BlackBerry Bold 9800 Steps In Front Of The Camera For Us Yet Again.

BlackBerry Bold 9800 Steps In Front Of The Camera For Us Yet Again.
By Bla1ze on 23 May 2010 10:58 am EDT

We've seen it in pics, we've seen it in video and now it's time for another round of up close and personal pics with the BlackBerry Bold 9800. Love it or hate it, this is a device that many folks are now starting to love more and more as newer pics and videos show up on the scene. While I'm still not overly fond of the device myself, that on screen keyboard (if it works as I'm thinking it does) should be quite functional. One more pic of the back of the device is after the jump, showing the slider in the up position so you can just see the camera placement. You can view the whole lot of pictures over at TheBerryFix by hitting the source link.

BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider

Source: The Berry Fix

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BlackBerry Bold 9800 Steps In Front Of The Camera For Us Yet Again.


The 9800 is the BB that will make me upgrade from the bold 9000... I'm a sucker for big screens and physical keyboards. Used to be a SE P990 user before jumping ship to BB in early 2008.

am i the only one (along with this guy) thing that big phones are they way to go?

i hate small phones, they feel to girly for me!

Buttons that are made for tiny hands and a screnn that has tons of resolution... (If you don't mind a stamp-sized screen). I don't mind paying a little more for a phone with a big bright screen and actual buttons to type with.

Well its just the big screen, honest keyboard, trackpad, with the TouchScreen bonus is definetely a nice touch :) and would you look at that... ATT says I'm good for a Early upgrade... I hope RadioShack gets these in the same day as the ATT Stores.

Depending on the specs of this phone + battery life and how long it may take to get to Verizon. I love the design of this phone.

The question I have is if a gesture is to swipe left to right but the track pad standard is to move right to left how will this be handled? And would this be confusing?

I 100% agree. I thought about upgrading to the 9700, but I didn't want to give up the size of my 9000. And I'm a girl too. So BB girls want bigger phones too :)

I think this will be a jazzy device .. I know a lot of people are skeptical but I am not .. hehe

If this device is show stopper
Palm Pre designers will commit suicide.
Any difference between both of devices form factors.
Beside Brand names

Really, it's the opposite of what you are thinking. The basic sliding form factor is the only thing this shares with the palm pre. Go to a store and handle a pre. It comes off as a generic version of another phone. I'm not speaking of the web os of course, just the physical part.

Though it may not show is much, one thing I'm noticing is that the device is on the NICE YouTube Mobile website, not the one we have now. One other observation is the keyboard; it looks like the Storms'. In the WES promo video, the keyboard was silver/gray. Oh well, we'll see more soon I'm sure.

That's what I was thinking. And there is no blue highlight on the touch screen keys. I think its a bit odd. But I was expecting to see a different keyboard.

As nice as the phone looks, in this pic the landscape text mode looks like everything is squished, ps. The Berry Fix guy needs a nail cutter

Must be your monitor. The screen looks good to me, and his nail looks well groomed and about right for a gentleman, not long, nor too short. I think your aspect ratio is off.

I have to say as well that the incredible shrink is happening here. The Storm touch screen it about as small as I am ready to go and this one may just push me to an HTC next year. Will wait and see though

Cant wait to put it in my hands and play with it.

If it lived up to the hype, then I will be upgrading soon!!

When it comes to Sprint later this year, I will definitely be getting one. This device looks so sweet and it offers the best of both worlds. Anyone have the specs on it?

I probably will try one of these but my main concern lies in the spacing between the top row of keys on the physical keyboard and the edge of the screen area. That was one of the most annoying items on the Palm Pre I tested last year as I kept bumping my fingers agaist the slider area.

Any rumors of multiple carriers getting this (e.g. both GSM and CDMA)?

Video says that its been removed. I think this would be a hot device. The landscape typing isn't any smaller than the iphone or itouch in landscape.

