BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider Heading to AT&T in June?

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2010 09:36 am EDT
BlackBerry 9800 slider

This morning BGR dropped a post stating that the BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider may be rolling into AT&T sooner than RIM may have lead us to believe at WES. The device is rumored to be arriving in June, and since we know the Bold 9800 will be running BlackBerry 6, it makes the arrival of OS a bit earlier than many of us were expecting (RIM ahead of schedule... who'd a thunk it?!). During the WES 2010 keynote and capital markets presentation the day earlier, RIM Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis told us we'd see BlackBerry 6 before the end of the "next calendar quarter". This essentially bought them time right through to the end of September if necessary, but knowing RIM history of product launches, we'd normally expect RIM to use every bit of the time frame they promised. So it's quite a pleasant surprise if this actually holds true -- it shows RIM is starting to pick up the pace -- so maybe we can hope to see BlackBerry 6 drop around the same time or soon after for other supported devices as well (not that we fully know what in-market devices will be supported). No shock either that the device will be on AT&T at the start, we've been saying that since the first day slider images announced. I'm getting the feeling it'll be a busy summer in BlackBerry land!

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BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider Heading to AT&T in June?


WTF?? AT&T exclusive??!! BS!!! They're just going to ruin the 9800's reputation with their crappy @$$ network!! :-s

Agreed. I've been on AT&T for 8+ years, and I have never had the issues (data or phone) that iPhone users complain about. Can't wait to play with this phone... hope to god the touch interface isn't as laughable as the Storm's.

I've had AT&T for over 3 years, I will say that I do get better service from my BB than what I do with my iPhone! This will be a great addition to AT&T! So before you start talking mess make sure you know what you're talking about! Its not the network, its the iPhone, it just so happens that there's so many iPhones out there so that's why you hear people complain more! I for one would never leave AT&T.

i second that.
my service with at&t is only getting better, where i live and around the areas all around.
So im an AT&T Lifer

Same here I love my service with att, I get full 3g everywhere around my city. One of my buddies go through verizon and we did a 3g test my 9700 vs 9630 on the native browser and my phone wasted his in speed. I'm picking the slider up asap

I wish I could say the same of my AT&T experience. I actually get dropped calls when I allow my Bold to use 3G. And let's not get into the signal strength fluctuating between 1 bar and 5 bars all day -- while the phone sits absolutely still...

If I didn't have a contract with them, I'd have been gone long ago.

i will heavily consider leaving t-mobile to get one of these. i'm on a 9700 with a super cheap plan, but i will think heavily about dumping my contract for a much cooler BB. i never made the switch to the storm because of lack of physical keyboard, but this is a win-win for my taste.

Being ahead of schedule is ok so long as all the bugs are worked out first. There is no point in releasing anything early if it's full of problems.

If this really drops on at&t in June that will be big news for RIM! Figures, I have another 18 months left and certainly wouldn't drop the $$ for an off contract I wonder if my 9700 has some issues....I just would like BB6!

Not too hard to get an early upgrade with AT&T....especially if you are a long time customer.

At worst they should be able to offer you the option of paying the early upgrade fee and then getting the subsidized price for the phone.

Also, you may be able to ask to get it on a GoPhone plan. then you can get a Activation Credit towards the phone and save a littl off the full retail price.

Amazing! Its clear that VZW's focus is on the 'droid. Why do they allow ATT to lead with the latest greatest BBs? Now, I have to rethink the order I just placed for the Incredible...maybe I can still back out.


VZ & Sprint = CDMA = USA ONLY (for the most part, there are pockets of CDMA elsewhere).

A GSM phone will always have a larger market potential than a CDMA phone when you look at the world view, hence the reason it typically comes out in a GSM version first.

BB 9530 Storm1 (CDMA, GSM) = World Phone
BB 9550 Storm2 (CDMA, GSM) = World Phone
BB 9630 Tour (CDMA, GSM) = World Phone
BB 9650 Bold (CDMA, GSM) = World Phone

Plus VZW has a couple of dumb-phone world-phones too...

So you're suggesting every phone company increase their cost by $30-$50 per phone to include a CDMA radio that can only be used in the US?

And onlt VZ carries the CDMA/GSM versions. I'm not even sure the GSM will work on US frequencies on those phones (but didn't look it up...)

