BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider Steps Into Video Spotlight For A Quick Glimpse

By Bla1ze on 8 May 2010 12:38 am EDT

Video First Look at the BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider

* Update from Kevin: I noticed in the comments some people are questioning if the BlackBerry Bold 9800 is a touchscreen or not. It's DEFINITELY a touchscreen. And it DOES NOT have SurePress. *

It's certainly not the most thorough look at the BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider but it is indeed the first time its been captured on video. As posted on BGR, the video gives a really quick glimpse at the BlackBerry Bold 9800 slider for you all to have a look at. Hopefully, this is just the first of many videos that will pop up. Considering it has BlackBerry 6 loaded onto it, we'd love to get up close and personal with the device.

This video also puts to rest any uncertainty that may have been left out there of what product family the new slider might fall into. When the very first photos leaked of the slider they were incorrectly reported by the source as being a Storm 3, which Kevin quickly squashed in his BlackBerry Slider Q&A Roundup and hypothesized (errr.. just knew) it would be a Bold. In this video you can clearly see the Bold branding on the back. So who's getting excited for the BlackBerry Bold 9800 slider? 

Source: BGR

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BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider Steps Into Video Spotlight For A Quick Glimpse


the more i see this phone, the more i feel like i will like it. i hated the idea of a slider BB, but if it is as compact as it seems, it will probably do pretty well.

also, i like that they are making it a Bold Slider.

I like the idea of a BB slider, but I feel like they could have done better with this. Maybe the curved lower edge just reminds me too much of the pre. I like my BlackBerry Smartphones rugged / manly.

Looks weird like a 9700 back with a slide up screen slapped on the front. Could've been a little more inventive with the back look to distinguish it and make it flow better

Looks weird in the hand too, kind of too tall with it slid up. Just an odd look.

...for this device to finally come to fruition!!!! I think it's the best of both worlds and I will definitely be getting in line to pick this one up, for nothing else, than to just have the novelty of owning it. I certainly hope it stacks up against the rest of the Bold lineup, but nonetheless, I WILL get this one. As long as it's a CrackBerry device, I'll get it!!!

looks better than the earlier pics suggested. pitty whoever made this video didnt show a little touchscreen action to prove once and for all whether or not it is in fact a touchscreen slider or just a slider with trackpad.........

For some reason it looks fake... the OS 6 part. They look like screenshots. If they have OS 6, why cant they make a video showing us all about it?

I’m a little skeptical, how come the video doesn’t at least show the OS in action? Could be screen shots being displayed on the screen. Still looks like an awesome device.

WELCOME TO THE BB FAM Slider. IM Just a little jealous of the os 6. the blackberry storm 2 needs that asap. it will give it a new lease on life!! Putting it back in the race for best touch device. IMO!!!

come on sprint, you finally need to grow some balls and get this phone for us. i wont this phone, my 8330 is holding on by my powermat!!!

Possibly unless there is word on the Dakota coming out by the end of the year, this will be my next phone. But this looks to be the phone that I have been waiting for, assuming the touch screen is as awesome as the OS 6 video would lead us to believe.

BTW, did my wife take this video with her iPhone? Or is she not the only one who needs to be CONSTANTLY reminded to hold the freakin' thing horizontally when taking a video so it doesn't end up being a tall, skinny, waste of space portrait video?

Yeah because RIM would make a device with such a large screen and NOT make it Touch screen....come'n people, use common sense.

I am not into qwerty phone but I think I gonna love this phone because its has a wide screen and very clear screen

Thank you to Crackberry for providing a youtube link we can watch on our BlackBerry! Too bad BGR is too lazy to do so in their posts.

from my BlackBerry Storm...

I don't like slider phones or flip but it's just my preferences. Although, I'm glad to see RIM taking a risk and experimenting with different form factors. Maybe this phone will reach out to a whole bigger market.

What's with these guys all "pussyfooting" around with these stupid half-ass videos? Why even bother if you're not going to show anything worthwhile??

Look, we saw stills of this phone...blah blah complaints.
Ok about the comment about it looks like a "still photo"...well duh, if you look at your screen and take a video of it for 13 seconds, most "default" screens dont move! yes, I agree they should show that moves. And Yes they should show more OS6. But think about it, RIM is has a device that they never had and many people 1) concerned about the looks of the phone (obvious from some postings) 2) WES just showed the OS 6 in action in a video (so they want to show the form factor in this sneak peak)

If you look at previous shots the time stamp is 1:42 or something like that here its 342. so its not really a screen shot.

