fun, for this to not buy it.

Hmmmm...Rogers, bold since wednesday. No problems with battery at all. I did. I went from a torch to a bold and had a bunch of bad apps. I used desktop to transfer from my torch to my bold. Transferred my apps too. Bad behaved ones. Old 6 tools, smart wifi, quick launch, drop box, etc. Realized my issue as appworld would sit and spin not letting me update anything. Flattened it and just restored messages and contacts and no more battery problems.

Just got a word from my buddy who ordered a Verizon version of the phone. Turns out they get 1400 mAh battery (Rogers version comes with 1230 mAh). WTF?!

That is probably just a typo on the part of VZW since both models have been seen to use the same battery.

"For one, we're finding battery life *appears* to last noticeably longer when connected to a WiFi network (more so than we've ever noticed in the past with other devices). "

I am surprised you didn't see big improvements when using wifi on os6 devices, if I was working from home all day where my device was on wifi I saw big improvements in battery life and that is even being in an area with great mobile coverage.

On Os7 I see similar benefits with using wifi, one change I have made to power settings is to reduce the backlight timeout, this also has the advantage of letting you watch the phased power down of the backlights more often too. ;-)

I think the battery life is def a network thing. I unlock all my phones cuz i travel alot and when im in the UK the most i get out of my bold is 8 hours, but when im in the US i get 12 hours minimum from the same phone and i use it a lot.

The UK does seem to be worse in my experience than when I am in Germany and that is even if you are using local sims in both cases since obviously roaming eats the battery quite a lot faster.

It is a real disappointment that the 9900 is having a lower capacity battery 1230 mAh. When the whole world is going after powerful processors and bigger displays, the meatier the battery the better. Why RIM didn’t think about the real use of the equipment than the beauty part of making it razor thin. The future applications are all going to be resource hungry ones. The Blackberry, which is not going to last for a 14 Hrs work, is useless. The smaller charger is of no significance when a slightly bigger charger of the iphone can give more power output.

My iPhone 4 consumed only 50% charge for the use I put for the whole day with 3 email accounts continuously on push, with ping, twitter and Vtok running

Though 5MP; the shooter is not catching up with the market standard which is revolving around 8 MPs. The absence of Autofocus is very heartbreaking. My main use of the camera is clicking news paper clips, which is highly affected by the absence of Autofocus. Another 1mm thickness is not at all a justification for eliminating the bigger better battery and the Autofocus shooter.

I'm sitting here with a BB 9700 (which I have a love/hate relationship with) that I bought on the first day it was available in the states and I have been excited by the 9900 but when I first reviewed the specs, I loved everything I was seeing except the 1250mah battery. At that point I thought to myself, "WHAAAT??!!!" Why, why, why, why... makes me want to laugh AND cry at the same point.

Thanks to all who've been sharing.

I can testify to the fact that OS build versions can make a huge difference: just for the heck of it, I tried an update on my 9700 about a year or so after I got it. Results were terrible. I had awesome battery life before the update and absolutely terrible battery life afterwards.

I kind of wish that they would have carried the "leatherette" battery door over to the 9900.

So close, RIM, so close.

1250 mah??? Again, REALLY??? LOL.

I mentioned this in the forums already. I got the phone on Wednesday and charged it, i worked for maybe 8 hours until it was running out of battery. On Thursday the same story but after the second complete charge the battery life improved by a lot. One thing also playing into it, is that i flew back to the US and therefor i didnt have to roam anymore.

Its really crazy to realize, there are two big issues with the 9900: creapy camera without autofocus and a weak battery. RIM, thanks, I am not interested in it, I stay with my 9780. Big pitty, the 9900 looked so good. I dont know, if you will get out of your financial problems with half-made products.

The fact that some people are getting excellent battery life indicates that there probably is a software bug or something that will probably be worked out with an OS update. That's my hunch. I don't think the camera is a deal-breaker so I still think it will be an excellent phone definitely worth the purchase.

I got the new Bold Touch on Friday and I've noticed the battery drains way faster than I expected.
I just changed the backlight brightness to the lowest it goes and made it last for only 10 seconds this morning so hopefully that will help but before that I had it at 30% brightness and for 40 seconds and I had to charge the phone twice daily from mild to moderate usage. I really like the phone but sometimes I work for 12 hours a day and I can't see it lasting that long. We'll see how it goes with the different settings today but I'm thinking I've got one of those "when it's bad, its real bad" batteries. I'm also in a city on the 3g network, so coverage isn't the issue.

