BlackBerry Bold 9790 Unboxing Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2011 02:20 pm EST

The Fedex guy just dropped off my BlackBerry Bold 9790, so I did the ritualistic thing and fired up the video camera and cracked open the box for your viewing pleasure. Though to be honest, the box is a review unit box which is often different than a retail box, so I skimmed that and moved onto a comparison. Of course, if you watched CrackBerry Podcast Episode 80 you'll know that I've already been rocking the Bold 9790 for a week now and gave a verbal review of it on that show (check it out if you've been eyeing up this phone).

The full out written review will be hitting the blogs soon, but in the meantime you can watch the video above in which I compare the BlackBerry Bold 9790 to both the Bold 9780 and the Bold 9900. I have to be honest - I'm really liking the Bold 9790. It really is a sweet little phone and a great evolution to the 9780. Two of the gripes against the flagship 9900 have been less than stellar battery life and no autofocus on the camera, and the Bold 9790 addresses these issues. I could say a lot more, but want to save it for the full review, hit play above and stay tuned for more!

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 Unboxing Video!


Thanks for the review Kevin...but one nitpick...can you please not talk with your hands as much? It was just way too back and forth from one phone to another and swaying of the

Huh. The microUSB is on the bottom. That's a new one. Definitely better than the lower right location on some devices (i.e. 8900)

I'm glad I ordered it... cant wait to get it!
I would just hope someone post pictures that it takes

Sweet jesus. That crackberry intro is just awful. Loud AND annoying. Every one loves loud, rapidly repeating, ear-piercing pitches right?

The point about being a "work horse" is a good one. My 9650 is old and is going strong.... totally tossable.
I just bought an android (samsung stratosphere), it is working out fine... but good grief... these android phones feel delicate.... I'm not even sure how to handle it.
Being able to snag your phone and use it "carelessly" is huge. I'm already missing it. Perhaps I'll give this phone to my girlfriend.
And as always, I'm hoping that Verizon comes out with this new bold soon. The lack of autofocus on the 9930 just isn't going to work for me.

I`ve always thought that Blackberry Phones are lacking, and I still feel that way, I`m personally waiting for BBX, as nice as having a tactile keyboard is, I just don`t think its the way to go, my friends got a BlackBerry Curve, and I can say with confidence It`s a lot easier to type on a touch based keyboard..

In this day in age I can`t see the benefit of having a actual keyboard while loosing the screen realestate.. And honestly I`m amazed at how people even consume media on such a small screen..

For communication, it is hard to believe that a touch screen works.
If you've got time to be fiddly, it doesn't matter.
But if you communicate for work....sending attachments, emailing, texting, talking, in need of a real speakerphone...etc... and need to schedule things efficiently... I'm not seeing how these delicate, thin glass slabs do the trick.
I'm giving it a try... but I don't get it.
(and yes... for fun... for "consuming media"...sure, the big screen is nice.)

I'll be unpopular here but I REALLY like the Buttons on the 9790, I wish my 9900 had the hard buttons like the 9790, not the smooth buttons of the Torch 9800

This is a dummy question but What is auto focus? Is it when you can touch the screen to choose what to focus on?? I was hoping this video was going to give a demonstration :(

I wonder if it will get the mobile hotspot feature like on the 9900. I may get this one if it comes to tmobile usa. If not I may just get the torch when I have a upgrade till next year.

RIM should debut an updated 9900 where it has hardware UMA, Mobile Hotspot, front facing cam, Auto Focus and MORE Apps memory. I bet that would help their Stock percentile. I actually think ALL phones now a days should have HD video recording, Auto Focus and a front facing cam at the least.

what i want to know is where is the microsd slot for the 9790? the 9900 is in dreadful place where you need to take out the battery first and insert or take out.