We also see that its on the Rogers network. Does that mean it will definitely be ATT? ( I hope it goes to Sprint tho :-)...since ATT had the most dropped calls...

Now what would be nice if its a WorldPhone like the "bold 9650"

No to answer the question: is it a touch screen or not:
1) Why wouldnt they? the Pre is a Slider with a Touch Screen,the storm is a touch screen. There are different people that prefer one over the other. I have an iphone and Tour. I type faster on a tactile keyboard.
2) the OS 6 supports Touch - Hence to try to compete with Android and Iphone cause thats the "craze" now.

3) If you dont want to type but just "click" keep it the slider close and quickly glance what you need. If there is a touch screen keyboard then great for the Storm Fans, but to maintain the Keyboard as well they added it. So yes, it could appear that RIM is trying to address a broader base of customers.

Sorry for the long post gang but had to address here as objective as possible.

I am really close to thinking of the EVO, but I would love the keyboard...and yes good'ol BBM!!!

So lets just see whats happening with the Slider, think about it, we heard about the slider, then it was quiet for a few weeks then now a video! Its close....
and that Clam shell??? WTH? hey some people like it, im not a fan of it.

Hey, if this got out and RIM isnt saying yay or nay to it (lol Apple), they would have. Now look, the Iphone4g is coming out "maybe" june 7 announcement or sale.

So come on gang, if you dont like the Slider dont get it. plain and simple!

my 2cents or more? lol

the reason why im skeptical of this being a touchscreen is because storm 1 and 2 are both using surepress. and we havent seen anything on blackberry using a touch screen without surepress.
and we know that this slider does not have a clicking screen.

and if you heard the crackberry podcast they said that the blackberry OS needs a confirmation action which is why the screen clicks.

now im hoping that the new OS 6 has completely revamped this idea to make it work with a non clicking screen, but if that really is the case then OS 6 will probably not be available for the storm series. i doubt they can make an os version for storm and another for non clicking touch screens. coz the confirmation is at the core of the OS.

so now we're waiting to see which way rim is going with this. will they cancel the surepress and go to conventional touchscreens or will they stay with their invention and come out with a 9700 on steroids (big screen but no touch)

i sure hope theslider really is a touch coz im dying for it. and will probably buy it the day it comes out assuming its GSM and a touch screen.

Yeah because RIM would make a device with such a large screen and NOT make it Touch screen....come'n people, use common sense.

Sorry don't care its fugly. Oh yea the video is lame. Nah nah i have it an you don't. Give me a break. Give us something substantial.

Looking forward to this one. I was never sold on the sliders, but this one may become attached to my hands.

I do not understand why RIM is wasting time on these stupid & ugly looking devices. Touch screen, slider, folding etc are not bb things...leave these to other players like iphone, nokia, SE etc. I'm 100% sure that it'd be a big flop if they release those funky devices. Storm is a big joke. They should focus more on the improvement of existing lineups. BB is lagging behind in no of things.

you would know that RIM is indeed sticking with the Bold form factor with the Dakota.

Just because you and a bunch of 15 year olds in their mom's basement don't like this particular phone means nothing. It fills a need, and there are a LOT of people who want it.

I'm not 15 yr old and I own my own house. Don't be cry baby...hope your mama will buy this funky device in next x-mas.

Well I'm on att and just got my 9700 at the end of feb, dnt get me wrong I love this phone for what all it do but I want a touch screeen soooo bad. Just he flicking and pinch to Zoom and its just more easier to us the touch instead of trackpad precision. I will get this phone the day it comes out and sellin my phone! Only if its touch screen and has a touch keyboard... If it aint goTta touch keybored I won't be gettin it

here's a thought, there has been no proof at all so far that this is a touch screen. i have a feeling that this will be the biggest RIM letdown this year and announce this phone and say that it's not a touch screen...

i think if it really turns out to be a non touch screen phone that'll be the last straw for me. i mean i looove blackberry, but the slider was the only phone i was looking forward to buying when it will come out, to delve into the OS 6 world of blackberry. but if its not a touch screen + keyboard phone then i see no reason to upgrade my current phone 8900 and that wont have OS 6....

hopefully it will coz i dont want to even imagine my world without a blackberry.

I think this will be good. Touchscreen to take advantage of webkit browser with pinch to zoom but none of the disadvantages of the terrible storm 2 clicky screen.

Yeah because RIM would make a device with such a large screen and NOT make it Touch screen....come'n people, use common sense.