Parts of Asia use CDMA. And, it is the dominant technology in North America (however, Canada's Telus and Bell are transitioning or perhaps have transitioned to GSM).

I am a Verizon customer. Verizon has had complete cell phone network coverage in the underground DC metro system for over 10 years. AT&T's will not finish building out it's network in the metro system until 2012. I have been stuck on the train or at a train station enough for cell coverage to be important to me. Therefore, I will only use a CDMA phone. Furthermore, I travel to places in Montana, West Virgina, and North Carolina where GSM coverage is spotty or nonexistent.

These days, I have a Sprint Tour for work and a phone Verizon Curve for personal use. I think it might be time to head over to AT&T. I am finally ready to join the GSM family and the rest of the world.

I've had Nokia N95 8GB and the slider mechanism become really wobbly after some time of use... so no more phone that have moving parts for me!

AT&T is already having enough problems, they decide to grab up this RIM mess? I've been really hopeing this phone would never come to fruition....#dissapointedwithRIM

that would be nice, even better if it was on the new network
i am in need of an upgrade from my storm and have been holding out for this

are you talking as the network they are using the demo on?

cause i have a friend that works at rim in waterloo and he has told me that all their test phones are on rogers,

Verizon already has a Palm slider phone. I know there's a big difference between the Palm and Blackberry. If I'm not mistaken, Palm hasn't had a huge arket share with the Palm Pre. So how can Blackberry do what Palm could not?

BB is embedded in corporate culture, whereas most companies will not or can't support push mail on a PRE.

You're right, there will be a lot of enterprise users who have wanted something iPhone like, but are used to the BB keyboard, and in any event have to use a BB. I believe this will have major appeal.

BGR seems to consistently get more of these first tips re: BlackBerry stories of actual substance, yet CB is the site completely devoted to BlackBerry. nice job, CB. while the site does have its good points (NOT including the complete joke of a "podcast"--no one wants to listen to a bunch of nerds ramble and drivel and laugh at themselves incessantly while they correspond from each of their stepdads' basements), CB is so disappointingly amateurish and could be so much better if it took itself half-seriously (or maybe if even just one of the "writers" had a grammar lesson for the first time in his life). keep up the frustratingly middling "work," CB!

The BGR has become famous for irresponsible journalism. They have posted more incorrect dates for software updates and device launches than any other site out there. If CB is so "amateurish" then why don't you just GTFO you turd.

If you do not like the site, dont read it. Its your choice, but cant stand people coming on here slagging off the CB site. Your comments are crass and uncalled for.

CB is the best site for BB, period !

Totally agree. If CB sucks so bad then why the hell is that idiot here in the first place.

In fact if the Slider makes its way to ANY carrier in June I will make a video drilling a hole through my 9550 and mail it to the BGR. If it was as close as June we would have seen something about it at WES.

Think about it a totally new form factor that they are rolling out just a couple months after WES and no coverage of it at the biggest Blackberry show of the year.

BGR shouldn't post everything some copy boy at Waterloo tells him.

While I do agree BGR has been nailing down the BlackBerry rumors lately, you obviously have never listened to any of the CB podcasts.

Is everyone bashing the original post or being critical of me. Its hard to follow, plus does anyone see the boxes around my posts?

I post in the blogs quite a bit and have never seen the boxs. Thought they might be blotting me out lol.

BGR can just post any story they hear. CB is more confirmed and can't post some things they hear to do Insider Confidentiality issues.

I don't recall seeing OS leaks on BGR...

Anyway, everyone feeds off of everyone elses news... that's how it works. BGR just happened to be in the right place for this one.

I wonder if this is the reason for a potential iPhone on a CDMA carrier before the "5 year exclusive" contract was complete. Actually, I bet in the contract it was 5 years or "x" number of units. Either way, good thing for all - I'm curious to see how users react to a CDMA version of the phone. I predict as many problems with VZ as they had with AT&T.

as amused as i am with your responses, i am just as disheartened at how low your standards are when it comes to quality of information (not to mention basic grammatical skills anyone who passed 4th grade should possess). what i’m most disappointed with is that, yes, CB is indeed the premier BlackBerry site, yet they don’t seem to have the most solid insider connects across the industry. that’s not to say that some info they get isn’t reliable and doesn’t turn out to be true, but that they don’t seem to publish as much relevant (<-- operative word) info as far in advance as BGR. and i’m not saying BGR is “the best” by any means--i get just as annoyed as anyone when they cream their pants over the slightest mention of anything Apple-related--but, for example, their recent post re: the BB tablet was infinitely more useful than anything CB’s posted on the matter.