And if you will never turn the phone on, you will get a great battery performance...thats not a solution. I want from Blackberry minimal 2 days full performace without the need to charge the battery. Thats what I know from my 9780.

i am very heavy BB used just picked this up with rogers on Friday and my BATTERY LIFE IS A POS! I don't know what I did wrong...

But for example today woke up at 12 and now at 4:20 pm im already in yellow, I've sent a few tweets , bbmd a lot (over 550 contacts), e-mailed maybe ten times and checked my voicemail (x5) ...


Welcome to the club lol.
Just returned mine for a refund. Three days in a row died on me before 8pm on moderate usage.

I'm just curious: I have a 9700 but haven't been able to pick up a 9900 yet... totally wishful thinking, but can somebody please compare the physical batteries? I.e. Is the M-S1 in the 9700 the same physical size as the battery in the 9900 (the JM1)?

A complete long-shot, I know, but they seem very similar on line.

As long as this thing works better than 9800 battery thats all I care about. the 9800 is terrible. anyhting more than light useage will not get me through a full day

Battery got a full night charge, been off charger since 8am, 5 hours later the battery is 40%, using the latest vodafone official os.

DAY 1 = switched off device plenty of times due to network upgrade.... battery lasts 10 hours....

DAY 2 = took off from charge at 12pm.. battery red at 7:30pm....

DAY 3 = will check it one more day tomorrow... if its the same, then goes back to vodafone .

P.s = previous owner of 9780 .. battery worked for me for at least a whole day with a lot of juice left... i always put the device on charge every day.

Wow, it's heartening to read all these comments seeing that I'm not the only one with mediocre (read: BAD) battery life. Having said that, it's completely disheartening to read these same comments as this is opposite to what RIM would lead everyone to expect of this device. Or perhaps they were right when they stated "will last a business day".

But a "business day" by who's definition - RIM?? Do these guys only work 5-6 hours a day?

I've had the phone for a week bought at Rogers (firmware (j).261), after first full charge the battery didn't last over 6 hours - down to 15% within 6 hours = 15-25 emails, browsing news (RSS), 30-40 txt msgs, 30 mins of phone calling. First thing I did, BTW, was turn down brightness to 10% and dim screen set at 10s.

Second day, another full charge, no better. Third day, upgraded to .296, slightly better results, but nothing extravagant. Same usage = get ~8hrs before it gets to 10% battery remaining. If I leave it sitting around doing nothing, then I'll eek out 12hrs (example Sunday was slow and I didn't bother texting or emailing, news browsing, etc). But on a normal business day.. pfff

- Never had GPS turned on (useless to me & seems like a gimmick).
- BBNews set to check every 4 hours for feeds (20 feeds: Reuters, AP, BBC, Globe, etc)
- Social Feeds turned OFF (and all feeds removed)
- Twitter (t4bb) on for a few minutes at a time (5-10 minutes), check, read, reply, sign-off...

Right. After a week of usage and normalized charging cycle, I figured I'd remove ALL 3rd party apps (incl. beBuzz), turn off all features that poll the network for data including BB News... similar usage as above = now up to 14 full hours before getting to 10% ... at times up to 10% discharge rate per hour, but then drops to 2-5%/hr (calculated) !!

That's not very good!

First of all, what's a smartphone without some apps that make the phone as "smart" as it is? Second, what's the use of having a phone sit idle to "conserve" battery life when the thing is made to be used?
Third, wtf with a 1230mAh battery!?
Fourth, wtf with a 1230mAh battery?!
Fifth... read 3) and 4) above - you get my drift!

It's a great phone!! Fantastic device. Would I buy it again? Probably. It's one of the few devices out there that actually let you do work instead of having a gamepad for a cellphone.

Will I keep using the phone? Definitely. ... once I get more batteries, that is...
Am I pissed at RIM? You betcha!

Cheers all!

Has anyone found the charge rate abnormally slow?? I've had my 9900 for about 5 days now. Last night I plugged in for 8 hours and woke up this morning with a 75% charge..

We still waiting the solution, why on some users, battery working good but other user said the battery really bad.. -___-

also, *update2* on this post is a joke, its a frikkin phone god damnit, like the whole point of a phone is tha you can be connected anywhere without having to be around a classic internet connection. DUH!