Sal we need a nice vid for this phone. Although I'm not feeling the phone we should see a bit of this new OS6. It seems pretty ready to me:)

and has only 128 MB of memory, too? Because those bets would make just as much sense. :rolleyes:

we have seen zero evidence that I am aware of that it is a touchscreen device. It has been pure speculation. As for memory, I would be surprised if it had less than 512MB.:rolleyes:

I do like the look of this phone to be honest. I remember reading this device will have a touch screen in addition to the full qwerty. For me that would be worth selling my current Bold 9700 and 'upgrading' to this phone. Long as I get it SIM free.

Oh please let this come to Sprint. I had a Palm Pre once and I'm still taking medicine for ever having used it. But this ... this looks marvelous!!

If this is a touch screen without surepress, then there is hope for the storm 3 to not have it either. I'm not a fan of sliders but at least its not as ugly as that clamshell phone-I still think that will not come out in the US.

The more I see this device/concept, the more I like it. I'm just a bit worried how well such a design can hold up over years of (ab)use.

I might get one...but I'll wait for a year before bugs are worked out :)

Did RIM find a time machine? The clamshell and now this, boy RIM must really be gunning for Motorola and Palm.

do you think it will have a portrait and landscape virtual QWERTY? i know people are complaining about this 9800 looking like the Pre, but if it actually has a virtual keyboard, it automatically tops Palm in my book.

How does the physical size of the screen compare to the Storm?

The purpose of the slider is to give more real estate on the device for the screen.

It doesnt look as big as the storm screen?

#1 youngspider to compare a palm to a blackberry is an insult, u need ur a** whipped for that 1.On to the 9800 everything I've seen on it(and about it) makes me want it. If its a Bold it gives me hope. That means that tmobile(telecommunication gods willing) will get it. I have a 9700( yea u already know) top of the line i had the 8900 b4 that, the curve, and of course the pearl.This will be 1 of the best phones if for nothing else>>>6.0 in a blackberry touchscreen,which storm users wont be getting anytime soon,damn when was storm users last update anyway? 9800 I'm w8ing for you!!!

Good job, BG and BlaZe1 for the recap~! Any word if this will release on Rogers by Q3? Would love to upgrade an 8900 for a piece of sweet 3G-OS6 9800 action!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm with the majority here, the more I see it the better it looks but I have to try it out in store. I still have hopes for the next storm. I really can't say what I'll do. The scary part is the way RIM has been rolling out phones, you really don't know wether to buy now or wait for the next best thing. This phone will have to wow me in person to get me to bite.

If this came out on it's on I would say...Meh, since I keep seeing it with the Clamshell I am like. NICCCEEE.

Either way I think its a step in a good direction not exactly right but good.

I am excited either way.

I think this phone could really help RIM. Its a form factor that could be very popular. The specs gotta be right for the phone to be able to really compete with Android and IPhone and even Windows Phone 7. But the more I see it, the more intriguing it is. I hope T-Mobile picks it up, so I can pick it up. I'm glad its a Bold, its the best BlackBerry line out.

Looks better the more I see it, but if it goes to Tmo, I'd get it, but would wait about three months to see how it holds up(and for the cry babies, you're not gonna have it slide out the whole time you use it,lol, well I hope you wouldn't, some of you guys surprise me sometimes)

how big the screen really is? What kind of processor it has? How much memory? GSM or CDMA? I think I like it but the build quality for BB's lately has been spotty at best; not sure if I would take a chance on this even if I liked it, the competition is getting fierce out there and RIM needs to step-up their game if their going to survive as a quality product.

I've had sliders in the past and MOST have had wobbly sliders. Even my $400+ Nokia N95s

Hopefully this slider is rock solid because I'm liking this device.

Or I'm just sick of my Tour 9630 and will take anything new at this point

Also....what would be the purpose of having it slide if it wasn't a touch screen? I mean - with it closed, what could you do with the screen other than look at it? The controls at the bottom of the media thingy screen in the latter part of the video are also huge as well - like finger tapping size. Surely it must be touch??

The track pad is bellow the screen so you could still navigate trough menus. I have a feeling it's not touch, would you really need a track pad if it was?

Touch pad is huge with a touch screen. I can't tell you how hard it is sometimes to get the cursor where you need with just a finger.

Why can't some irresponsible RIM employee leave this thing lying around at some exotic beer tasting bar for the media to later feast on?