which leads me to my other gripe with CB: the abundance of utterly useless posts here. who gives a shining sh!t if Bla1ze wants a Bold 9000 with a trackpad? What purpose are these “How Do You Use Your BB” posts serving at all, other than confirming previously suspected notions, the relevance of which remains dubious? granted, you kind of limit yourself when you cover such a specific area of the tech space, but i would much rather see 2-3 posts per day of quality, well-presented information as opposed to having to sift through 8-10 posts per day and find the one or two that are truly worthwhile.

as i said originally, the site certainly has its good points, and i wouldn’t know most of what i do about BB without CB. i’ve just gotten to the point where i don’t give a crap about the majority of what’s posted on this site and i can't be the only one who feels this way. i also happen to be a bit of a stickler for grammar, and if a site claims to be “The #1 Site” for anything, especially such a well-recognized, worldwide brand as BB, those responsible for the content on that site’s blog (i.e., the most viewed/visited/relevant part of the site) should take a little pride in their work and put some effort into forming coherent sentences.

i don't want to quit on CB; i just want it to be better. if that makes me a "turd," then whatever, i stink.

The fact that Bla1ze posts up his opinion on a Bold 9000 with a trackpad and Crackberry Kevin posts up an article about Blackberry porn makes Crackberry so great. You want some dry crap, go read a Blackberry owners manual. You want a lot of half assed guesses go read the BGR. For whatever reason people like to throw information at him, but he is very irresponsible when it comes to posting that information.

An Bla1se putz upp alottt of valuble informetion soa ief he jaks his speeling or gramer up onse in a wile so tha hel whaght.

Want to sit around an correct spelling go and teach a community college freshman english course.

As much as you go on about grammar, you didn't spell "I" right a single time. So, when you can argue your opinion intelligently, feel free to. Until then, go f**k yourself.

"I" should be capitalized. Also the beginning of a sentence should start with capital letters.

You know what my gripe is? When someone whines about people's grammar and then has the nerve to repeatedly mess up their own grammar in the f*cking novel they just posted on a CB blog.

you know what, you all are so smart and right. my comments in the comments section of a blog should be held to the exact same grammatical and editorial standards as a news story posted by the publisher of that blog that is meant to be read by the tens/hundreds of thousands of people who will read that news story. because that makes perfect sense.

congratulations, you've all changed my mind. you've changed my mind about ever posting anything negative and/or critical about CB because it is, after all, infallibly perfect (just like you!). you've changed my mind about ever trying to reasonably argue a point about anything ever because i--oops! sorry, I--don't use proper capitalization in the comments section of a blog.

well done. you, sirs, are gentlemen and scholars.

I highly doubt that we will see the Slider in June, there has been no news to leak out of AT&T, the only report of 6 even being tested on a device was by a CB moderator who said the 9700 would be in testing for 6 in early June. Knowing VZW's apathetic approach toward OS updates I have no hopes of seeing this OS on my 9550 anytime soon. Also with the way OS's have been leaking for the 9650 and Pearl 3G you would think that we would see at least one 6 build for the Slider if it was slated for a June release. I think this is just another example of the BGR jumping the gun AGAIN.

CX actually said about a week ago that AT&T would begin testing the 9800 "within 30 days." That means any time in that 30-day period, so for all we know, AT&T has already begun testing and is confident enough to be planning on a June release. But who knows, not you, not me. You know what they say about opinions . . . .

I really don't think this will be coming out in June, and IF it does, thats RIM's first miracle lol. Second, I think I'm going to wait for a REAL Bold. Personally tired of RIM naming everything Bold all of a sudden, when one looks like the Tour, ones a slider, and isn't the clamshell part of the Bold line as well? Grrrr! I do want to see OS6 in action in front of my own eyes and hands so I'll def swing by a store near me if it does drop...

I agree, the REAL Bold is the 9000, but by calling the little 9700 fella a Bold, RIM started down a slippery slope.

I'm unfamiliar with the different types of networks that carriers run on, but would it ever be a possibility for this to come to Verizon? I would really like to try this phone out but I'm kind of stuck on Verizon.