I have found that the battery life of my 9900 has increased significantly since I decreased the refresh rates of Facebook, Twitter and Social Feeds. Let me know if you experience the same improvement.

sorry to make this this so long but speaking of batteries, i want to know if anyone has come across this problem. i got my Sprint bb9930 on 8/23/11. fell in love with it immediately. i take it out, slip in the battery, and go to put the battery cover on and immediately noticed that it was not the best design for sliding and slipping on but it got it. no problem. i had to take the battery in and out a couple of times over the past 4 days for various reasons. i drove to the sprint store to get a gel skin. as i'm walking in, i realize that the battery cover is off!!! i freak out and go back to the car and it's sitting in the well where i keep my phone. i go into the store and show the guy, and he shows me where one of the clips on the bottom of the batt cover is broken. i flipped. no new cover there. so i go to the next sprint "corporate" store and the guy takes it over to repair and brings it back with both clips broken and, nope, no parts. we start calling around, no one has parts. after being told "too new, no parts", one employee advises me to call sprint and get a new phone. that was from noon to about 1:30 pm. at 4:45, i'm starting to get ready to go out so i call sprint to get my new phone (i have 30 days to do this) and after being on the phone for 2 hours, i finally am getting a new phone with a $35 charge!!!!!!!! i was floored. i have been a customer for 11 years, paid my bills on time, and was told i was a "premiere" customer. at one point i told the woman, " you have been with me while i did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, put on makeup, did my hair and got dressed and you're not going with me on my date....let's get this done!"

so, i did order the same phone because i do love it. i will see how this battery door lasts and if not, its definitely a design failure. if they don't, then it was just a lemon.

I've had my Bold for about 3 days now and I can barely get 12 hours in a day before the radio signal is too low for use. I'm going to try shutting off some services, upgrading the firmware, and slowing refresh rate on social networks. Worst comes to worst, I'll try using EDGE vs HSPA+.

UPDATE: I got a full day from 7:30AM to about 10:30PM with about 7% left. I used EDGE, slowed refresh rates on FB, Twitter, Social Feeds (only update when I open the application) and I got rid a few apps like Weather Eye, DropBox, Canada Post - apps that I don't use/weren't working yet anyways.

I've also discovered that the software still has quite a few kinks - sometimes my BACK button will act as if I hold the BERRY button to bring up multi-tasking and I noticed today that a few times my screen would completely freeze when I was trying to refresh my Twitter feed for about 10 seconds - anyone else getting this?

Hi guys, I am very new to this so my comment might not be very precise but just to drop my 20 cents in the pond, from what i have experienced in my Bold 9900 is that previously my battery was draining fast, and i had to recharge almost twice a day, but day before yesterday i turned of the IM client (msn Messenger) and i noticed a significant improvement in the battery life.... (almost 36 hours)
has any one else tried it as well? i will keep on logging it and would let you guys know further.

Can't believe what people are saying here. Use WiFi more, decrease refresh rate on social feeds, and my absolute favorite: switch to Edge instead of HSPA. True apologists. Cripple the device just to get through the day.
I wonder if RIM is going to take any responsibility for this.

I've had my 9900 for 5 days now, battery life is very short...
For example; approx 65% battery before going to sleep, less then 8 hours later (without using the phone) battery is completely dead...

Did notice (great) improvement while using Wifi.

Could it have something to do with network/internet connections? Because I've just switched to Blackberry I'm not connected to Blackberry services yet... I have a regular cellular internet connection, but (at least here in Holland) you need bb services as well in order to use the phone properly. I'm hopling battery life will be better after being connected to blackberry / RIM services.

Hello all

I went to a Brewer game on Sunday. Pulled up to the tailgate and unplugged. Moderate messaging some pic, some videos, and minimal e mails....I was in the red by the end of the ninth. My best friend is in Miami bought the 9930 on the same day and has the same issue. I am coming from a 9780 and this is seriuosly causing me concern. I have a couple of weks before I have to make the decision to exchange or not....if I do maybe its time to go Android and wait for QNX (my company does everything on google). Otherwise I LOVE the keyboard, the look, the speed, and the touch screen. End of the day if its going to last as long as adroid might as well get some of that Droid goodness with the HD and the dual core and the 4glte.....OH! Another friend just messaged me from the UK same phone same problem.

Hi all!

I am so glad I found this thread! I am in the UK and had my (gorgeous) 9900 for three days now.
The device itself is beautiful and I love it so much, BUT the battery life is absolutely atrocious.

First day lasted 6 hours off a full charge with maybe moderate use at a push. I figured it would improve after a couple of charges, so it had a full nights charge that night, and this time, it lasted a whole 7 hours.

Googled the issue, and followed the '10 tips to save battery life...', gave it another full overnight charge, and alas, by 5pm, I was in yellow, red by 6pm. This had lasted around 8 hours, I had turned wifi off when I left the house, closed all apps,sent a couple of bbm's, a couple of texts, and had three phone calls, none lasting more than 3 minutes each.