I don't know what niche RIM is trying to attract. If they can pull this one off and not have the same problems they did with the kickflip then I hope it pays off. That said, I can't wait for it to be released so all this speculation ends and we actually have a chance to play with it.

a 9000 sized device with a touch screen and more memory would of been more appealing IMO

I bet you RIM is the one that leaks all this stuff just to get pubic reaction and to create a buzz about up coming devices...

If the os is made to work with a non surepress design. Then RIM JUST F***ED US STORM 9550 USERS. Too Bad Cause i really support Blackberries. I Argue about their livelihood every chance i get. SMH!! Crackberry team, Tell me it will work on 9550. PLEASE!!

Seeing it in a vid its really growing on me.. i like it LOL. I wish they will do a 7min video on this phone, just like the one posted just now of the 9670

I'll grab this on Rogers. Im getting extended warranty because The slider mechanism is sure to break. But this form is the only way to have full keyboard and a massive screen in one device. No other way.

it's so so for me, that's about it. i don't like the bottom-slide's too long and awkward to me. it doesn't look as bad as i thought it would but it does seem that it might do a bit of a wobble when typing...blah

i really wish that they would've made this a side-slider that rolls into landscape mode. i would definitely purchase that! i don't think this is nearly cool enough to warrant me trading in my 9700...

So you can move through that menu list 2x faster. There is no need for Snapdragon in such a basic OS. Thats like a V12 inside of a Ford Focus :)

going to be my next BB and if rogers doesn't carry it i'll break my contract and switch my phone, cable, internet to any company that'll carry this in Canada...u hear me rogers?!

This new Bold Slider looks great. I'd like to have one myself. I always liked the "concept" of the Palm Pre, but Palm builds such cheap, plastic-like phones, with horrible speakers, and inferior call quality. This one looks solidly built, as are all BlackBerrys. This phone will sell.

This will be my next phone through at&t. Was thinking about just going white 9700 but from day one I saw this phone rumored and knew it was the one.

Can't wait. Come on at&t.

looks pretty nice. ya think the guy could have at least TOUCHED the screen once! I think the crackberry team should step in and show it correctly!

If this thing has at the very minimum the specs of the 9700, I will get it for sure. Looks great, and lets hope build quality is up to par!!

... but too little, too late. I am getting more dependent on full-size web content now (thanks to Bolt browser). I need a landscape WVGA display, which is becoming the new baseline. A Blackberry slider in landscape form with large WVGA (854x480) display would be more appealing to me.
Also, from the video I could not see the placement of the alt key. After a year and a half with a Bold 9000, I still miskey alt instead of shift much too often. The reason is they are the opposite of normal computer keyboards (which always have shift next to Z).

I think there's a slight chance that this video is fake.
1. It never showed the device being slid opened, which could possibly mean that it's a mockup and can't be worked with.
2. It did nlot show the touchscreen in action, let alone touch the screen to show something happen. If it was a touchscreen, this video does not prove it.
3. they did not even touch the trackpad or do anything that would register a shange on the scree. sure, they did show a different screen halfway through, but the video was obviously stitched together with no indication on how it ended up on that screen. that could problably mean that it is difficult to change the screen/navigating the UI is impossible with this mockup.
nevertheless, if it's a fake, then it's a really good fake. and if it was real, there dams well should be a good reason why the videotaper did such a poor job of showing features that would prove that it's a sliding touchscreen.

...But only going on looks is pointless when it comes to a smartphone. I would never buy this device, but im sure it will appeal to some portion of the market. Hopefully, this device and the clamshell share the BB flip market, as well as the fate of the flip.

I'm sorry but in my opinion RIM is really failing and sucking with these new phones. Like seriously that clam phone, and this ugly crap, both phones look like bricks, they could have made a little sleeker and appealing. Also 6.0 looks like its gonna be the same crappy story. Have you people seen the new iphone 4g that things looks awesome and nothing RIM seems to be coming out with seems to compete with that. Also, RIM needs to start having quality over quantity approach cuz they got way to many crappy phones on the market.

I'm all over this.. I don't even care what carrier it comes with because I'm up for a renewal.. can't wait to get my hands on one

I do not understand why RIM is wasting time on these stupid & ugly looking devices. Touch screen, slider, folding etc are not bb things...leave these to other players like iphone, nokia, SE etc. I'm 100% sure that it'd be a big flop if they release those funky devices. Storm is a big joke. They should focus more on the improvement of existing lineups. BB is lagging behind in no of things.

As soon as this phone drops I'm dropping T-Mobile & getting this phone. I'm tired of T-Mo's lack of service and whether I got to AT&T to Verizon they both have great coverage. I'm just done w/ T-Mobile and this phone is very, very impressive.