This phone looks promising but I hope its not exclusive for AT&T and can be on a few carriers. I'm on Sprint and a phone like this on a best rate plans cant be beat! Guess I'm just going for the new Bold at the end of the month.

I for one enjoy how CB waits before posting any old rumor. Don't get me wrong- I love reading juicy little tidbits on the latest BB news but I can also appreciate how accurate CB's posts and insight are.

Wow for real, AT&T got all the good blackberrys already,we are always left on the back burner. im pushing a 3 year old 8330 which can only be charge through the powermate. i wont to go back to the touch. And Sprint is just going to F*^% (no vaseline)us over some more... Thanks alot BB really hope this aint true....

I have a tour and I want this! If sprint doesnt get this phone I am either going with the EVO or Im just going to drop them after 10 years and go to AT&T for this sweet phone! Im sick of big read and AT&crap getting the good phones!

Ok kevin bla1ze we need a full spec run down. Shame for my son I may just have to take his upgrade this month save it for me in june lol.

I'm hoping that rumor materializes. I would love to have this device on Sprint. I read that it was due sometime fourth quarter. I'm due for an upgrade shortly after that. It should be my next device.

Good news, I have upgrades in July 2010, gives me time to check out the reviews!

Question-Will it rock 512 mb app memory?

I just want to say one thing. I love Blackberry, but this is ridiculous. I wake up this morning only to hear on Boy Genius Report that this phone is being released on AT&T first, and then Sprint (supposedly) Q4. This was going to be the device I waited for—yet again. And waited. And waited. Like the updates, which people have to usually get their fix for through downloading leaked OSs, and programs that yank their product because the device can’t run it properly.
Then there is the issue of buying a phone which is obsolete before you even get it shipped. And now they are going so far as to change the name of the Tour to Bold so you can’t try and get an exchange on a phone that hardware wise didn’t cut it? This is insane. And I won’t even go on about the exclusives and junk.
Yes, it doesn’t seem like it, but I do love Blackberry, but I have to move on…at least for now.
If they can get their act together, perhaps next year, or the year after, I’ll be back.

I would guess that RIM needs to release 6.0 before the Storm NE2 comes up July 21 otherwise there will be a large number of converts to Android phones. Many storm users have already switched but more are waiting for there NE2 in July.

Just a reminder that RIM operates on a different schedule than the US companies. RIM's first calender quarter for 2011 ends this month so "next calender quarter" is from June-August.

You are only partially correct. What you are referring to is the financial quarter, not the the calendar quarter. Most companies' fiscal years do not match the calendar year, but no matter how you try to break it down, a calendar year always begins on January 1.

Good try though.

... and the financial quarters are the same Jan-Mar, Apr-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec.
The difference is the fist calendar quarter starts Jan 1st (obviously), but the first financial quarter starts Apr 1st.

They aren't. RIM's Q4 2010 financial period ended on February 27th, 2010. Their first quarter 2011 is ending on May 29th, 2010 as stated in the last earnings report.

"Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2011 ending May 29, 2010 is expected to be in the range of $4.25-4.45 billion. Gross margin for Q1 is expected to be approximately 44.5%. Net subscriber account additions in the first quarter are expected to be between 4.9-5.2 million. Earnings per share for the first quarter are expected to be in the range of $1.31 – $1.38 per share diluted."

I can't wait for this phone. I didn't jump on the storm cause I still like a keyboard but this has the best of both worlds. I'm really eager to see the specs. I'm still rocking the 9000 the size of it just feels right in my hand. All the new phones are cool even the 9700 but it just feels so small and light. The 9000 is the cadillac of Bb's and if the 9800 is small I will not get. The storm will be the big fish and that doesn't sit well with me. Besides At&t are so slow with o.s updates they still haven't released a official 5.0 os yet for nothing so sad but the coverage is great. Sprint could have been a good choice with their 4g and their plans are we will see

So pissed that its not coming out for Sprint first. i was hoping that i would stick with the blackberry, but since this is going to ATT, im definitely trying out the palm pre

is the screen on this device? :) Will it be the same size as the Storm's? I, for one, will be amazed if it does come out in June, seems highly unlikely.

heck yes!
i'm gettin this phone soon as it hits
or a little later i usually like to wait a couple weeks as the first released usually have a couple bugs that need working out but none the less i'm gettin it :]

Looks like a Storm slider to me! I don't care that the call it a Bold but that is a Storm slider with a track pad!

