The BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 Battery

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Battery
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 May 2011 08:24 am EDT

A closer look at the all new JM1 1230mAh battery featured in the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 Smartphone

During our indepth hands-on with the BlackBerry Bold 9930 at BlackBerry World 2011, we pulled the battery cover off the device and saw a new battery that had a grey and blue wrapper on it. It turns out that particular device was a slightly older engineering unit that didn't feature the final production battery. To clear things up and make sure we got it right, we went back for another look at the new touch Bold and took some photos of the production JM1 battery as you can see in the photos above and below.

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The JM1 battery is 1230mAh, which is a bit smaller in capacity than the 1550mAh MS1 battery that's been used in the Bold 9000 and 9700/9780. The footprint of the battery is about the same, but the JM1 is definitely thinner as you can see in the comparison shots below. During our press briefing session this week on the device I asked about RIM's expectation of battery life on the 9900 / 9930, seeing as there's a smaller battery but a higher performing processor, and RIM seemed very confident in the battery life. RIM's always put battery life as priority, and they haven't sacrificed the user experience here - so expect the device to power you through a full day of work and play. With the new Bold being the thinnest BlackBerry to date they needed to go with a slightly thinner battery. And for power users who eat through batteries regardless, the good news here of course is that you can always buy a spare battery and swap it out if you need to - I'm glad to see RIM still allowed for a removable battery on the new Bold.

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More photos of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930's JM1 Battery

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Battery
BlackBerry Bold 9900 Battery
BlackBerry Bold 9900 Battery
BlackBerry Bold 9900 Battery

Reader comments

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 Battery


smaller battery... better battery management and OS compared to say some hungry mobile operating systems?

always a bit of a worry when you have something faster but with a smaller battery.

oops double post.

I'm glad rim still gives us the option of removable batteries. shame the same can't be said for the playbook.

Wow. That's reaallyyy thin for a battery. I'm thinking the JM1 will do just fine in devices, provided RIM can keep the battery management and 3G stack up like they have done for so long.

Yep. When it comes to battery life management RIM seems to be only improving.... so I think there shouldn't be any problems here.

i honestly cant see how this pans out... this phone requires way more power than the current bold models yet still it has a smaller battery...... hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

I would rather have a longer battery life as well. I have a feeling people will be complaining about battery life on this one regardless of the thiness of the device.

As long as its better than my torch that's all I care about. Torch battery = HORRRRRRIBLE terrible awful awful battery life worst of any phone ive ever had by far. Nuff said

My Bold 9000 is on its last legs... I could care less if the battery life is one day or two days, I just want it SOOOOOON!! Anyone have any updates on release date or carriers?

I am also really worried. If I wanted a ultra-slim phone, I'll get the new Samsung Galaxy S II...
It's worrying to see that Blackberry is starting to copy the worst point of Android phones: battery life!
How is "expect the device to power you through a full day of work and play" good enough?
Still waiting for the Bold Touch to be out so the 9780 goes cheaper and I can go for it :)

I dunno about you, but I do this thing called, "sleeping" inbetween days. It's really awesome, when I'm, "sleeping" I can charge my phone, so when I get "a full days worth of work and play" so just before I go to "sleep" I plug the charge cable in and it miraculously rejuvenates the battery. So when you get off your 3 day binge you can try this "sleeping" jig and charge your phone at the same time.

Well 1230mA is over 20% less than 1550mA. With a faster processor (is it better at power mangement?) this looks like batteries will run flatter, faster.

Is OS7 a battery hog?

Let's hope not.

If the Bold Touch will have a pure battery (and one day operation is very very pure), this will be a huge problem for me. I expect the same operation time without charging as I have now with my Bold 9780. Everything less is bad. I dont need a super thin phone, I need a good tool for my business!

If RIM is going with this much smaller 1230 battery on the 9930 CDMA version which already struggles along with a 1400 in the 9650, then I can see that aftermarket extended batteries are going to be a BIG seller. Which will bring the phone size back up to where it was ;) I will still buy the 9930 but will get a larger battery and back cover asap.

The newer Snapdragon processors are much more efficient with battery usage. RIM is probably correct when they stand behind their new battery.If worst came to worst even with an extended battery the BT will still end up the being about as thick as current BBs.Nothing like some of the Android phones with extended batteries.

Someone talking sense. We really need vote buttons on this. Either Crackberry readers are a bunch of nervous nellies or these are iphone and Droid boys on here just jumping to kncok anything possible.

I recall the reports that the playbook wouldn't last 4 hours. I use mine off and on all day and I can maybe count one or two days where by evening I saw a yellow battery indicator.


True. But many consumers dont want to have to shell out $30 for a new aftermarket battery that most times isnt much better than the original and have short shelf lives. Im sure the phone will get a days worth but battery life is a major thing that BB phones have over the androids and now they will be about the same.

Regardless of what RIM says the battery life will not be very good.(unless you consider a day of moderate use good) Every android phone that comes out, foolish people always ask, "how will the battery life be". Every single time it sucks. LOL This will be no different.

Still gonna buy the phone though, barring any major problems with the phone.

Never had a phone before with this battery-life like my BB. So "a whole day of..." sounds not that good. At the moment i can use my BB for 4 to 5 days, with a little less usage nearly one week. So that would a critizized point i think. But noone can say something until the first real experiences with the 9900. Let's see.

i think 9900 users will be fine, you'll probably get almost 2 days worth before getting in the yellow. 9930 however will have issues. theres no way cdma smartphone users will be able to get through a whole days worth on a 1230 mah battery... unless you just plan on using the phone as paper weight. i think this is simply another case of a phone manufacturer thinking about the gsm phone design first, and cdma being an after thought. extended batteries for 9930s will be a huge sell.

Nice sleek design, but not to use. RIM, this is really stupid and not typical for you :( Get away from this road to be trendy and return back to produce good solid phones!

Won't the touch screen itself use a lot more power than a regular screen?
Hopefully the new OS and processor are just more effecient.
My guess is the battery life will be worse than the 97xx but better than Droids/iPhone/Torch

Let's not make something a problem until we actually know it's a problem. RIM can make you a phone that will last for a week without being recharged. But you'll need a shoulder tote to carry it around. RIM must begin producing sleek, relatively thin, somewhat sexy phones or they will face extinction in this business. I love my BlackBerry, but my friends all think of BlackBerrys as dinosaurs that are not really smartphones. This new Bold Touch will go a long way in convincing them they are wrong. And hopefully will even tempt Android / iPhone users to consider BB. Otherwise, market share will continue to fall.

Since this is going to be touch screen, I think it will be hard for the battery to last as long as it did. Even if the newer processors demand less power.

Obviously with a smaller battery and more Mhz, the processor won't outlast the previous. However, I'm pretty sure that it will provide plenty of power to get an average user through a whole day without having to worry about it.

So I'm still excited for this device!

I think it is the end someone is always gonna complain about battery life. I wonder if the touch aka "Storm 3" will have the same battery?

Dont all blackberry's have removable batteries ? hope this battery is good enough for you future bold touch owners,cause it would really suck if you all have to buy a better battery,but im waiting on the Monaco,so no worries over here

The majority of comments here sound like premature worries before the posters know there is an issue. Save your energy and worry when you can actually say with factual information that there IS a problem.

Everything would be perfect if this still had the magnets like previous Blackberries which fit nicely in the pouch through the day and because of the magnets it used like 5% of the battery every 24 hours. It looks like this was removed on the 9930. It was their best feature!! WTF!!

my battery dies with less than 15 hours and mostly bbm, and less then 20 min calls in total in those 15 hours, now ... WTF was that ?! can it be fix in software update ?