BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 promo video

By Adam Zeis on 2 May 2011 09:53 am EDT

We haven't seen a full-fledged promo video from RIM yet on the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930, but there is a short video playing around here at BlackBerry World. Nothing special in this one, just a quick 360 of the device along with a few of the top specs. If you're itching to get your hands on one, this gives you a good view of the device and should tide you over a bit. Check out our hands-on for more.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 promo video


"Industry leading browser"? Mighty big words, but I'll have to wait and see, to believe. To date, BB is stll the worst browser in my experience.

indeed, that is quite the statement to make now, if it had flash, then it would be up there. at this point i dont think ppl should be too worried about speed but rather the overall cqpability that these browsers have

hey i would like to see the voice activated search in action on OS7 if possible? are adam and CBK working on that now? does the search work as well as the Google Search by voice? sounds exciting!!!

the brother

On they have a hands-on video of this device, and in the video they loaded up the browser, and I must say it brought up the their website pretty quick.