Hey I can't wait for this to come out!!!! .... But here's food for thought .... Why if it is being released in June (which I really hope is true!) wasn't this device mentioned at WES? The pearl 3G and the CDMA bold were mentioned and are being released soon so why not this one? Just something to think about

let me tell you something. I have had nothing but an excellent experience with att. Verizon has crappy service where i am and att has full service. I have never had any data or phone issues with att. ALSO a 350 dollar per line termination fee ????? are you kidding me ? Verizon needs to be taken down a notch I mean you cant even talk on the phone and surf the web on the "GREAT" network i mean get real the rest of the world doesnt even use CDMA get with the times. Verizon cripples their phones as well. att does not. one example on the palm pre plus the google maps DOES NOT WORK cause its crippled by verizon unless you pay the 9.99 a month for THEIR service cause they cripple the gps. the att version works without any issues. Why do you think the iphone is on att I have a 3gs and its works without a hiccup everywhere i go. god help us if verizon got it no one would use it cause it would be crippled and half the features wouldnt work. verizon charges for every stinkin little thing and the customer service ?? please they are nice when your buying a phone and lining their pockets with commission but as soon as their is a problem ?? they are useless just like their service. Everytime i have an att issue its handled professionally in every store ive been to. as far as the REAL knowledge of cell phones most sales reps dont know jack and thats in either store i love making them feel like idiots cause lets face it if your SELLING it you should know everything there is to know about the product and i mean everything. ESPECIALLY in verizon if im bored ill stop in and make them feel stupid. I asked the last rep when the changeover from cdma to LTE will be and she asked me to point out that handset..then I asked whats the average real world download rate of the storm 2 on evdo rev a..she said its 149.99 with a 2 year contract...then i asked how much faster will LTE be she said oh you want a netbook?...OMG i almost wized my pants

I'm glad you're happy with your cell service company and all, but AT&T's just as bad as Verizon. They both charge you an extra $30/month for the privilege of tethering on their network. They both charge overage for data past 5 GB. (AT&T basically copies Verizon's rate plans.) And retail reps in stores don't know much, regardless of who they work for; they're hired to sell things, not know things. It's funny, but that's just how it is. You don't get tech genius for $8.95 an hour plus commission.

With Verizon working on storm 3 and 4...Sprint got the ugly stick. But everyone will be buying a EVO not a clamshell there. I want to see a video of it doing "stuff" lol

I can't wait to get to hold one of these in my hands and just play with it for a while.

And who knows - it might just be the phone that sustains my addicting to BlackBerry!


Well congrats to you ATT users out there, but this is a sad day for me.

I've been trying to hang on to BB for as long as I can, but tomorrow I will be going to get an Incredible.
I've been contemplating leaving BB for a little while now and the news that this is coming to ATT is the nail in the coffin for me.

I'm not that mad that its coming to ATT (ok maybe a little), it is what it is, I just have to stay with VZW and can't the ugliest phone to ever be conceived is just not gonna do it for me. I've been waiting for a good vertical slider for a long time now, but I guess I'll have to give up on that and get used to a touch screen.

So long BB. Its been real.

Hopefully you will do something to bring me back someday.

This BB Device won't be exclusive 2 AT&T & it won't be out by June or sum1 frm AT&T woulda leaked images or said/posted something.. Let's be real June is 2 weeks away and this is just a teaser. It'll come later in the yr we all know how RIM super slow n they're not gonna change now.. As far as GSM goes tmobile is the bang 4 ur buck.. They're plans r cheap n u get free tethering w/ out paying a dime.. If u live in a urban, metropolitan, city area tmi has really good reception n 3G coverage If u don't sucks 2 be u.. Ne how we know device won't be here yet n 4 RIM 2 lock up their touch screen devices to 2 carriers they would loose A lot of potential revenue n market share.. It seems like this is going 2 be the best BB yet If it goes 2 the majority of the carriers that would be sweet.. Btw u can unlock it n use it on tmo.. If it's exclusive so I'm not worries..

