BlackBerry Bold 9900 accessories arriving at AT&T locations, sign of launch soon?

By Bla1ze on 31 Oct 2011 07:48 pm EDT
AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 accessories

Oh, AT&T. How you tease BlackBerry Bold 9900 fans. Announcements, Tweets, removal of said tweets and now -- accessories. No telling how long AT&T stores have been stockpiling these but word is things are 'on schedule' for the BlackBerry Bold release. Whatever that means -- we'd just drawn the conclusion AT&T was nuts for having not already released it. If 'on schedule' means this Sunday -- we really don't know. But it'd be real cool if it happens but we'll wait and see. Thanks, Anon!

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 accessories arriving at AT&T locations, sign of launch soon?


Is it over the 30 days? Maybe you can take it back. How many people have laughed at you for talking to your phone? Answer :a lot, even though you might not know it. :)

Me, too. Got tired of waiting. Got a 4S last week. Sold my BB 9700 within an hour of listing it on eBay, which helped defray the cost of the 4S.

I guess they missing out on the action of the 9900 sales...if they can't sell the phone yet, they learned they can at least still earn some money on a phone that they are not carrying..Very smart! Selling accessories for a phone they do not carry. Nice!

I won't hold my breath for them releasing this anytime soon... When I see a post like regarding the T-Mobile and 9810 release I'll believe it.. .. ..

If I'm out of contract with AT&T and I also own a Playbook.........any reason why I wouldn't jump over to Verizon and then get the full functionality of the Blackberry Bridge? Maybe the AT&T version has the kinks worked out?

Confirmed. I don't have any proof for everybody but the email came down today, nov 6th release with the samsung and htc.

@flyerssignguy you can have full bridge functionality just not if you download it from appworld.

what's confirmed? the 6th? Why no official announcement? What are they trying to prove here? And also what about the 9860?

I don't know for sure but it looks like either the 6th or the 20th along with the new curve. My guess att pull something crazy like usual. I'm wondering if they're gonna let us use the nfc or not.

Well that we all are hoping and assuming due to that leaked roadmap... Thought you had some more concrete proof... Its a watch and waiting and hoping game now.

I said in my first post that I don't have any proof. I don't really care if anybody believes me. I was just passing the good word along.

@flyerssignguy sorry, I forgot to answer your question. Is simultaneous voice and data useful to you? if not no not really, except hspa+ is faster than evdo if you have enhanced backhaul in your area

No, 1st as in the first of November aka NOVEMBER the Month we are Supposed to have the 9900.

I know it's not coming out Tomorrow.

Get what I'm saying?

Two android phones were just announced in an AT&T press release today. One is a HTC phone, the other is a Samsung phone. Both are going to be released on November 6. No news of the 9900. What does that mean? :(

I'm also off contract but have been wanting to switch to sprint cuz they have the bold and plus unlimited data is what I need cuz I don't have wifi anywhere around me and I keep paying the $10/1GB for going over. Plus I wanna get a playbook to use bridge, what's the best option for doing that?

Im really liking Sprint right now. real unlimited everything for a good price, and great customer service. Sprint hasn't pulled any features from the 9930 as far as I know. ATT does do call and data simultaneously which is a big deal, but not quite enough for me to go back.

I hope the accessory is a sign of a very near release of their 9900.

I can tell you this. I was at the ATT store yesterday. I spent an hour there and asked about the 9900. Told them about the famous tweet and no one there had any clue of the 9900 coming. No accessories in the back, no nothing. BTW, the reason I was there is because I have given up on BB. I was a diehard key boarder. But when I realized that I can send a message with Siri without typing I realized I really didn't need the qwerty any longer, so I bought the new IPhone 4s. So bye-bye Berry. It's been fun. Time to move on. Best wishes to all my Crackberry friends.

I'm not sure what you use your phone for, maybe you're a gamer and don't have any friends, but I think most people do talk into their phones all the time. After all it is a phone. You need to get out more!!

got tired of waiting for "it" so I just got myself an iphone4s. Not that happy with my 4S but I can say I'm definitely more happy than I was with my 9800. Only way I'll go back to getting a blackberry is if the AT&T 9900 version has something better than the verizon and t-mobile versions

Who gives a -uck ! 9900 sucks have over 2 months
and 9780 is way better, Att dont fans dont buy
not worth the money