I really wish this had the 9000 keyboard and not the 9700 (as is suspected) ... just my personal opinion, but the entire phone seems slightly bigger than most BBs, so why not give it the biggest keyboard ??? Some of us fat fingered folk need a bigger keyboard :)

The keyboard on this thing, from the pictures, looks like the 9700 and is a total deal breaker for myself. Every guy I know that had a 9000 and got a 9700 has complained about the small keyboard.

I really do hope that we are all wrong and it comes with a Bold 9000 sized keyboard. There's definitely room for it since there's bezel around the keyboard. GSM Blackberry users have been dying for a new form factor or update to the 9000 style. I hope this is it.

I thought the same thing when I switched from my 9000 to the 9700 but really all it takes is a little time and you will get used to it. Don't get me wrong I love the 9000 keyboard and for a couple of days after the switch my hands got a bit cramped, now that I've been using the 9700 for over 6 months they get cramped with the bigger 9000 keyboard now. Either way this phone rolls out I'm going to be upgrading. Just please no smaller than the 9700!

I really dig this concept and it appears to be pretty swell. I wonder if they created the clam shell 9670 to reduce the skepticism towards the slider.

That's weird. How come in the video (which has been removed) the 'Bold' engravement was flashing so brightly like it was made with chrome but in this picture I can't see it. Though I would prefer it this way. Plus a nice addition would be if the back cover was made entirely out of leather.

I'm waiting for this one, it's going to be my first Blackberry, and I know it's going to be perfect!

Holy f***ing hell... did anyone look at the pics at the source website???? If you look at image 6 of 9, you can clearly see TELUS at the top.

We have seen this thing running Rogers right? I'm just a little concerned... GSM customers need a new BB form factor...

Telus has a HSPA Network, and any HSPA phones can also do standard GSM, it will be like the 9700 I bet and be on every National Network in Canada

Can't wait, if the images are true then I will for sure be getting this slider when it comes out on Telus !!!

I want this phone, but if it doesnt come to VZW til December or later Im going to have to get something else in the mean time.

I Have been waiting for this Device for a long time now. It is perfect. If it only hits AT&T, and not my carrier (which I am sure my carrier will get it) But if exclusive to AT&T, I don't care how much full retail is, I will pay it.

I have used 5 slider Symbian phones
And 5th phone i.e., N86 is best build.

I hope slider build is very tough and sturdy.
OS6 will be miraculously a performer..

I will love it in others hand.
Basically I am happy and satisfied with my onyx.

if they had made the keyboard landscape it would have been a ton better. However, I like the concept minus the touchscreen keyboard because I have fat thumbs and I cannot correctly type on any of them.

Trust me I know.

The form factor you describe has been a dream of mine for a Blackberry for a long, long time.

My hands are just too dang big for typing on a touchscreen and even the regular BB qwerty keyboards are cramped and uncomfortable...

It would have been nice to have a landscape keyboard but maybe it could not have been done due to internal components. (just theorizing). But the on screen keyboard is nice so i can quickly send an ok message or something (i hate one word text but has to be done sometimes). But yeah, as a 6'4 guy with big hands I am enjoying the concept of a BB keypad on a touch device and I will be getting one the second T-Mo gets them.

I can't use the regular vertical keypad on most BBs. This is why I've stuck with my 9530 for so long. And I also prefer the larger screen. But I too have always wanted a BB with a landscape sliding keyboard - much like the Motorola Droid or HTC Touch Pro series.


I personally had dreams of a blackberry with a landscape keyboard too (and i have smaller hands), but this was designed with the term "blackberry thumbs" in mind and the more we see it the more people love it (I have loved this since the first clear pic not sure why). The design of the blackberry keyboard has always been a crowd pleaser with RIM which is one of the only design reasons they have 45% of US smartphones. By the way the on screen keyboard shouldn't bother you its only if you try to type in a box while the phone is in landscape mode. I like that RIM is thinking ahead trying to make it so every scenario is filled. Hopefully we will see some more of RIM listening to the more common ideas rather than the odd ones *cough* Clamshell *cough*.

id say before judging the device lets wait for a video review or leak to see what the phone provides and how well it will be. i hate slider phones but this one looks descent and thank god it doesnt have the storm's touch screen. thats y i got rid of mine

Nice but I'll sit back and see what the 9800 has as a whole as things continue to develop. I am not sure if T-Mobile will get it but...more to follow.