This BB Device won't be exclusive 2 AT&T & it won't be out by June or sum1 frm AT&T woulda leaked images or said/posted something.. Let's be real June is 2 weeks away and this is just a teaser. It'll come later in the yr we all know how RIM super slow n they're not gonna change now.. As far as GSM goes tmobile is the bang 4 ur buck.. They're plans r cheap n u get free tethering w/ out paying a dime.. If u live in a urban, metropolitan, city area tmi has really good reception n 3G coverage If u don't sucks 2 be u.. Ne how we know device won't be here yet n 4 RIM 2 lock up their touch screen devices to 2 carriers they would loose A lot of potential revenue n market share.. It seems like this is going 2 be the best BB yet If it goes 2 the majority of the carriers that would be sweet.. Btw u can unlock it n use it on tmo.. If it's exclusive so I'm not worries..

Wrote That crap above on my iPod touch.. It was a pain in the ass n it sucks.. Another reason y a physical keyboard will never be obsolete.. Touch screen is fun n cute (no homo) but it not efficient n convient all the time..

I absolutely love vertical sliders because the form factor allows for a larger screen with an easy to access keypad/keyboard that is still allows for 1 handed use. My last feature phone was a Kyocera SE47 slider. I loved that thing. I went from that to a XV6600 which was a Windows Mobile device. I loved the form factor (giant screen, compact keyboard), hated the operating system and have been longing for vertical slider smartphone ever since. I wish this were not a touch screen (just because I want better battery life). But, I will still get it if it comes to Verizon. And I have the a feeling this will be a popular device especially among customers who are relatively new to Blackberry and have positive experiences with the vertical slider form factor.

Crossing my fingers.

I have many friends that have BB on AT&T and their service is terrible it is no where near the service I have with T-Mobile..T-Mobile is the best all others are a distant second...

This phone is so undesireable and behind the times it is scary.....I have been a blackberry user for years and my Tour is my last. Counting down the days.....6.0 is NOT enough to keep me around....take care all!

why would anyone in their right mind buy this?????

im mean like helloooo... the palm pre is ugly oD

this doesnt make it any prettier

why couldnt it jus slide upwards in the horizontal position, its way more convenient than this piece of junk they releasing, i mean wats the logic in makin it slide like that? i dunt care if it has lots of app memory, touch screen, trackpad and has 6.0 oS.... this is jus total fail, im not impressed by its designed, cuz thats in major factor... you noe why? cuz im the type of person to show off my sexy phone instead of going omg i have to hide this friggin brick and be humiliated by my peers by them saying wtfff is that, and even i would think to myself wtfff is thatttt....


An expression of contempt.

...................../..../ /
..........''...\.......... _.·´

1) If you're buying a phone to show off, you've got issues.

2) You don't have to be humiliated because, guess what? you don't have to buy it.

3) The expression of contempt was pretty funny though, lol

You nailed it!

It's so pathetic when people get really offended by a phone's design. I for one love the idea of the slider design, and will be picking one up. If I don't like a phone, I simply ignore it, I don't find the pathetic need to get attention and make my self look like a jerk by bashing a PHONE. It's not like RIM will stop making all other BlackBerrys and only produce this one, sot GET THE F**K OVER IT and if you don't like it SHUT THE F**K UP and click on the back button on your browser and move on with you life! Simple as that! LOL

Same goes with the choice of carriers that RIM releases it to, people sit here and complain about it like if anyone with common sense cares about their worthless opinion. Again, if you don't like a provider, STFU and find another provider. Very easy. Unless you're running a communications company yourself that you think can provide better service than the ones already in place, simply STFU and find one you're happy with and live one. Simple as that.

People's pathetic lives are funny though, lol, I agree.

I hate phones that slide upwards in teh horizontal position. Everytime you're talking on them, they slide open. It is impossible to type of them with one hand and I wouldn't ever buy one like that again! This device makes perfect senese to me. I want the Storm because of the larger screen; however, haven't bought it, because of the force to use the screen to type. This phone solves that problem!

It's just a damn shame that they are putting it on AT&T first!

But, do we really want to be stuck with the first version of 6.0 on AT&T...because we know they won't update the OS for at least a year even though RIM and everyone else out there will have updates within 3 months to fix the first errors that arise...where as us AT&T customers are stuck...just like with the 9000 and last to update the 9700 as well.

that would be totally awesome if the 9800 slider would be released in June...I broke my Blackberry bold and now using my old Motorola v3 Razor...I am eligable to upgrade in June and so don't wanna wait too long before getting another smartphone....Please pull through and be on time with the rumors! We need to give iPhone some competition with the releases of new phones