As a mother of two very young children, this really concerns me, as I need a phone battery to be reliable, and at least last the day with minimum usage such as today. If i had an out of house emergency around dinner time today, I'd have been stuck!

I love this phone, but unfortunately I think I may have to return it. If it was just my handset that had the problem, I'd have probably exchanged it for another 9900, but if it doesn't improve its battery life in the next couple of days, it may have to be bye bye BlackBerry completely.

I previously had an (s'cuse my 'profanity' LOL) iPh*ne 4, and the battery on that lasted me til bedtime! Its all I ask!

Has anyone figured a super solution to this awful battery problem? Other than buying a spare? At the moment, it is kind of defeating the object of being a phone!


The battery life of this phone is really bad and make it almost unusable. I had a 9780 before and was fairly happy with the battery life but now with this piece of crap I can't barely go through a working day without a charge, even phones like the Android ones or Iphone have better batteries life time if I could I would have brough that phone back.

I've had the 9900 for about a week now, and I have noticed that the battery is not as powerful as the battery in my Torch 9800 was; though in every other way the Bold is vastly superior.

I'm completely ignorant to the manufacturing process in batteries, but is there not a way to get more "umf" out of a battery of a similar size? Do they sell a more powerful battery for the bold as an option?

All in all I'm happy with my Bold.. could it use a more powerful battery? yes. Is it a huge deal for me? not really..

I did all the recommended steps to try and save my battery from draining and was still losing 5-10% battery power every hour.

This included switching off the social feeds app and I saw no improvement. I then deleted social feeds completely and my battery is currently at 85% which is amazing as I stopped charging almost 24 hours ago.

So for anyone still experiencing problems DELETE the social feeds app. Turning off or disabling doesn't help it has to be deleted.

Looks like I'm going to get 3-4 days out of a single charge.

I'm getting 6-8 hours as well and I've tried and am still trying all the tips to save battery life.
I'm usually getting 6 hours and on the off day maybe once or twice a week I get 8 hours.

This is pretty annoying and I plan on switching up my phone at best buy...

I've had my 9900 since Sept and am finding my battery life terrible, unfortunately. Notting anywhere near what team CrackBerry is getting. Average usage is about 4hrs readding using BB. News app, a few emails and messages (texts and bbm), and a couple of short phone calls. Yesterday was only about 50mgs of data usage (mostly linking to news articles from BB News) and I have to recharge after about 6 hrs! Am currently running OS from Telus.

Today been checking the forums about OS upgrades etc. And reading news for about 3hrs (I know, I'm supposed to be working haha), and only have 40% battery remaining! No wifi, or blutooth, no facebook or twitter running. Verry disappointed, but love my new BB 9900 and OS 7!

Horrible battery life!

I’ve had my BB 9900 for almost a month now and man does the battery life suck!
I can not get more then 8 hours at most and today 3 before having to recharge again.
As an average I get around 4-6 hours at most with light usage.
I’m on MTS if that matters any.

Not impressed RIM!

I use my BB 9900 like all the time. I use twitter (ubersocial) and I also use w'app all day long. so have to recharge after 4/5 hours of using. it is very annoying.

OK... I had the same problem ... My Bold 9900 was working beautifully until I actually downloaded the newest software update package ... I clicked on the icon to update the software, and downloaded it overnight, but the next morning my Bold was running REALLY slow and the battery drained in just a few hours. I wished I had not clicked on software update!!


I think I have solved the problem ... though I may have taken an extreme approach:

It seems that after the update, the Blackberry was running a lot of applications in the background, without my knowledge, and that's why it was running so slow and the battery was draining so quickly.

I had trouble trying to shut down applications ... and couldn't figure out what was running and why, but what I did was to just remove all user-installed applications:

I went to options, then to Device, then to Application Management, then I deleted some applications I installed myself from AppWorld

Then I rebooted, and now it seems to be working normally again.

There may be some way of turning off these dang applications running in the background without going through all that trouble, but I don't know how to do that.

Anyway, the applications running in the background are the source of the problem, and basically if you can get rid of them or shut them off, you should find your BlackBerry running smoothly again.

I have a new bold 9900 and am very disappointed that the battery runs down so fast. I have to charge it at least 2 times a day if I use it very much.

If I'm not on it then the battery will last a bit longer but so far the battery has never lasted a full day.
Have o/s 7.1.0

I live I'm Mount Vernon, WA and always have my phone on wi-fi. I get 25-30 hours of usage and that is moderate use of text messaging push email from 3 servers, constant twitter post, moderate Facebook as well as one phone call daily. It's on T-Mobile and I couldn't be more happy.