Coming from my first BB which is a Tour and cannot wait for Sprint to get this. Earlier posts stated AT&T will get it first then Sprint by the end of the year. Some of your questions here have already been answered in previous posts so I'd just do a search and if I'm not mistaken, there is a thread dedicated to the device in the up and coming / rumored forum. It's no wonder Sprint didn't push for the Storm if they were working on this. It's the best of all worlds. Slide, touch, keyboard, OS 6, massive memory. What else do you need????

Slide: hope its not very wobbly after using 10 days
KeyBoard: I like 9700 keyboard, smaller keys but acceptable
OS6: Untill now it looks like a theme on OS5. None of OS core/new features are shown to us
Memory: ?, how much does it have.

Else needs: performance ( power, memory, radio), stability, easy to use SDK and many more.

This looks like a perfect combo of the BlackBerry and the Palm Pre. If the OS was comparable to a perfect mixture that would be cool too....

Good looking phone.
Definitely getting one when they arrive...

Judging from some previous pics, I was under the impression that this device would in fact have the Bold 9000 keyboard layout, but apparently that was a misjudgment and no longer seems to be the case. If the 9800 releases with the 9700 keyboard layout, then that will definitely be a deal breaker for me, as I too have XXL sized hands w/ fat fingers--lol. It would also be the last straw in prompting me to go 'Droid being that my precious 9000 hasn't been identified as a device that will recieve the OS 6 upgrade. I always thought I had the best of both worlds by always carrying the top two devices/platforms(IMOHO) in the forms of my Bold 9000/iPhone 3GS), but now it appears that those days are numbered....sigh

Judging from some previous pics, I was under the impression that this device would in fact have the Bold 9000 keyboard layout, but apparently that was a misjudgment and no longer seems to be the case. If the 9800 releases with the 9700 keyboard layout, then that will definitely be a deal breaker for me, as I too have XXL sized hands w/ fat fingers--lol. It would also be the last straw in prompting me to go 'Droid being that my precious 9000 hasn't been identified as a device that will recieve the OS 6 upgrade. I always thought I had the best of both worlds by always carrying the top two devices/platforms(IMOHO) in the forms of my Bold 9000/iPhone 3GS), but now it appears that those days are numbered....sigh

If the OS holds up, this is a whole new life line for blackberry.

Whats going on with that clam though...kinda went off radar.

but I do like this phone's 'upright' slider. I found that I did not use the physical keyboard on my last phone, but BB has physical keyboards down so I'd give it a try when I'm eligible for my upgrade.

It's my third day with a storm 2 so I have some time before that lol.

of real estate when texting in landscape mode? If there was a physical keyboard that would slide out in landscape mode, then you would see a lot more on the screen; which so happens to be hidden behind the virtual keyboard in the picture shown.

When texting in portrait mode, you can still see more than in landscape mode with the virtual keyboard.

Also, you can add virtual side panel for special keys.

This is coming from a storm owner.

Confusing, maybe I am not thinking this through due to lack of sleep... Why worry about/show off the on screen keyboard when the whole point of the slider is, well, the slide out keyboard?

They have several pictures of the slide-out keyboard at the source. There have also been previous pictures of the keyboard, this is the first time the virtual keyboard has been shown.

I have said since day one that I'm going to be upgrading to this device. I have always wanted the mashup they are providing with this device. As more and more photos/videos surface it only makes me want it that much more.

I'm not a huge fan of touchscreen but give me the choice to use it or not with the physical keyboard and I'm there.

So glad I'm with at&t, and don't have to wait!!!

Since I had started to buy Blackberry I have been satisfied and amazed by any new devices that came out mostly the Bold series So this 9800 just confirm that My feelings to Blackberry I love it

LEt's see a screen with Storm like size, coupled with a 9700 like keyboard? Yup I'll be dropping my 9700 for this baby as soon as its released.

and here i thought that the new os would bring us a new virtual keyboard.. at least thats what i got from the os 6 video.

