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BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 Hands On and First Impressions (part deux)

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Aug 2011 02:01 am EDT

Rounding out our trifecta of BlackBerry 7 Fan Night device hands-on videos starring RIM's VP of Software, Andrew Bocking, next up we have the king berry... the BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 (be sure to check out our Torch 9810 and Torch 9850/9860 videos). 

Back at BlackBerry World I did a pretty in-depth CrackBerry hands-on and first impressions review of the Bold 9900 /9930 (seriously, check out that post!), and my main first impressions then held true this time around. I love the look and feel of the new Bold, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE KEYBOARD, and I love that there's finally a touchscreen on a front-facing qwerty BlackBerry. The new Bold is FAST, rich looking and is just the absolute best of the traditional BlackBerry experience. Check out the video above for yet another look of this bad boy. Loving it!!!



I am really thorn between new Bold and new Torch :(
I may actually stick to my 9700 for a little while and get the QNX Berry next year :-))


I'm set on the 9850/9860, but I also REALLY like my BB Style (kind of torn, too). I don't think I can wait for QNX though. Will probably get the Torch and upgrade to QNX next year.


just get the touchscreen 9790 that's coming oct 1st.


I can't wait for this phone to come out. I've been wanting that phone ever since it was a rumor. I'm glad its coming to Verizon.


So, Kevin... the guy said he'll see what they can do about having you leave the party with your own 9900... Did he/they come through? :-)


That is a very good question!

Kevin Michaluk

they didn't come through :(

still on my 9780 and desperate to get a new BlackBerry.. my 9780 is really acting up. i think it knows it's getting replaced soon so is hating on me


"track pad for all the fine controls", does that mean the touch screen isn't sensitive enough for fine controls?


This is a perfect example of someone taking a positive and spinning it into a negative. I don't know if you are really dumb or just trying to be a smartass but here is one of many examples for you. Proof reading a comment such as this and finding a mistake...using the trackpad to get the curor to where you want it on a smart phone size screen is a lot more precise. Even on full touch screen devices you don't always hit your mark the first time, you would need to first zoom in then zoom out. I would call it precision navigation.


This is what the original Bold should have been


Maybe not the original bold 9000 but for sure the 9700/9780.


Can't wait for this phone. However I am also torn between the 9900 vs 9810.

Not sure if I'll want the extra screen real estate, but the 9900 keyboard definitely looks more comfortable...


Im glad to see this. I always thought BB keyboards were going the wrong way getting smaller. This Jethro sized BB will be just the thing for me.


The number one complaint I hear about BB's:

"... but my thumbs are too big."

That's as much a statement about the north american diet as anything else, but it does say why a big BB was needed.


I was hoping for a more subjective reviews but those will come soon enough. Questions like "Wasn't the 9000 wide enough??" I loved the keyboard of the 9000 but like the size of the 9700. Maybe the thinness make it seem smaller in your hand. I was geared up for the 9900 but now the 9860 is looking like my next upgrade.


I am a Blackberry customer so I don't mean this in a way to offend anyone. I am hoping that any of these 3 scenarios holds true though; (1) This video was taken too early/late, (2) the camera is panning towards the VIP section or (3) the room is just too dark. There is no more than 30 people there and that might include the DJ and a few servers. It looks more like a networking event for a new chamber of commerce.

Update: Just saw the video that shows Joe Carter and now it looks like atleast 100 people. So it looks like an event of a more developed chamber of commerce :o)


heyy kevin i'm looking to get a new blackberry and i'm either gunna choose the bold 9780 or the bold 9900/9930 i no u did a llot of tests on the 9900/9930 which one is better the bold 9780 or the bold 9900/9930 and whats the difference between the blackberry bold 9900 and the 9930