Guess not?

i wasnt a big fan of the slider when the first pictures came out, since it looked big and bulky and had that silver metal thing going on, but now that it looks like another mock up which seems to be slightly smaller and more organized and with the all black going on it looks alot better, probably wont get one but still starting to turn out to be a nice looking phone..

For those of us with generously sized hands and fingers this is not attractive. I use a 9700 and wish my phone were a little bit larger for the sake of the screen (my mature eyes) and keyboard usability. A larger slide out keyboard from the side would potentially be more enticing...combined with the touch screen, of course.

The Cellular Guru is reporting that ATT is already doing hands on training for this device, woo hoo 2 palm pre devices, let the cell wars begin.

It will be interesting to see how apps and games made specifically for this phone will make use of the trackpad and touchscreen. Could make for some good game play, I think.

im so glad its on ATT i was wanting the 9650 but was sad to find out it wasent for ATT but this make it worth it.

i hope it comes out the 2nd week of june.

So you can have the 9650 if you want it. My 9630 came unlocked right out of the box and my son has used my phone at least 20 + times on his AT&T plan when he needed a backup. He just popped in his sim card turned it on and used it straight away.

I wish they had not put the keyboard under the vertical side of the device. A horizontal keyboard would have been longer which would allow a physical keyboard as large as the 9000 (even longer).

Is anyone concerned about the bulk of this phone? Compared to other phones (minus the Droid) my Storm feels like a brick. Anyone else think this phone might share the same likeness?

I like my phones to have a little heft.
I don't want my phone feeling like one of those hollow plastic, fake, display phones.

I've been waiting for this kinda BB device for ages, and I really hope it becomes available in Europe if, and when its released!

As a touchscreen user, as well as 9700 user, I love the touchscreen experience and the larger screens which make web browsing and watching movies etc, a much more pleasurable experience. Couple that with the physical keyboard and the ultimate BB experience we all love, then this is my IDEAL phone!!! cant wait

this looks like a very sexy phone =)
i've had sliding phones before and I loved them .. this looks promising. Now, I just gotta save up lol

I had a storm....its kinda heavy but people seem to like a phone with a bit of weight .....they sorta complain about the incredible quality and like the nexus one a bit more for MOTO Droid that is a hearty phone ...and I would hope it keep a balance of nexus and storm

Also the screen keyboard does seen a bit cramped but there are two to choose from

All of this is pointless until we find out what's inside. So many leakers, yet none have a jewler's screwdriver. Bold 9650s guts? That'd be nice if you're a globetrotting VZW or Sprint customer. Storm guts? I can't believe RIM's that dumb. Any rumor of CDMA + HSDPA innards would kill sales of the new Bold 9650, though.

You horizontal keyboard lovers are SOL: RIM stated long ago that one-handed use is requirement #1 for all their devices and always has been. You two-fisted texters don't get invited to RIM's focus groups. Businesspeople running through airports with luggage towed behind one hand, BB in the other and tickets in their teeth are their target audience, not you teenage girls and your BFFs ROFLing at lolcats. Damn kids.

There seem to be all sorts of insiders willing to leak every BB in the pipeline way in advance. Why won't they leak the answer to my unending question: why doesn't RIM put in higher-res screens? They are available in every form factor you can imagine, but RIM refuses to budge. There's nothing in RIM's APIs that would prohibit it. The screen res is scaleable everywhere it counts. These lolcats look crappy on my Curve and they're doing nothing to help me.

RIM: Delivering the same screen resloution in every device since 1999.


I'm not really feeling this phone. I think the slide concept downgrades the "blackberry" name. I think this phone looks incredibly generic. I know my tour is slowing becoming out of date, but I like it alot more than this.

I currently have a Bold 9700(awesome) but I also like the idea of a big screen. Surely, this 9800 is the best of both worlds, a high quality large (touch) screen for seeing everything AND a physical qwerty for the BlackBerry experience we know and love. What more could you want? Steve Jobs should be afraid!